Impact of Coronavirus in Fliming in Nepal

The coronavirus is not only taking the lives of thousands of people, but also has turned the world’s economy upside down. The virus which was first outbreak in December 2019, Wuhan, China, so far now has spread throughout the world, mostly affecting the USA, ITALY, and SPAIN.  To rampant chain of this pandemic, several countries have strictly locked down their countries and borders, and ordered its people to stay at home.

Corona is also affecting non-health related problems. Economic conditions of business, stock markets, and companies are declining and government action is not enough to take action against the impact. Similarly, the travel industry is among the hardest hit, various national and international flights are banned and several tourists have canceled their vacation and business trips. Government officials have proposed restrictions to try to stabilize the coronavirus outbreak. Likewise, Nepal has also restricted travel, on arrival visas, international flights because of fear of spreading coronavirus. Since 24 March, the Government of Nepal has lock downed the country very strictly. Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, one cannot come to Nepal which made the tourism board to halt the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

Till date, there are 5 positive cases of coronavirus in Nepal and 1 among them has already recovered. In addition to that, the present condition has also caused a huge impact on the filming sector in Nepal. Annually, thousands of foreign filmmakers come to Nepal to film their documentary, vlog, TV shows, movies, interviews and so on. Now, film production has completely stopped, many schedules were canceled, until further notice. So generally everything has stopped.

Since when the filming services is impacted by coronavirus?

Ever since the COVID-19 has been announced generally and considering all restrictions and travel has been stopped. Filming services as of now have been stopped completely. For now, one cannot say anything on this matter. This is a global pandemic which has caused many deaths and since the moment of contact the virus has stopped.

How is the situation of Film production companies in Nepal after coronavirus outbreak in major countires?

The film production companies throughout the world have stopped. Film shooting has been canceled due to fear of coronavirus transmission and big blockbuster movies releasing dates are postponed. In Nepal, due to the current market and issues, film production in general has stopped. Also considering that there will be a curfew, which has already started which will lead its way all the way up to April 30th until further notice.

From which country, filmmakers come to shoot in Nepal?

Generally, for filming in Nepal, mostly European and American production houses, marketing companies and independent filmmakers are active. The numbers of Indian filmmakers are also coming to Nepal for filming.  Movies like Doctor Strange, Everest, Seven years in Tibet, Baby, Hare Rama Hare Krishna are filmed in Nepal.

What are the filmmaking related services that foreign filmmakers majorly chooses in Nepal?

As Nepal, its rule and regulations for filming is completely unknown for the international film production houses. So, basically, foregin filmmakers choose all types of the services that they get from the film production houses based in Nepal. The first and foremost thing they wanted from production companies is to get the film permit, permission and visa process. Likewise, they also take services like location scouting, local coordinator, fixer, translators, renting filming equipment, Line-Producers, Production Managers, Sound, Light Technician, arial permits (drones), film logistics and casting talents.

What are the major consequences of this pandemic in  world’s economy?

The world is at a risk and battling with pandemic. Even its hard for the top scientists and researchers to tell for how long this virus will last for. The graphical representation of coronavirus outbreak shows that cases are increasing day by day. First, Wuhan, China was the epicenter, now Italy, Spain and New York have become the epicenter of the outbreak. From this point, probably most of us have already analyzed that, not only put the whole world at risk, every economy and individual are at risk on a global case.

It is predicted that millions of people will lose their jobs and businesses will go bankrupt. Large corporations like hotels, resorts, retail sectors are the one that is severely affected by this pandemic, which made them cut out the job of the large numbers of workers. If this pandemic continues for more than 3 months, it will be very hard for the country to provide the unemployment benefits to its citizens. Making things worse, many people don’t have enough savings and sufficient expenses to sustain 3 months without any source of income coming in. Eventually, in my prediction, the death due hunger, other psycho and socio economic condition will be greater than the death caused by coronavirus.

What is the support the Government of Nepal is providing to citizens?

Domestically, sad to say, but we haven’t received much support in terms of medical assistance. but government officials have order to go on LOCK DOWN considering our safety and mainly to break the chain of coronavirus transmission. But there have been measures taken by the government to initiate and provide electricity at lowered costs, 25% off in ISP services, bonus offer in top up, and also decreasing the cost of Induction cooking equipments.

What will be the future impacts of this pandemic?

According to my personal prediction according to experience and economy projects will come through in a very strong ratio, but until further notice we as a team estimate that it will take until at least Late September to recover.

How much budget the Country Nepal is losing due to conrona outbreak?

The Nepalese Government isn’t so active in terms of providing subsidies or impressed with the concept of funding films in Nepal due to access restrictions. But the market is very big in terms of foreign productions because of the beauty of Nepal, stunning locations and special profiles that are of immense value to foreign filmmakers. Nothing accurate can be stated in terms of finances, which varies from 100 million to 500 million annually.


Filming in Everest

Filming in Everest gives an opportunity for foreign filmmakers to capture the pristine view of the Himalayas including Mt. Everest; cultural diversity and lifestyle of Sherpa people. Movies like Everest, and The Climb, have not only exposed the beauty and lifestyle of the region but also making it popular destinations for filming.

If you haven’t watched the movie or don’t have any idea why filming in Everest is getting popular. It is because,

  • Home of Mt. Everest, other famous Himalayan like Mt. Makalu, Ama Dablam, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Nuptse, Cho yo and so on.
  • Cascading Rivers, waterfalls, glacier lakes- a paradisaical view that surely gives astonishing cinematographic shots that will surely take your audience’s breath away
  • Khumbu Icefall
  • Sherpa People and highly influenced ancient Tibetan culture, religion, and lifestyle
  • A spiritually enriched region summoned by Buddhism, filled with Monastries and Gompas
  • Sagarmatha National Park, a homeland for various species of plants and animals
  • Yeti, Everest Region is believed to be the playground of Yeti
  • Breathtaking landscapes, nature, terrace farming and not to forget popular suspensions bridges
  • Herds of Yaks and Donkey for Transportation

Filming in Everest

filming in everest

Filming in Everest has always been one of the biggest to do’s for film-makers on a global level considering the risks and attention to details needed in terms of planning a filming trip to Mount Everest. It has been done by a mega-production known as “Everest” and till now the movie has been the attraction for multiple television commercials and documentaries as well by famous companies such as BBC. The movie was a big shot reaching a box office collection of $203.4 million worldwide. Even though the movie scenes were also taken in Italy or in-studio, the presentation of the Everest Region was stunning and mind-blowing. We think, still, it’s hard for the audience to forget the beauty of the Everest region, which was captured in the movie. Briefly saying, both movie and filming in the Everest region were successful.

Challenges in Filming in Everest

film at mt everest

Filming in Everest is not a child’s play.  There are certain factors the one should know about before starting production. There is no transportation available. As soon as you land Lukla Airport, you will trek to Namchebazar for the resident. Wherever you go, you need to walk. You don’t have any other options. Similarly, the more you trek to a higher altitude, it will be very hard for the body to cooperate with that altitude. So, acclimatization is necessary or else,  it wouldn’t take a second to be suffered by altitude sickness. It is very physically demanding to shoot at that altitude. At the same time, the weather of the Everest Region is unpredictable and out of your hands. The temperature of the Everest Region is minimum -18 degrees C, whereas the maximum will be 25 Degrees C. ( Go Down below to see in detail). Now imagine how tough it will be to shoot in this area, around 4-5 feet of snow. The most dangerous of all, the unexpected avalanches. Avalanches are normal in mountainous regions, especially occurs in winter and spring seasons. But sometimes, it is dangerous if it crossed the path of the trekkers. On 18 April 2014, ice avalanche occurred on the southern side of Mount Everest killing sixteen climbing Sherpas.

Though the movie Everest is splendid, the backend story of the movie was challenging; quite similar to what they have shown in the movie. Around 44 member crew, unexpected avalanche, freezing temperature, altitude sickness and so on. The cinematographer of the movie said “It’s very physical, working at higher altitudes and not having time to climatize your body. You get out of breath and dehydrated very quickly.” He further added “There were times when you were moving from one area to another and you had to clip off one rope and clip on to another. I could climb that cliff because there was a great shot there. I’d climb with the camera and get the shot. The actors did the same thing. That was hard, but it was fun.” Likewise, while the second unit crew of the movie was filming in Camp II, an avalanche occurred, Killing 16 Sherpas. Luckily no film members were affected.

Generally saying, the filming in Everest Region is very challenging, but once you accomplished it, it will be worth spending your time money and dedication over there. We recommended you ask your health consultant and doctor about your voyage to Everest. They will give you the best prescriptions for your body to cope with that altitude. If you need oxygen or medical emergency, there are doctors available in Everest Region and in need, an air ambulance is provided for an emergency evacuation. You will surely have fun as well, and seeing Everest in reality, is a lifetime experience for sure. 

All Details of Everest Regions Elevations and Altitudes

Here are the detail altitudes of the Everest Regions, along with the places that you likely to encounter while filming in Everest.

  1. Lukla/Phakding- 2800 meters / 2610 meters
  2. Namche Bazar- 3441 meters
  3. Tengboche- 3680 meters
  4. Phortse Thanga- 3680 meters
  5. Khumjung Village- 3780 meters
  6. Thame- 3800 meters
  7. Dole- 4200 meters
  8. Machherma- 4470 meters
  9. Thagna- 4500 meters
  10. Chhukung- 4710 meter
  11. Gokyo- 4790 meters
  12. Lobuche- 4910 meters
  13. Nangkartshang Peak- 5083 meters
  14. Island Peak Base Camp- 5240 meters
  15. Gokyo Ri- 5483 meters
  16. Cho La Pass / Dzongla- 5300 / 4710 meters
  17. Everest Base Camp- 5365 meters/ 5555 meters
  18. Khumbu Icefall- 5486 meters
  19. Kala Pathar/ Pheriche- 5555 meters/ 4200 meters
  20. Island Peak- 6187 meters
  21. Camp I- 6065 meters
  22. Base Camp II, Advanced Base Camp (ABC)- 6,400 meters
  23. Camp III- 7,200 meters to 7,400 meters to 7,920 meters
  24. Camp IV- “The Balcony” at 8,400 meters-8,750 meters
  25. Hillary Step- 8,760 meters
  26. Mt.Everes Peak- 8848 meters

Best Season to Flim in Everest

As already mentioned above, the weather of the Everest region is unpredictable. If you are not fully prepared for such conditions, you might end up in a very unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. So, it will be better if you have some knowledge of the weather conditions of that region if you are coming to the Himalayan territory of Nepal for filming.

March to June- Spring Season

The highly preferable season of filming in the Everest Region. Mostly, the average temperature is 17 degrees C with a maximum of 25 degrees C on sunny days.  Whereas the minimum temperature is 15 degrees C in the morning and at night (4000m).

Monsoon Season- July to  Mid-September

Not a preferable season to travel or film in this region. This time the Everest region will be less crowded and it is the best chance to see the cascading rivers and waterfalls. However, it is not sure, whether you will see the Everest and its neighboring mountains. Similarly, due to high rainfall, the paths will become slippery, and it’s hard for the filming crew to handle filming equipment and also hard for the donkeys or Sherpas/porters to carry equipment.

This time, the maximum temperature is 18 degrees C and 25 degrees C  during days. And in the morning and night temperature is 15 degrees C (4000m).

End of September to  November- Autumn

The peak season for the travelers and the filmmakers to start their journey to the Everest Region. Clear blue sky and a stunning view of mountains from every angle, one can really stop themselves to capture the beauty in camera and reflect on the movie. 

The maximum temp of 20 degrees C especially sunny days and a minimum of -10 degrees C in the morning and at night (4000 m).

December to February

It’s quite impossible to go the Everest Season at this time of year, but with proper equipment and gear, it is the best time to shoot film over there. Recently, in February 2020, Nepal created history by organizing a fashion show in Kala Patthar (5,340 meters). Similarly, ice hockey and ice skating were introduced in Gokyo Lake, Solukhumbu Region, giving potential to initiate different winter sports and adventures.

The day time temperature will be around 4-degree c whereas the minimum temperature is -14 degrees C at night.

Permits for Filming in Everest

Filming in Everest requires a lot of permits and an excellent team that has full ideas about all logistical matters considering all legal matters and also even to the point of oxygen supply and filming equipment weights. So, you would be able to imagine the attention to the details that would be necessary.

Since the Everest region falls under Sagarmatha National Park, you need a special permit from the national park as well. This requires a separate filming permit, with charges levied for the location. This requires authority from the Ministry of Information & communication and from authorities of National Park as well. Filming in Everest is mostly completed around march until the end of May which is the prime time to film in Everest and a lot of special permits are required such as the few listed below:

  • Sagarmatha National Park
  • TIMS (Tourist Information Management System)
  • NMA (Approval from Nepal Mountaineering Association)
  • General Travel Permits
  • Summit Permits

Documents for Filming Permits and License in Everest 

Before you proceed, know detail about film permits in Nepal.

  • Application for Shooting to Audio-Visual Section, Ministry of Information and Communications of the purpose of applying for the shooting permit. This task is done by the local coordinator or fixer in Nepal 
  • An assignment letter- mentioning the local coordinator. It is to be done by  the foreign filmmaker 
  • An application form
  • Supporting documents needed for permit consideration
  • A concept in the form of storyboard, presentations, etc. 
  • Theme (concept) and Lyrics for music videos
  • Present the objectives of the program and detail of the content
  • A complete itinerary of filming in Nepal including dates, locations, time, and Space details
  • Name-list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.
  • Equipment Details Letters (values of custom clearance as well)

The film crew must contain a strong production partner who not only has production knowledge or understanding but also travel experience and complete knowledge of higher altitudes where filming will take place.

Visa Process

As a fixed, we Nepal Film Production will handle all the services that are needed for filming in Nepal. Tell us all the necessary services you want from us, and give us a couple of days to understand and act on your requirements. We will complete them and fix the date. Once, we know about the project you want to work in Everest, we will scout to find the best locations of Everest Regions. Then only, we process your visa and handle the immigration process, along with the customs for special equipment. Similarly, we can help you acquire licenses and permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication and authorities from Sagarmatha National Park to film/produce at different locations of the Everest Region.

Things You Need to Know Before You Come to Nepal for Filming in Everest

Local Co-ordinator and Fixer In Nepal

Before you come to Nepal for filming, you need to contact Fixer in Nepal. Then only, your dream about filming in the Everest Region will come true. They are the one who handles all the papers, documents, customs clearance, visa process, location scouting in Nepal and so on. Or else, it will be very strenuous and some times the proposal might be rejected to come here for filming, independently. 

From the past few years, Nepal Film Production (NFP) has been providing satisfactory services for location scouting, fixing, production management, travel & accommodation, custom clearance, airport clearance, filming permits, location permits, national park permits, casting, talent management, drone permits. For further ease, we have been handling all the logistics and filming preparation beforehand. Simply saying, it is providing all the services that a film production company must have without compromising and considering the requirements of the clients. We take care of the permits (you must need permits to film in Nepal) and the visa process.

Complete Schedule

It is better to know the complete schedule of your time duration for filming in Nepal. Select the film particular film location and the time you want to spend here for shooting. If possible, research a little bit about the location, its attraction before selecting the place, to have a clear conversation between you and the fixer or local coordinator. This will also help the fixer to pick out the perfect time and season for filming.

Film Permits

You can film here in Nepal unless you get the permits from the authorities. For this, you need to present details of your project, then only it goes for further process. Fixer, concerned authorities and you must know what types of permit to need to have to film in Nepal.  For instance, if you are planning to film around Durbar Square or other heritage sites, then to need to have a special permit from National heritage sites along with the Ministry of Information and Communications. Please, go to the types of permits in Nepal for further information.

Film Equipment Rental services in Nepal

Better to know the type of equipment that you will be using while filming. If don’t have any idea, let me remind you, we have all sorts of the latest equipment for renting at a reasonable rate. Why taking the unnecessary hassle of customs clearance of the equipment while you can get here easily. Go to our filming equipment hiring service page to see the available equipment.

Things that Nepal Film Production (NFP) Help You Out With While Filming in Everest / Nepal

There are a lot of fixers or production houses available in Nepal. However, not all of them live up to your expectations or their claims. Fluent English, Proper Communication and Sound knowledge of filming and production is the basic requirement you need to look for. Only a limited number of fixers in Nepal have real-time filming expertise which increases the friction in the production and filming process. Amongst them, Nepal Film Production, reliable, dedicated and experienced fixer in Nepal. Getting straight to the point, no other film companies in Nepal will go to extra mile to fulfill all the requirements of their clients. Let’s see briefly in which are we help out you with.

Understand your Requirements

The first and foremost thing is to understand your requirements by assessing your script or layout. Once we know, we will move to further processes like location, visa permits, and so on.

Location Scouting

If you have a location in mind, the let us know to find the best of the place. If not, then we will carry out the research of the location that needs of your projects. Permits, legal permission to film in the area, local obstruction, transportation facility, and other complications, all these will be handled by us.

Visa Process

All you need is to explain all the detail information, objective, time and place of your filming project. You don’t have to do anything, we process your visa and handle the immigration process, along with the customs for special equipment.

Filming and Fixing

Once you have decided on the filming location in Nepal, you will have to travel with a team for filming. We can help you navigate the entire production and filming in Nepal as you fixer or local coordinator. 

Film Permits and Licensing

We are skilled in terms of acquiring different filming permits in Nepal, even permit to filming in Everest very easily.  Most significantly prioritize delivering to the best quality. We leave no room for mistakes and in our beyond revel in; we’ve always had satisfied customers and always finished our production initiatives easily.

Some different film licensing that NFP can help to acquire are:

  • Nepal Filming Permit
  • National Parks Filming Permit
  • Heritage Areas Filming Permit
  • Public Area Filming Permit
  • Private Property Filming Permit
  • Drone and Air Permits

Travel Logistics Management & Accommodation

We have a very good network with various hotels, restaurants, transportation, luxury traveling to backpacking, accommodation services, food, and beverage services, and so on, we got them all. 

So these are the basic information that you should know before planning filming in Everest. If there are any special requirements for your filming in Mt. Everest, we ensure you that all things will be managed efficiently.

FAQ Related to Filming in Everest

Do I need to take permit for filming in Everest?

Yes, you need to take permit for ministry and communication. Since Everest lies in the Sagarmatha National Park, you need to have a special permit from National Park as well. Nepal Film Production will handle this.

I want to film in the Everest Region, Whom Shall I contact?

To film in Everest, you need to contact the local ordinator for a fixer in Nepal. Nepal Film Production is a reliable, dedicated and experienced fixer in Nepal. It has been working as an experienced fixer that delivers services for location scouting, fixing, production management, travel & accommodation, custom clearance, airport clearance, filming permits, location permits, national park permits, casting, talent management, drone permits.

What is the best season for filming in Everest?

Spring Season- March to June is the beat time for shooting in Everest. Mostly, the average temperature is 17 degrees C with a maximum of 25 degrees C on sunny days.  Whereas the minimum temperature is 15 degrees C in the morning and at night (4000m).

What are the challenges of filming in Everest?

Unexpected avalanches, freezing temperature, altitude sickness, no transportation, and very physically demanding are the challenges that one face to face while filming in Everest.

Do I get altitude sickness in the Everest region?

Yes, one might actually face altitude sickness in that higher altitudes. But don’t worry, we stay in the lower regions for acclimation before moving to upper altitudes.

Is there a doctor in Everest Regions, in case of a medical emergency?

Yes, there are hospitals in Everest Regions. Cases that are severe and much medical attention is needed, patients will transport to Kathmandu via air ambulance/helicopter.

What about renting filming equipment in Nepal?

You can rent film renting equipment from the Nepal Film Production House. They have all sorts of latest equipment and gear. You can contact them beforehand for an inquiry about renting facilities and other services for filming equipment.

Who will carry equipment while filming in Everest?

For this, NFP has a very good network with the Sherpas from Everest Region. So, they will hire Sherpas for carrying your filming equipment.

I only know Everest but not the other places of the Everest Region, who will help me to find the best location?

NFP will help you to find the locations for your projects. First, they will understand your requirements then they actually go and find the places appropriate for you to film. And also suggest the right kind of cultural background for it.

Film Equipment Rental in Nepal

Ever since Nepal has become the number one spot for filming destinations, the demand for a film equipment rental in Nepal is growing aggressively. These services are catered by companies and freelancers alike. 

film equipment rental in nepal - the red came

Having a filming history of over 100 years, Nepali videographers are also constantly upgrading their equipment with time. Not only cinemas and music videos, short videos, and vlogging trends are on the rise. And the impact of such videos is high on the audience. These trends have completely changed the scale of film production throughout the world. The emerging use of technologies for filming has led the cinematographers to seek for various high-end equipment.

How is the Situation of Hiring or Rental of Film Equipment in Nepal?

The upscaling trend of filming in Nepal leads the videographer to use various high-end cameras, lenses, drones, and other lighting equipment. Thus, in order to meet the demand for such devices, various shops and videographers are providing high-quality equipment in Nepal. You can easily order all the necessary equipment and even order from foreign countries whenever you may feel necessary for your film making. You can get expensive and elite cameras and lenses along with other supporting equipment for your filming purposes. Better to contact a trusted film production house or freelancer for hiring film equipment in Nepal.

Process – Film Equipment Rental in Nepal

There is a very feasible process to hire film equipment is basically on duration basics or over the course of filming. You can rent filming equipment independently (via freelancer) or with the help of some reputed companies with Nepal Film Production. It is better to go with the filming companies as they do have all the necessary latest equipment and also guide you to the best ones. Such a company will take full responsibility for your whole filming duration and go to extra mile to get you what you need. Even though the process of renting film equipment is very simple, we suggest you carry out certain inquiries about the availability of equipment before landing in Nepal.

Our Available Filming Equipment
Cine Arri III 35mm camera package
Arri BL Super 16 camera package
Aaton XTR Super 16 camera package 
Aatonn LTR Super 16 camera package
Digital High
Definition Cameras
RED Epic X, Scarlet, and One MX
Silican Imaging SI 2k 
Sony PMW-F3
HDSLR Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D
and EOS 6D
ENG High Definition Cameras: Panasonic HD Varicam AJ-HDC 27HE, AG-HDX900 DVC Pro HD, AG-HPX302 DVC Pro P2 HD
Sony PMW EX350, PMW EX3
HDV Cameras Sony HVR S270P, HVR Z1P, HVR Z7P, and HVR V1P
Audio EquipmentNagra, various microphones and wireless sets from Sennheiser, Azden, Lectrosonics, Countryman / Isomax, and Tram
Mixers from PSC, Sound Device and Azden

Various sizes of carbon fiber boom poles and XLR cables with Neutrik Connectors 
Grip Equipment Manual Cranes
Mini cranes / Jib arms of various sizes
Jony Jibs
Round and Straight Trolleys
Lighting EquipmentKino Flo – Diva 400 Kit
1′ X 1′ LED Panel
Lowel DP 3 Light Kit
LED Fresnel Light
150 w, 500 w, 650 w, 800 w focusable tungsten 3 light kits
C Stand
1k and 2k open face tungsten lights
650 w, 1.2k, 2.5k, 4k, and 6k HMIs

Challenges One May Face while film equipment rental in Nepal?

So far now, the filmmakers don’t have to face any challenges while renting film equipment in Nepal. It can be easily accessed. All you need it to contact Nepal Film Production (NFP) about the availability of the products. After that, the NFP team will match any rate and will ensure that you will the highest quality equipment at the very best price. Similarly, the team will also run a testing period for our clients in a couple of days in advance to assure everything is functioning properly. They also provide the latest equipment available for renting upon inquiry.

Nepal Film Production- A One Stop Solution for Film Equipment Hiring in Nepal 

A movie or video is not just about narrating a story, it is all about voicing out your brand. If you have good at music, script or documentaries, making professional videos and ensuring to create a fan base is surely one’s dreams. To fulfill that dream, you can get the best film equipment rental in Nepal without any hurdle. Nepal Film Production has been doing this business for the past few years and has always successfully fulfilled all the demands of the filmmakers. From the latest equipment to other filming services like scouting, fixer hiring, selecting the destinations, NFP has always become ace in this field.

So let’s check out why NFP is one best solution for film equipment renting.

  • Budget-Friendly: Are you eyeing one something expensive equipment and wish to use it for your next filming project? Then yes, now you can. Just feel free to use our facilities from the list of our latest production equipment without paying much. Considering all the expenses one has to carry out in mind, we have made our renting service very cost-effective. We do care about clients as well.
  • Advance Booking System: Filming equipment can be booked in advance or upon arrival, but there needs to the check if the equipment is available or not. If not, we promise to go the extra mile to get you what you will need. We want you to inquire about the types of equipment that you searching for and get a 10%-30% discount depending on the volume of equipment renting.
  • Latest and High-Quality Equipment: We don’t want to comprise on our services means surely clients do not want to compromise on the video quality of their films either. From high definition cameras, lenses to other supporting equipment like Audio, camera grip, lights, we have a full stock of all the latest equipment. And also, we have access to thousands of equipment’s varying from cameras to various details as well. You name it, we got it all.
  • No Maintenance Cost: Yes, you heard it right. Spending money on expensive production equipment obviously means costly maintenance expenses. Truly saying, it can really cost you arm and legs. But NFP won’t let you do it. We don’t want you to invest in something that you won’t hold forever. Instead of spending your capital on unnecessary expenses, you want you to invest the money for better equipment and needs.
  • Equipment is your Doorstep: No matter where you are, just give us a call or message will be enough to deliver your equipment right at your doorstep. For further flexibility, deliver filming equipment to your filming location one day in advance, or as per the client’s requirement. From east to west and north to south, we can cover it all.

FAQs of Film Equipment Rental in Nepal

  1. Do we get all the latest filming equipment for rental in Nepal?

    Yes, you can get all the latest filming equipment in Nepal. Top Film production companies in Nepal like Nepal Film Production is providing all the latest equipment for renting upon client’s inquiry.

  2. What is the price of renting filming equipment in Nepal?

    The renting charges depend upon the volume and the types of equipment that you have demanded for. NFP is giving a 10%-30% discount depending on the quantity of equipment renting in their advance booking facility.

  3. Should I have to pay extra for maintenance costs while hiring film equipment in Nepal?

    If you hire filming equipment through NFP, you don’t have to pay a penny for maintenance costs. And, there is no hidden cost included as well. We don’t want you to pay for the gadgets that you don’t hold forever.

  4. Can I get my filming equipment delivered at my doorstep in Nepal?

    Some of the film production companies are providing this kind of service. With NFP, as they are providing highly localized services, you can get your things delivered right at your doorstep.

Filming in Nepal

Filming in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity for foreign filmmakers to incorporate the rich diversity of nature, culture, and lifestyle in a small country in a limited amount of time.

filming in nepal - Nepal natural wonders

Nepal has got its exposure as a filming hub for filmmakers around the world. Some of the reasons why filming in Nepal is getting popular are:

  • Varied terrain ranging from the world’s highest point (8848m) to lowlands(60m) 
  • Country of fast-flowing rivers, lakes and other water sources 
  • Rich in Culture and History (over 500 years old) with exemplary architecture and art
  • A melting point of more than 100 ethnic groups, languages and corresponding rituals each with their own festivals running throughout the year
  • Secular Country: Majorly Hindu population, Birthplace of Gautam Buddha & Buddhism, as well as home to other religions
  • A spiritually enriched country with home to Yogis, tantric, shamans
  • Rich in flora & Fauna along with species that are found nowhere else on earth
  • Comparatively Cheaper from all dimensions 

Nepal, a Cheaper Filming Destination

Well, obviously a filming project is not cheap. However, Nepal is comparatively on the cheaper side if you are considering it for a filming destination.
The transportation and accommodation are cheap. 

The food is cheap. 

However, you may have to incur heavy costs at Customs, Permits as well as on other official authorities.  

Besides these regions, filming in Nepal is an experience in itself as you immerse yourself in the nature and culture of Nepal. With the increasing popularity of film shooting in Nepal, there are professionals who will provide every related service you require while filming in Nepal.

Best Destination for Film Shooting in Nepal

Are you looking for a filming destination? Do you want to film it in Nepal?

If you are looking for filming in Nepal then you must know these places that make up for the best destination for shooting in Nepal. 

  • Durbar Square: The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is situated in the valley, along with two other districts: Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Each of these districts boasts beautiful palace areas known as Durbar Square. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these palace areas were built during the Malla Period (around 300 years ago) and are a magnificent masterpiece of art, craft and architecture protected till the date. Add it with the chaos of the everyday activities of the local people, all 3 Durbar square makes up for an excellent visual story for your filming project. Besides some of the sacred temples, almost all of the palace area is accessible for filming.    
  • National Parks & Conservation Areas: National Parks in Nepal is home to diverse floras and faunas including those found nowhere else. Even though not all parts of these national parks can be filmed, you can film the major accessible parts. 2 of the National Parks of Nepal are listed on the World Heritage Sites, namely, Chitwan National Park(CNP), and Sagarmatha National Park(SNP). CNP is home to the One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Crocodiles as well as many other wild animals and plant species. Sagarmatha National Park is where the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest is situated, along with other 8000m peaks like Cho Yu, If you want to film in Everest, you would have to visit Sagarmatha National Park and get permits from the concerned authority. Learn more about filming on Everest. All of these areas offer unique perspectives into nature and wildlife if you want to capture it in your storyline. Filming in these protected areas require special permission from the Ministry and the local authority

Did You Know? Nepal also has a hunting reserve: Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve 

  • Adventure Sports Places: Nepal is also popular for all the adventure sports. Adventure sports could be part of your movie if you want to show capture the raw thrill in life. Mountaineering would definitely top the list but you can also capture the Bungee Jump at the Last Resort Bhote Koshi, or Raft through the fast currents of Trishuli, Or Paraglide over the city of Lakes, Pokhara. Other Major Adventure Sports available in Nepal are: Rock Climbing, Canoeing 

Did you know? You can also skydive from Everest! That sure would make for a good plot to your story.  

filming in nepal - film shooting in remote areas of nepal - nepal film production
  • Remote Untouched Places (Manang Mustang): Considered one of the wild terrains in Nepal, Mustang, and Manang has recently evolved as a tourist destination for domestic and international tourists alike. It has also become a favorite for moviemakers in Nepal and abroad to film because it offers terrain that is nowhere else found. From dry arid grounds, stone basins, along with high altitude vegetation, an entry point to the major mountains, as well as settlements that are among the oldest and most protected in Nepal. 

Major  Mountains and Places to Film In Nepal:

  • Annapurna & Machhapuchhre (Mountains & Base Camp Area):

From three-week trekking to three-day ones, the Annapurna region offers one of the most diverse trails according to your interests. Named after the mountain range, Annapurna Massif, you could find one peak over 8000m while thirteen above 7000m and sixteen are above 6000m, including the famous fishtailed mountain: Machhapuchchhre 

Besides the breathtaking views of the mountains, the region is also famous for the small Gurung villages along the trail and the diverse flora-fauna. Annapurna region is also home to Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), which is a treasure house for 1,226 species of flowering plants, 105 mammals, 518 birds, 40 reptiles and 23 amphibians. From the deepest gorge of Kaligandaki to the largest forest of rhododendron in Ghorepani, the region is also rich in cultural diversity with Gurungs and Magars living in the southern areas while Manage, Thakali and Loba living in the northern ones, each having their own dialect, tradition, ritual, and culture.

  • Manaslu Mountain (& Circuit Trek) / Gorkha: 

Nepal is popularly known all over the world as the land of the brave Gurkha soldiers. Gorkha is where everything started. Before King Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu Valley in the 18th century, Gorkha was his home. A small town in Western Nepal, Gorkha now is the gateway to many beautiful places and trekking routes, mostly the Manaslu circuit. The trekkers mostly enjoy the small bazaar with the Gorkha Palace, which serves as the palace, a lot and a temple of Gorakhnath. The current structure with Newar architecture replaced the old palace where King PN Shah was born and brought up in after he conquered the valley.

Gorkha is also famous as home to Gurkha soldiers, named after the warriors of Gurung ethnic group who have fought under the British regiment and later in another army too. Gorkha is home to the Gurung community along with the Brahmin/Kshatriya community. In current times, it is also known as the epicenter of the great earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal.

The palace, the majestic mountain, serene natural beauty as well as the story of recovery can be the next thing to capture for your movie. 

Other World Heritage Sites

  • Lumbini: Lumbini is the birthplace of Buddha, and Buddhism itself. It is preserved as a world heritage site and could be part of your movie as a reference to the unique perspective of Buddha incorporating his origin story.  There is something about Lumbini that will make you feel at peace. While the highway would heat up with the temperature, the surrounding area might irritate with the dust, traffic, and pollution, everything changes the moment you enter the holy place. The air would feel fresher, the number of people wouldn’t matter, and no matter how long you will have to walk around (or take the rickshaw), you will still have no complaints. That is the magic of this birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
  • SwayambhuNath & Boudhanath: Swayambhunath is a famous Buddhist Stupa situated atop the hill overseeing the crowded and chaotic yet beautiful Kathmandu Valley. It is a world heritage site and offers a unique perspective into Nepal and the lives of Nepali. It is also known as the Monkey Temple and you can find monkeys playing through Swayambhunath. Similarly, Boudanath is another famous Buddhist Stupa situated amidst the settlement but is a different consecrated space in Nepal. 

Tips for Foreign Film Maker

  1. Plan Ahead: Of Course you would plan ahead for your filming project. But, you need to plan to keep into consideration Nepal and the scenario of Nepal. Know where you want to film. Prepare details of your film crew visiting Nepal for Visa Processing. Finalize your concept. Schedule your stay in Nepal and finalize the dates. Know which equipment you will require and carry accordingly. Hire a local coordinator to represent you in Nepal. 
  2. Hire an experienced fixer in Nepal: To process your permits as well as to coordinate with the local people, you will require a fixer in Nepal. You need to be careful while choosing a fixer. First of all, make sure they are good with English, even better if they speak your mother tongue. Secondly, check how many years of experience they have and what sort of projects they have been involved in. Thirdly, know about their working process. Also, keep in concern how well they can collaborate with your film crew. 
  3. Be Open to Experiences: Nepal is a country of chaos, in the sense that there are so many elements for you to experience in your short stay. Be it riding through the busy roads of Kathmandu or experiencing a thrill ride onto the Himalayas. Be it drinking tap water or living in a cowshed, you must be open to different experiences. Nepal offers a raw and natural experience that may not be normal for anyone who is used to living in a sophisticated environment. 
  4. Opt for Cash instead of cards: The main form of payments in Nepal is Cash. Cards and Online transactions have recently surfaced out but in the core, especially in the remote areas of Nepal, people are comfortable only with cash. So, make sure to carry cash with you during your filming in Nepal 

Acquiring Film Permits in Nepal

Filming in Nepal requires different film permits, including the onetime filming permit issued by the Ministry of Information and COmmunication. 

You will require a heritage area filming permit to shoot in 10 different places listed in the WHO World Heritage Site such as Durbar Square, Lumbini, etc. 

To film in open spaces and public areas you require a public area filming permit 

Nepal has 12 national parks and 6 conservation areas that you can film in, which requires a different filming permit. 

Similarly, if you want to film in private properties like resorts, houses, etc, you will have to contact the property owner for a filming permit. 

Learn  more about film permits in Nepal and how to acquire them

To acquire all of these film permits, you will need to prepare a detailed document including the details of your concept (storyline/script) team members, and equipment. You will require a local coordinator who will handle your work and process with the concerned authority. 

Location Scouting: 

There are different locations offering different visuals for your project. Do you want to capture the natural beauty of the mountains? Or do you want to explore the wild? Are you interested in art, architecture or culture? Or on the untold stories of the rich and diverse communities of Nepal? It is best that you know beforehand your requirements so that you can easily find the places that fit your film.  Location managers in Nepal can easily recognize your requirements and find places required.

Know more about location scouting in Nepal

Filming Equipment:

You can find all the necessary filming equipment and also order from foreign countries if necessary for the filming process. The equipment ranges from the most elite cameras and lenses and all supporting equipment that will be needed for any filming purpose whether it be a television commercial or a documentary. Getting your filming equipment in Nepal can help you be free from air cargo. You can get cine Arri III 35 mm, super 16, RED Camera, other cameras, HDSLR< HDV to Audio Equipment, Grip Equipment, etc. 

Filming Crews in Nepal: 

While filming in Nepal, it may not be always feasible to bring every individual crew or artist over to Nepal. However, that will not trouble you much because there are experienced film crews in Nepal who have worked on multiple projects with foreign film producers and directors. 

You can get the best possible technicians in-house including Directors, Fixers, Line Producers, Cinematographers, Casting Agent, and Sound Engineers among many who are not only experienced but also are experts in their field and readily available whenever required.

Explore the no.1 Film Crew in Nepal

Challenges in Filming in Nepal

  1. Difficult Topography: Nepal has a landscape that stretches from 60m lowlands in Terai to the tallest mountain 88848M. The major portion of Nepal is covered by mountains and hills rather than plain lands. This means a lot of places are remote and you would have to go through and across the hills to reach places. People of the region have adapted well to the difficult terrain, however, when you are filming in Nepal, your team may have a difficult time navigating through the terrains. 
  2. Diverse Culture, Ethnicity, and Languages: Nepal is home to more than 100 ethnic groups speaking 100+ languages and each with their own customs, traditions, and culture. Nepal is also a secular country with religious harmony. This means you may have to take your time to immerse and integrate the experiences of different communities while filming in Nepal. But, all of these people are friendly and welcoming and will treat you with the utmost respect. Having a local person in your team will help you tremendously through the operations. 
  3. Transportation and Accommodation: As mentioned earlier Nepal has a difficult topography full of rocky hills and mountains. Due to this, transportation has not evolved to reach all places. Almost all districts of Nepal are connected with roadways; however, many of them are just paved roads and runs across the hills, which is kind of risky! Be ready for the thrill ride if you want to shoot somewhere remote in Nepal. Similarly, besides the major tourist destination in Nepal, you will have a hard time finding the right accommodation while filming in the remote areas of Nepal. Most of the time you will have to request the locals to accommodate you. Be ready for the true “homestay” experience in Nepal. 
  4. Unclear and Hectic Paper Works: Be it processing your Visa or acquiring filming permits, the process and system of Nepal are not properly managed and you will find a hard time navigating through the process if you are doing it for the first time. Numerous authorities to visit, all at different places and concerned with other authorities means too much hassle moving here and there to get your documents approved. 
  5. Transactions: From accommodation to food, permits to documents, you will have to adapt to the way Nepali does the transaction. Mostly it is done in cash and you must be carrying Nepalese Rupees (1 US$ = 115 Nrs). You may be charged extra just because you don’t know about it. In such cases having a local fixer definitely helps. 

How NFP will coordinate in End to End Filming in Nepal

filming in nepal with nepal film production
  1. Location Scouting in Nepal: Nepal Film Production can provide the best locations for the filming/fixing project while also suggesting the right kind of cultural background for it. Not only production services but we can initiate surveys to see whether the locations are suitable or not for your filming/fixing project, we also get permission to shoot where required, and make sure of smooth movement of the crew to and from the locations in consideration on logistics to prevent and solve any problems that might arise, and even coordinate the parking areas for the crew during the shoot. Our team has prior experiences of filming in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Chitwan, Everest, ABC, Manang, Mustang, as well as on remote villages of Dolpa. Film With Nepal Film Production for the best locations in Nepal.
  2. Fixer in Nepal: If you are looking for an experienced fixer in Nepal who can handle all your logistics, management and operations while filming in Nepal, we assure you that we can meet your expectations. As your fixer in Nepal, we can work closely with your team and help you immerse and integrate easily into the Nepali landscape during your film shooting in Nepal. From managing transportation, food, and Accommodation to representing you in front of authorities, local people and filmmakers, Nepal Film Production can help you as a fixer in Nepal. 
  3. Acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal: You will require a local coordinator to acquire a film permit in Nepal and Nepal Film Production can help you acquire it in the easiest, fastest and safest way. Our prior experiences have made us adept at the documentation and processing of permits from general filming permits to those required at National Parks, Heritage Sites, Public Areas as well as for private properties. 
  4. Filming Crew in Nepal: The film crew of Nepal Film Production is experienced and diverse with up to 13 years of experience. We have the finest line producers in Nepal as well as the top talents of Nepal. Our filming crew can easily handle production, direction, videography as well as style makeup. Being passionate at what we do our film crew will work to provide the best quality in their service and a great final product as your desired movie scene. 
  5. Filming Equipment in Nepal: Unlike other companies, Nepal Film Production provides the latest equipment available for renting upon inquiry. Have you forgotten the extra card for your camera or you realized you need a different lens when you get to the location, we can cover it all? Ranging from camera’s potential requirement to equipment regarding certain projects, we can guide you to the best equipment available with us and are dedicated to going the extra mile to get you what you need. For filming, equipment based inquiries do get in touch with us.

Documents for Film Permits in Nepal

The shooting permit for the types of film productions like feature films, docu-dramas, TV dramas and mini-series should be submitted at the Ministry of Information and Communications. Explore complete information about film permits in Nepal.

Basic Documents Required for Acquiring Filming Permits and License in Nepal 

  • Application for Shooting to Audio-Visual Section, Ministry of Information and Communications of the purpose of applying for the shooting permit. It is to be done by local coordinator or fixer in Nepal 
  • An assignment letter appointing the local coordinator. It is to be done by  the foreign filmmaker 
  • An application form.
  • Supporting documents needed for permit consideration
  • Concept in form of storyboard, treatment, presentations etc. 
  • Theme (concept) and Lyrics for music videos
  • Details of content and objectives of the program
  • Time and Space details in form of schedule of filming in Nepal including dates and locations
  • Name-list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.
  • Equipment Details Letters

Authorities Concerned While Obtaining Filming Permits in Nepal: 

  • Ministry of Information and Communications 
  • Customs Office Airport 
  • National Park Authorities 
  • District Administration Office 
  • Ministry of Culture and Heritage 
  • Local Police Authority 
  • General public at shooting locations 

How Nepal Film Production Helps in getting Permits in Nepal

Nepal film Production  has a experienced film crew specializing in acquiring permits and clearing customs at the airport. Having worked in 131 productions already, we have navigated our manner through the tedious device and paper works.

Our frequent projects have helped us make contacts with the concerned authorities. We relieve you of the technical worries. 

Many times you’ll have to deal with the area people and concerned bodies, whose agreement is likewise essential. We help you deal with them smoothly. Our crew members are adept and coping with all filming and production topics, to be able to be rehearsed and prepared for at the pre-manufacturing degree.

We are skilled in terms of acquiring permits and most importantly prioritize delivering to the best excellent. We make certain to punctually honor our mutual settlement between us and our customers. 

We leave no room for error and in our past experience; we have constantly had satisfied clients and feature continually completed our production initiatives smoothly.

Nepal Film Production and its crew individuals believe earlier arrangements, and which means the entirety can be achieved in advance. Before you go please discover our complete offerings.

Please feel free to talk with us about the filming and filming process in Nepal. We make sure you get the best services at an affordable rate.

Services of Fixer in Nepal

Fixers in Nepal are experienced in providing any services you require while filming in Nepal. This includes the process before you arrive like Visa, Permits to the logistics and management during your filming process. 

You would require a fixer in Nepal to smoothly operate while filming in Nepal. Some of the constraints a filmmaker or producer filming in Nepal may face are: 

  • Difficult topography of Nepal with selective settlements
  • Transportation and Accommodation are limited and needs to be planned early
  • Different languages, cultures and diverse ethnic groups spread across Nepal
  • Mandatory requirement of a local coordinator for acquiring filming permits 
  • Complicated and tedious official paper works

As a fixer in Nepal, the general services provided to foreign film producers are:

Acquiring Filming License and Permits in Nepal: for every requirement in coordination with the government authorities in a legal way 

Location Scouting: Right from surveys to the actual filming through varied terrains and diverse 

Cultures throughout Nepal.

Casting of talents with a dedicated database and previous collaboration experience  

Crew: Full fledged experience filming crew to completely handle your project or fill parts in it. 

Equipment : From Filming and Camera Equipments to Cameras itself 

Travel & Accommodation:in the filming process and for the filming purpose. 

Insurance Management for the entire film crew as well as the equipments

Identity of NFP as a Top Fixer in Nepal

Nepal film Production is a film production company in Nepal that provides services as a fixer and filming company in Nepal. We also collaborate with foreign film production companies for filming in Nepal. 

But more to that, we are a team of people that loves creating, documenting and publishing untold stories and perspectives in a way that speaks to the audience. 

  1. Understanding Your Requirements: First we assess what you want, how you want and model it into context of Nepal
  2. Preparing Your Documents: We handle Visa required for your team crew as well as document your requirements and progress throughout the project. 
  3. Clearing the Customs : when entering Nepal we make sure to clear custom charges from. The airport in a legal and safe way. 
  4. Finding the places to shoot in Nepal: Before you come to Nepal, we find places appropriate for you to film according to your requirement. We carry out surveys and handle process to make sure you can film there. 
  5. Acquiring Permits: any permits required for filming from general filming permit to specialized ones, we can acquire it for you. 
  6. Finding the crew and talents: if you require anyone to cast in your project from lead actors to stunt doubles, extras, we can link them for you. At Nepal Film Production, We have a complete database of over 12500 artists from our previous work experience. 
  7. Accommodation and Transportation : We make sure you and your production team will have the best rooms, food and travel while you stay in Nepal for the filming project. 
  8. Filming at Locations : From location scouting to actual filming at the location adapting to the context, our team is adept at it. 
  9. Production and Post Production: After the filming process, if you require help with any production process,just ask for it., we are a complete production house based in Nepal.

We love our work and any project we undertake we make sure to deliver it with dedication and quality. 

Our experience in the film production industry in Nepal as well as working as a fixer in Nepal over the course of 13 years and 150 productions, we have had to adapt to a wide variety of working scenarios according to changing requirements of the project. 

Cost of Film Permits in Nepal

The cost of film permits in Nepal includes the Nominal Government charges plus the charges of liaison officers appointed from different authorities. 

There are different film permits you to require while filming in Nepal. Each of these permits comes with their own cost which has to be paid beforehand at different authorities. 

It is always wise to prepare beforehand and know your requirements for different filming permits in Nepal. At Nepal Film Production we assess your requirements and prepare all required documents and processes for film permits in Nepal.

Cost of General Film Permits in Nepal: 

A minimum fee of Nepali Rupees 50.00 as a permit fee (Nepali postal stamp) and Nepali Rupees 15,000.00 is charged for censorship of visuals which have been filmed during the filming period.

The filmmaker is required to pay the daily allowances, insurance, travel, and accommodation expenses to the Liaison officer (Monitoring Officer). Likewise, payment for the services of the local coordinator is based on an agreement between the coordinator and the filmmaker. 

Neither the Ministry of Information and Communications nor the Film Development Board, Nepal have any involvement in this agreement, including the setting of rates for any of the services provided. 

Cost of Special Film Permits in Nepal: 

  1. National Park Filming Permit: You can film the natural vegetation and wildlife in different national parks and conservation areas with approval from the respective National Park or Conservation authority.
  2. Heritage Area Filming Permit: The cost for heritage area filming permits in Nepal has to be submitted to the district office and Ministry of Culture and Heritage.
  3. Public Area Filming Permit: Public Area Filming Permit can be obtained from the district office where a charge is levied.
  4. Private Property Filming Permit: The cost of filming in private property is variant with the prices negotiated with the owner themselves 
  5. Drone and Aerial Permits: Aerial Filming in Nepal requires a separate permit which has to be authorized by the district administration office

Visa Processing and Costs in Nepal 

All foreign nationals, except Indians, require visas to visit or work in Nepal. 

Multiple entry visas for 15 days (US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency), 30 days (US$ 40) or ninety days (US$ 100) can be acquired from any Nepalese embassy or consulate.

 You also can get a visa on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu or at the Immigration Office at the entry points of Nepal.

Tourist visas may be extended for a length of a hundred and twenty days on the Immigration Department in Kathmandu or Pokhara.

However, nationals of the subsequent international locations will no longer get visas on arrival on the immigration entry points of Nepal: Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Palestine, Somalia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. 

They need to get visas from Nepalese embassies or diplomatic missions in their respective international locations prior to their arrival in Nepal.

Gratis (Free) Visa for 30 days is available most effective for nationals of South Asian nations like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for the primary go-to in one visa year (January to December). However, a visa charge is required for its extension past the 30 days.

Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter into Nepal.

The airport tax is already covered for your price tag. But on domestic routes, a separate airport tax of Rs.200 is charged earlier than boarding.

How NFP Helps in Permits

  • We process all of your documents and permits where necessary
  • We act as your local fixer and coordinator in Nepal 
  • We are your contact point to the concerned authorities
  • We help you find appropriate locations to film in Nepal and get the specialized permits required 
  • We clear your customs and handle the incoming of the filming crew 
  • We prepare in advance to deliver you on time. 

Nepal Film Production is an internationally recognized film production company in Nepal. Our film services in Nepal include everything from being your local fixer in Nepal to helping you find appropriate locations in Nepal for filming. We are adept at handling film permits and can acquire any kind of film permits in Nepal including those required for Aerial Filming.

Location Scouting in Nepal

Nepal has many places that make up for good visual capture for your film and we can help you with location scouting in Nepal. 

Considering different requirements of location for different types of films we initiate location scouting in a systematic order right from the research to the production of scenes to be used in the movies. 

At Nepal Film Production, we help you find locations to film in Nepal and help in production through the following processes :

  • Understanding Your Requirement : 

First, we understand your requirements by assessing your script or layout. Once we know what is it that you want we search accordingly. Are you looking for specific places to film in Nepal? Or do you want film-specific cultures or communities of Nepal? Or are you not sure where you want to film but have an idea about how you want to film it? Well, whatever your requirement is we find ways to match them with our years of experience working in film production in Nepal.

  • Location Research: 

Once we know what you require then we actually go and find the places appropriate for you to film. This is done on different levels.

Do the story and the location coincide? 

How is transportation?

Will the locals allow to film? 

Is there legal permission to film in the area? 

We can provide the best locations for the filming/fixing project while also suggest the right kind of cultural background for it

  • Permits and Processes: 

Once you finalize the location for shooting in Nepal, we can further help you by acquiring all required permits, dealing with the local authorities as well as integrating your production team with the local community. We are well versed in the procedures and processes required to acquire film permits in Nepal as well as film licensing.

  • Filming and Fixing 

Once you have decided on the filming location in Nepal, you will have to travel with a team for filming. We can help you navigate the entire production and filming in Nepal as you fixer or local coordinator. 

Be it finding the right filming crews or talents or managing the operations and logistics, all will have to be dealt with within the context of Nepal and our prior experience and the diverse team make us your choice as the best fixer in Nepal.

Conclusion :

Location Scouting in Nepal is challenging considering the difficult topography, diverse languages, unique culture, and unclear policies.

But we are adept at what we do and have been doing this for years, with enthusiasm to continue it on a consistent basis. Nepal Film Production is your choice to be up and ready for the challenge. 

Not only production services but we can initiate surveys to see whether the locations are suitable or not for your filming/fixing project, we also get permission to shoot where required, and make sure of smooth movement of the crew to and from the locations in consideration on logistics to prevent and solve any problems that might arise, and even coordinate the parking areas for the crew during the shoot.

Types of Film Permits in Nepal

Film Permits in Nepal can generally be categorized into two broad categories.

First is the one-time filming permit which is a legal document that authorizes you to film in Nepal. 

This is issued by the Ministry of information and costs you around 15000 USD.

Second is the special permits that you require to film in special locations or under special circumstances. 

These will cost you extra and will require different processing at different authorities. 

Some of the special film permits you may require in your filming process are: 

● National Parks Filming Permit:

If you want to film in any national park and conservation areas of Nepal to capture the essence of wildlife then you will require a filming permit approved by the Ministry of Information & communication and from authorities of National Park as well. This will cost you extra!

● Heritage Areas Filming Permit:

While Heritage areas like Pashupatinath, Durbar Square, Swayambhu are considered sensitive areas, you can still get a filming permit under the close supervision of the municipality district office and Ministry of Heritage and Maintenance. 

● Public Area Filming Permit:

Public Area Filming is done in coordination with the local police authority and the Ministry of Information to ensure the general flow of public is not disrupted. 

● Private Property Filming Permit:

If you want to film in hotels, cafes, villas or other private properties, the local fixer or production company in Nepal can coordinate with the owner to get you permits. 

● Drone and Air Permits:

Drone and Air Permits are more sensitive and complicated than other filming permits as it has been prevalent in Nepal in recent years only. At Nepal Film Production, we specialize in acquiring Drone and Air Permits with coordination from the Ministry of Information & Communication, Home Ministry, Ministry of Defence and National Aviation Authority. Aerial Permits need approval from all the ministries and they all appoint a liaison officer from each ministry listed above for supervision.

Different Authorities and Approval for Different Film Permits in Nepal

  •  Consent Letter of Department of Archaeology if filming in archaeological places like Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Changunarayan, Durbar Squares, Boudhanath, Lumbini, Swayambhunath, etc. For filming in these areas, the Department of Archaeology will appoint one liaison officer who should be paid NPR 200.00 every day as allowance. 
  • Consent Letter of Pashupati Development Fund Office, Gaushala, Kathmandu if filming in the Pashupatinath temple area. 
  • Consent letter of Sanctuary Fund if filming in Annapurna Conservation Areas.
  •  Consent letter of Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation if filming is to be done in upper Mustang and upper Dolpa. The fees are the US $5000.00 per each place. 
  • Consent letter of Department of Wildlife Conservation, Babarmahal, Kathmandu if filming in conservation areas.
  • Consent letter of Lumbini Development Fund if filming in Kapilvastu (Lumbini), the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. 

Similarly, there are various locations in Nepal that make for a good visual context for your filming. At Nepal Film Production, we also help you in location scouting in Nepal as per the need of your project and can coordinate with local authorities to get you the approval required. 

How NFP Helps in Permits

Nepal Film Production has a crew of experienced production experts that specialize in acquiring film permits in Nepal as well as clearing customs at the airport.

Having worked directly in 131 productions, we know our way through the tedious paper works and complexities in the logistics in the filming and production process. 

Similarly, working for a film in Nepal has its own complexities, considering the topography, culture. We assist you to address them as properly. Our crew individuals are adept at coping with all production topics, that allows us to be rehearsed and prepared for on the pre-manufacturing stage.

We are skilled in terms of acquiring permits, film licensing and most significantly prioritize delivering to the best quality. We make certain to punctually honor our mutual agreement among us and our clients. 

We leave no room for mistakes and in our beyond revel in; we’ve always had satisfied customers and always finished our production initiatives easily.

Nepal Film Production and its crew participants consider in advance preparations, and that means the entirety of planning and groundwork will be done in advance.

As passionate filmmakers, any project we undertake is something we want to excel at. We ensure that we will live up to the expectation of your production team.