Working with Lions (USA)

The Earthquakes of 2015 that shook Nepal is still one of the hottest topics for many people, whether in the country or abroad. Sometimes, when you meet an old friend you haven’t seen in a while, conversations might start with “Where were you during the earthquake?” Besides the earthquake, the next hottest topic is the process of recovery slowly taking place in the sites. Almost three years later, the country is still recovering, one house at a time and the international NGOs like the Lions Club are keen on knowing where this movement is leading towards.

On the similar case, the Lions Club of USA was here to document a three years recovery plan and cover a story about major members of the club with Image Base, a US-based video and event agency. Nepal Filming Project was fortunate to work with them and help them in their journey of this documentation. The six days production took us from the streets of Kathmandu to a school in the hilly region of Gorkha, where we assisted in managing the permits, accommodation and ground transportation and even equipment.

Pieter Miller, the Senior Producer for Image Base shares that our founder, Digbijaya Bharati, advised them at every step of the way to ensure that the shoot went smoothly and that everything was on time and on budget. We also enjoyed working with them despite the short time and look forward to working with them in future as well.

Wings Over Everest

Nepal Film Production was the only production company & partner in Nepal to work with Chinese megastars who were here to film a story about crashing into “Mount Everest”.

This was the biggest production to ever film in Nepal.

“Nepal Film Production” has handled everything with perfection considering there were a total of “120 Film Crew” members for this production just from China.

Official Trailer of Wings OVer Everest

Nepal Film Production took charge in major roles for this production, considering we had to manage permits for all locations which varied from “Special Locations, Airports, Road Permits & Heritage Locations” which was very challenging as all these permits were to be arranged within a total of “5 days” as per the client’s requirements, which we successfully managed to accomplish.

We were also in charge of logistics where we had to deal with multiple buses and minivans in terms of general coordination but we mostly enjoyed the “Casting” in general which concluded to having more than 200 crew members in total.

We were responsible to cast major Nepalese actors/actresses but also handling a large quantity of “extra’s” was getting over our heads considering the constant movements and placement on set.

We also had to look after multiple locations while scouting which was very well organized and completed in advance but as for confirmation and for permit purposes which resulted in a lot of traveling.

We also provided equipment such as portable generators for filming purposes and overall managed to make many friends in our filming journey which was a total of eight days.

We also got great recommendations as it was very exciting to work with such an amazing, swift and organized filming team that was incredibly large.

Things You Should Be Aware Of While Filming In Nepal

Generally, Filming in Nepal can create multiple issues if the production company you have collaborated with, doesn’t have full knowledge about logistics, traveling, and rules and regulations about filming in Nepal. 

1. Film Permits of Nepal

Nepal is a very safe country but requires permits for filming in Nepal like “National Filming Permits”, “Annapurna Conservation Area Permits” and coordination with other relevant ministries is crucial as well depending on the schedule and filming locations for an international production company. 

Nepal is extremely famous for “Mount Everest” and other popular destinations like Annapurna Region, Mustang Region, Kanchenjunga Area, old monasteries, and excellent trekking routes which make it a country to go to for filming purposes. 

2. Security and Safety

There might be many questions that come to a “Foreign Film-Makers” mind if wanting to film in Nepal, concerning a matter of security and safety. But once any person arrives in Nepal they will be shocked by the kind hospitality an average tourist receives and the kindness they face.

3. Altitude Sickness

Filming and traveling to high altitude locations need a lot of precaution,  mostly in terms of safety because there are multiple risks of altitude sickness.

Acclimatization is not considered or even having a medic on your filming crew with experience can go a far way.

While filming in such high altitude, the film-maker should have a rescue plan and back-up oxygen in stock in order to prevent themselves from getting altitude sickness as it can be life-threatening if not treated properly. 

4. Film Production Company

Nepal Film Production specializes in safety and travel logistics and has over 130 happy customers while filming in Nepal and working with reputed international production companies/agencies.

Due to our good networking with the person we have worked with, we have full access to helicopters, travel routes, medics, doctors, hospitals, and many more in terms of reacting on an emergency basis.

While filming in Nepal and traveling to filming locations either for filming purposes or location scouting, language can be a very big issue alongside with road conditions and traffic which needs to be carefully planned in advance which can only be managed by an experienced filming company in Nepal can do just like “Nepal Film Production”.

We not only have an excellent team to supervise logistics in house, but over 150 years of experience combined in the filming sector in Nepal.

Traveling in such rough roads needs extra attention to your filming equipment and how to travel with preparation in advance in order to assure the safety of your filming equipment would be our job.

Being an international production company in Nepal and providing our service to clients from all around the world while working in high altitudes, Nepal Film Production and its team have managed to acquire a lot of knowledge and especially experience in such sectors and in fact, we take pride in our experience and how we have managed to work with the biggest clients from around the world and have left with a good impression and have given us excellent recommendations in general.

So with our knowledge the major things you should be aware of while filming in Nepal

  1. The production company you have collaborated with
  2. Filming Permits of Nepal
  3. Language Barrier
  4. Concerning a matter of security and safety
  5. Altitude Sickness & Precaution
  6. Preparation

If you have any question regarding filming in Nepal, then please let Us know. Click on the button below and get free consultation from our experts.

Hiring a Line Producer in Nepal with Nepal Film Production

Before we discuss in-depth let’s first know little about what is a line producer and how can a line producer help add value to your production?

Hiring a line producer in Nepal can generally be a very tricky question because there are a couple of factors that matter in terms of hiring a line producer which is a different situation in Nepal.

While hiring a Line Producer in Nepal he/she must have a lot of experience in all filming aspects considering logistics, technical equipment, legal rules & regulations, and especially a large network of a film crew in all sectors of the filming industries. 

A line producer will be able to negotiate on your behalf and also manage all risks in terms of logistics for your film production without a doubt.

Filming in Nepal can rather be a tricky matter due to the political instability and rules changing on a regular basis.

Another quality to look for in your next line producer would be how influential he/she is, in general, should have a high level of influence in government bodies in general and also a vast amount of experience in for filming and handling high pressure for dealing with a large film production while filming in Nepal.

How will a Line Producer handle all matters for your film production in Nepal?

Line Producers will generally handle all logistics and can make sure that your production will minimize its production cost considering all aspects and will also assure that your production is very time efficient and saves whatever he/she can while being involved in the film production.

Dealing with a large number of filming crews can be a logistical nightmare in Nepal especially dealing with a large crew, making sure you’re that everyone is well-coordinated is also very crucial.

The Line will also look after government based rules and regulations and will know all matters of what to do and what not to do while filming in Nepal.

How should you choose a Line Producer in Nepal?

While hiring a Line Producer in Nepal you have to consider the international experience in general and the scale of the filming crew the potential line producer has handled.

Your line producer should have worked with at least 20 international productions, and should be an excellent spokesperson for your production while dealing with eh government, therefore, ask certain questions such as “How long would it take for the line producer to acquire filming & aerial permits for your production” & “Technical questions regarding equipment’s and logistics”.

Ask for advice in terms of logistics and interview the line producer so that he/she would be able to give you advice in order to guarantee the smoothness of your film production in Nepal.

Documentary coordinator in Nepal

Looking for a professional Documentary Coordinator in Nepal? If yes, then you are in the right place.

A documentary coordinator is the one who finds the profiles and interacts with them, do all the preparation beforehand, like managing locations, and permits to film in that particular place or organization for documentary filming.

The job responsibilities of a documentary coordinator involve researching locations, managing schedules, equipment rental, transportation, budget, catering, transporter, and interaction with film crew and location.

Challenges of hiring Documentary Coordinator in Nepal

There are lots of film production companies and independent documentary coordinator in Nepal. Some of them are doing excellency in their job whereas due to lack of knowledge, experience, and good networking, many documentary related projects have been halted or rejected. So, always ask for the reference and see the years of experiences prior to coordinate with a film production company or independent ones.

In order to shoot a documentary in Nepal, you need to gain some of the filming permits of Nepal from the Ministry of Information and Communication. You have to showcase your script and other documents that must have fulfilled the criteria to get the permit for filming a documentary in Nepal. In case you are not able to, your proposal might be rejected. Generally, to film in most of the locations of Nepal, special permit along with the permits from the Ministry of Information and Communication is required.

For instance, if your documentary is about the Everest region then you need to permit National Park as well as it lies in the Sagarmatha National Park area. It is better to take help from the experienced film production house or fixer in Nepal to smoothly run your filming projects.

Additionally, legal provisions are also necessary to shoot a documentary in Nepal. But it depends on what type of documentary you want to film in Nepal. For instance, child marriage, domestic violence, child labor, child prostitution, and so on. In this kind of documentary, lots of legal documents and security is needed. If you wish to do it independently, you may face obstacles. This can only be done with the help of experienced documentary coordinators.

Why Choose Nepal Film Production (NFP) as your documentary Coordinator?

Nepal Film Production (NFP) is one of the best film production company in Nepal, having more than decades of experience in this platform. NFP is providing all types of film-related services like a fixer, documentary coordinator, hiring equipment, permits for filming, location searching, translation, transcription, line production, and so on.

NFP has an excellent team of crew members who have worked with over a hundred and 35 international productions, renowned filmmakers, and TV productions from all over the world that could help you run your documentary filming project with all the necessary permits, experienced fixers, travel logistics for a very reasonable price, and over the experienced crew with the most reasonable rates.

Our roles and responsibilities as an experienced documentary coordinator in Nepal

As a documentary cocordinator in Nepal, we follow the below role and responsibities to smoothly run your filming in Nepal.

1. Researching Location/Organization

One of the team members of documentary coordinators will find the locations in Nepal or organizations and make sure it is easily accessible, safe, and very reasonable for filming. Once we finalize the location, we will discuss with the location owners for official permissions that may be needed for filming a documentary and work out costs. We are fully aware of the law, rule, and regulations of locations, fully respect the culture, public liability, health, and safety legislation.

2. Visa Process:

Once your location is fixed out, we will start working on your visa process. You have to submit your script and other documents to the related ministry in order to get a visa for filming a documentary in Nepal. Not only that you must be accompanied by the local coordinator or production fixer in Nepal to get the visa. Don’t worry as Nepal Film Production will be working for you as a documentary coordinator based in Nepal, we will handle all the things for your convenience.

3. Permits for Filming Documentary in Nepal

You can not come here to Nepal and start filming a documentary in your desired location. You must have a permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication in Nepal. NFP will easily handle this task as we have experienced team member who has knowledge of the required documents to be submitted in order to get a permit from the Ministry of Nepal.

In addition to that, special permits are also necessary if your location falls under National Park, Heritage Sites, Conservation Areas, or any other organizations that are working the most delicate cases like child marriage, child prostitution, child labor, and so on. Due to the good channel of NFP with these kinds of locations, we can assure you that we will provide a permit at any cost.

4. Security and Safety

Your safety is our main concern. You provide security and take all the safety measures to keep our international filmmakers safe from any issues that may arise in a foreign land.

If your documentary projects are all about showcasing different social issues of Nepal, in this case, we need to highly ensure your safety first and then only let you shoot in a specific area. As these social issues of Nepal are very delicate any problematic situation may arise while filming in those areas.

For instance, even though child marriage in Nepal is illegal, still in some parts of Nepal, it is still happening. If you are planning to shoot a documentary in that area, you must be highly protected by the security first and only allowed to visit the ceremony. It’s not sure whether you can capture it or not, as it is illegal, the families won’t allow you to shoot it as is considered a crime if they are caught. If they got caught because of you, any situation may befall, local won’t think twice to take against you. So, for full preparation and for your safety, we coordinate with officers and keep you safe at any cost.

FAQ Documentary Coordinator in Nepal

Where can I hire a Documentary Coordinator in Nepal?

There are lots of film production companies like Nepal Film Production is proving all the services related to documentary coordinator in Nepal. The company has years of experience and has worked with hundreds of international filmmakers.

What is the role of the documentary coordinator of Nepal?

As a Documentary Coordinator, Nepal Film Production is handling all the services that belong to documentary filming like location research, permits, visa, communications, safety, logistics, and so on.

What are the challenges of hiring Documentary Coordinator in Nepal?

While hiring documentary coordinator in Nepal, you may face challenges like working with an inexperienced documentary coordinator, rejection of visa, and permit for filming, lack knowledge of locations, bad networking to name a few.

3 Reasons You Need To Hire An Experienced Fixer While Filming in Nepal

Nepal film Production (NFP) is a leading and professional Kathmandu based Film Production Company in Nepal servicing since 2014. So here from our experiences, we’ve listed the top 3 reasons you need to hire an experienced fixer while filming in Nepal.

Fixer Will Initiate Pre-Production And Overall Research 

Having a Fixer for research and finding profiles with preparation in advance is crucial considering the pre-production phase of every production in general.

A Fixer will have all the necessary work done in advance considering finding and interacting with necessary profiles; so that production time is saved while you are here filming in Nepal.

Filming in Nepal can create random and major obstacles that might emerge without expecting it, and that’s when a fixer can manage and prepare all necessary tasks in advance for the betterment and success of your filming project in Nepal.

Fixer Will Acquire All Necessary Filming Permits For Your Filming Project in Nepal

While filming in Nepal it is crucial to have National Filming Permits in coordination with the Ministry of Information & Communication or any other relevant ministries so, therefore, a registered filming company is needed for filming in Nepal which fixers generally have while filming in Nepal.

The appointed fixer will also coordinate and take liability for your filming project in Nepal. They will coordinate with the liaison officer and also the Ministry of Information & Communication for confirming the filming locations with the Ministry.

A Fixer has multiple responsibilities even after your filming production is completed, such as he/she would be responsible for giving the raw footage of your filming project to the Ministry of Information & Communication which is a government based protocol.

A good and experienced Fixer has excellent relationships with all the relevant ministries and knows all the rules & regulations of his/her mind.

Fixer Will Manage All Logistics in Nepal While Filming

While filming in Nepal, general management can be an issue in terms of acting as a fixer or a local producer.

Coordination with relevant locations and its administrations should be a must for all fixers while filming in Nepal in general.

Logistics can be a big issue is all matters are not prepared in advance in terms of filming locations and filming logistics in general.

Having a Fixer is necessary in terms of filming in general in Nepal for many reasons such as; first coordination with relevant locations and overall production management is crucial in any production around the world. Secondly, it is legally required for a Fixer or Production Manager to be liable for all filming matters for your production in general.

A good Fixer will be very punctual and will be multilingual with many relevant talents which will assure a smooth production in general while you are filming your project in Nepal.

3 Reasons to Choose Nepal Film Production for Acquiring Filming Permits in Nepal.

Since 2014, Nepal film Production (NFP) is a leading and professional Kathmandu based Film Production Company in Nepal providing any kind of film-related services. NFP is a union of passionate professionals and experts providing one-stop filming related solutions in Nepal.

Nepal Film Production for Acquiring Film permits in Nepal

Here we’ve listed the top 3 reasons to choose Nepal Film Production for acquiring filming permits in Nepal.

We Can Acquire Your Filming Permit in Little as Five Days:

Because of our excellent networking, we can acquire filming permits very fast in a matter of a couple of days 5 days on average depending on the size of the production in general.

As per our experiences, we saw that most directors, producers, and filming projects are always in a rush to get their permits sorted out as fast as possible. And this often happens in the last minutes due to the lack of general awareness of filming processes and procedures of Nepal’s filming scenario.

Nepal film Production (NFP) can be that one-stop solution and your filming companion that will guide you in all ways necessary for guaranteeing the success of your filming project and production in Nepal.

Filming permits, in general, can be very confusing because of how the rules and regulations are so random in Nepal. So does the paper works and documents. It must be well presented in order to get permits for filming or else, your filming permission might be rejected.

The NFP has experienced crew members that have many years of experience in acquiring filming permits in Nepal. Our key goal is to guarantee the safety of you’re film production in all legal aspects considering Government matters in situations.

We Know Other Legal Rules and Regulations In Order to Have a Successful Filming Project Initiated in Nepal Following the Government’s Procedures:

Generally speaking, due to the rules almost change every week, working on a film project and production can be very confusing in Nepal for foreign filmmakers. Therefore you would require a legally registered company to act as a guarantor for your film production in Nepal.

Likewise, different locations need different types of permits according to altitude, Heritage sites, Government bodies and buildings, and special locations.

Nepal film production can be to guide in terms of figuring out the obstacles as a team and working with your production to guarantee the safety of you are visual content that you generally acquire while filming in Nepal.

Without acquiring a filming permit, filming in Nepal can have many negative side effects, for instance, the film content can be confiscated and that there can be legal charges. Not having permission from the essential or necessary ministry or administration also cause film-makers to stay in jail and the duration might be long which can be a very big problem.

We Can Negotiate With the Liaison Officers in Terms of Daily Rates For Your Film in Production in Nepal:

To be honest, there is no actual general day rate for having a liaison officer on board. Nepal film production can negotiate on your behalf in order to lower the day rate of a liaison officer for your film production and project in Nepal. Generally, the liaison officer is a supervisor on behalf of the relevant ministry you wish to or have to work with according to your film productions content.

Nepal film production takes pride in having a being well-connected with the relevant ministries for acquiring your future productions filming permits in Nepal.

Similarly, we are well connected with the ministry of information and communication, Home ministry, defense Ministry and the aviation body.

We can acquire all kinds of filming permits in Nepal such as National filming permits, aerial permits, special locations permits, ACAP  permits, and heritage sites with verified filming permits.

6 Reasons to Choose Nepal Film production as your Fixer in Nepal.

1. We have the most experienced Fixers in Nepal

Working with inexperienced Fixers can create multiple problems for yourself. Working with the fixer in Nepal that has international production experience is very necessary for the safety of your production.

Nepal Film Production consists of crew members and fixers, especially that have experience for more than 14 years and on-field. We have worked with over a hundred and 35 international productions, renowned filmmakers, and TV productions from all over the world.

Nepal film productions have the most professional team members that could help you run your filming project, documentary, television commercial, or even a travel blog with all the necessary permits, experienced fixers, travel logistics for a very reasonable price, and over the experienced crew with the most reasonable rates.

2. Communication and Language

While filming in Nepal it’s very important to have a filming crew or production team that knows how to communicate with you in terms of guaranteeing a safe shoot in Nepal.  This means that you have to hire experienced crew members or fixers that would be able to communicate with you according to your preferred language.

Things can get a little bit crazy if communication is done improperly while filming a project in Nepal.

Nepal film productions team has fixers that are fluent according to your chosen language.

3. Knowledge Regarding the Legal Aspects of Filming

Nepal film production team is very confident in terms of acquiring permits in very limited time and we work very fast. But acquiring permits is not enough, you need to have an experienced crew member or especially an experienced fixer that knows how to get everything done and which locations to film and the rules and regulations of a particular place. 

NFP team has full knowledge of all the legal aspects of filming in Nepal in coronation with the ministry of information and communication, defense Ministry, Home ministry, and Aviation body. 

It’s very important to have knowledge about your film project or your locations as well because if you don’t have the correct information it could lead to a lot of trouble or you have your equipment or your film confiscated or reported.  That’s why experience matters and goes very far away, our production company can guarantee the safety of your production beforehand and we are ready to back it up.

4. Reasonable Production Costs

We guarantee the financial safety of our clients and we do not overcharge, we would be more than happy to match any offer that comes our way.

We give the most experienced crewmembers and fixers for a very reasonable day charge alongside all travel and logistics.

We work fast and guarantee that there are no added days and that the work is done and completed at the earliest. 

Our fixer and team will always guarantee the negotiations on your behalf, and we see ourselves as a team in order to be the most cost-effective as we could.

This is one of the major reasons why you should work with Nepal from a production stop.

5. We Work Around the Clock for 24 Hours

We understand that filming needs a lot of time and energy in general and also commitment. So our team is very flexible in terms of timing and we will be there for you whenever necessary.

We have been very understanding and responsible team fixers that will do whatever it takes to get the job done with perfection.

We understand that you might need to take those early-morning shots for your introduction and ending shots as well on an emergency basis and much more, but we are committed enough to make sure that that all happens for the betterment of your filming project in Nepal.

6. Understanding of Research and Profile Gathering ( Journalism)

While filming in Nepal with a Nepal film production we make sure that audio location scouting, profile research, and the story research alongside your requirements and needs will be fulfilled to the fullest with perfection.

We guarantee as a team having the best fixers that everything is prepared in advance for the smooth running of your film production.

The Boston production has access to a large database which allows us to access almost every location and profile in Nepal, but not only that we can manage to accomplish much more if we have prior notice and details regarding the shoot which can be done by our accomplished research team and also our media contacts in order to get what you want for your film production in Nepal.

It is very important to have an experienced team that can gather content or information according to your film productions’ requirements.  Nepal film production can guarantee anything but you’re required in terms of gathering content and overall research.

Top 10 International Film that had Scenes filmed in Nepal

Nepal and its beauty have not only caught the attention of international tourists, but also foreign filmmakers across the world. The Himalayas, national parks, lush green forests, cascading rivers, waterfalls, ancient architecture, culture, and tradition are the main attractions of Nepal. If you have watched a Hollywood movie, Everest or Bollywood movie, Anil Kapoor starer Gharwali Baharwali, then you can guess why filmmakers are keen to shoot in Nepal.

If you have not watched the foreign movies that are filmed in Nepal, then here is the list of top 10 International Movies that had Scenes filmed in Nepal. Let’s check them out.


IMDB- 6.1

Ever want to film to the heritage site where Amitabh Bacchan and Zeenat Aman danced in the hit number “Pyar Mein Dil Pe Mar Dey Goli” from the Mahaan, then you need to visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Not only that, but this 1983 movie has also magnificently captured the beauty of Kathmandu valley.

Seven years in Tibet

IMDB- 7.1/10

Despite the scenes of the movie is mostly filmed in Tibet and Northern India, there are some scenes that are filmed in Nepal. When Bard Pitt escapes from Indian prison and moves towards Tibet, between there you can see some footage of Nepal. Seven years in Tibet is released 1997 American biographical war drama film of Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer played by famous actor Brad Pitt and on his experiences in Tibet during World War II, the interim period, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s invasion of Tibet in 1950.


IMDB- 7.1/10

Most of you have watched this 2015 blockbuster movie about the real events of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, and primarily focuses on the survival attempts of two expedition groups. This Everest movie has stunningly captured the beauty of the Everest Region including the world’s highest mountain Mt.Everest and city life of Kathmandu Valley.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna

IMDB 7.3/10

Dev Anand starer movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna is the first Bollywood movie to be shot in Nepal in 1972. The movie has transparently shown the beauty of Kathmandu including Soyambhunath, unpopulated landscapes and culture of thee valley. Hit old Bollywood songs like “Kanchi Rey Kanchi Rey” and “Dum Maro Dum” belongs to this movie.

The Wildest Dream

IMDB- 7.3

The Wildest Dream is filmed in the Everest Region. It is the 2010s feature documentary film about British mountain climber George Mallory, who disappeared while Everest expedition in 1924 along with expedition partner Andrew Irvine.


IMDB- 7.5/10

This movie Himalaya, also called Caravan has presented the lifestyle and culture of the Upper Dolpo region of Nepal. Released in 1999, the movie mainly focuses on the tradition and human struggle to retain and express power in the face of the gods. This movie had also nominated in 72nd Academy Awards under the Best Foreign Film Category, making it the first Nepalese movie to be nominated for Academy Awards.

Doctor Strange

IMDB- 7.5/10

Are you Marvel fan and watched the movie Doctor Strange played by the Benedict Cumberbatch? If yes, then you must be familiar with the secret compound Kamar-Taj yes that place is Kathmandu. The filming location around Nepal is Pashupatinath and Swayambhunath Temples, Thamel and New Road and the Patan Durbar Square. According to Cumberbatch about filming in Nepal was “absolutely vital to this film, I think not least because it’s so based on something that is exotic. It was a magical way to start the shoot. It’s important to a film like this—which has a profound gearshift into a spiritual and otherworldly dimension—that the portal for that be in a place that actually happens in itself to be incredibly spiritual and marvelous.”

Highway to Dhampus

IMDB- 8.0/10

It is the first movie entirely shot in Nepal. The film portrays the culture and beauty of the Dhampus Village of Nepal. Dhampus is an hour ride from Pokhara from where you can see the astonishing Annapurna Range and small settlements. Highway to Dhampus is a 2015 romantic drama played by American actor, Gunner Wright.


IMDB- 8.0/10

In this Akshaya Kumar starer movie, the filmmakers marvelously captured the footage of Kathmandu Valley. Those small alleys and busiest roads of Thamel, arts, culturally rich Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Nepal’s one of the 5-star hotel Hyatt Regency, where film crews have used for accommodation for shooting period.

Nine: Nine Time Travels 

IMDB- 8.2/10

Ever wonder about the Himalayan Range and the heritage sites where Lee Jin-Wook and Jo Yoon-hee spent their time? If yes, then that place is Pokhara and some of the popular places of Kathmandu valley. Nine: Nine Time Travels is South Korean television drama released in 2013.