Gorkha is where everything started. Before King Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu Valley in the 18th century, Gorkha was his home. A small town in the Western Nepal, Gorkha now is the gateway to many beautiful places and trekking routes, mostly the Manaslu circuit. The trekkers mostly enjoy the small bazaar with the Gorkha Palace, which serves as the palace, a kot and a temple of Gorakhnath. The current structure with Newar architecture replaced the old palace where King PN Shah was born and brought up in, after he conquered the valley.

Gorkha is also famous as home to Gurkha soldiers, named after the warriors of Gurung ethnic group who have fought under the British regiment and later in other army too. Gorkha is home to the Gurung community along with Brahmin/Kshettri community. In current times, it is also known as the epicenter of the great earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal.