There are two ways to get to Lukla. One is taking a vehicle, either bus or Jeep to Jiri or Phaplu and then walk for another 3-7 days. Or take the Kathmandu-Lukla flight. Either way, getting Lukla usually itself is an adventure of the lifetime because the roadway isn’t that good on one hand (and the walking makes you more tiring) while on the other hand, Lukla airport usually tops being the deadliest airport most of the times. But Lukla is the only way to get your Everest dream come true (unless you want the Northside).

Once a small farming community, Lukla is now a trekkers town, with more than hundreds flocking every season to check off climbing/seeing/reaching Everest (or the basecamp) from their bucket list. Lukla might mean a place with many sheeps and goats in Sherpa language, but these days it is easier to find lodges and internet cafes than the goats and sheep in the area. Lukla and overall, the Everest region is home to the famous Sherpa community, also known as one of the best climbers in the world.