There is something about Lumbini that will make you feel at peace. While the highway would heat up with the temperature and the surrounding area might irritate you with the dust, traffic, and pollution, everything changes the moment you enter this holy place. The air would feel fresher, the number of people wouldn’t matter, and no matter for how long you will have to walk around (or take the rickshaw), you will still have no complaints. That is the magic of the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Currently one of the popular pilgrimage sites for all the Buddhist followers, Lumbini’s famous sites include Maya Devi Temple, dedicated to Siddhartha Gautama’s birth mother and Ashoka Pillar. The temple houses a statue of Buddha when he was born in the Lumbini Garden, along with his mother. Legend says that he took seven steps right after his birth, indicating his specialness. Besides the temple, the garden is surrounded by many new monasteries built over time by countries having Buddhist followers. Listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Lumbini garden, today, is an epitome of Buddha himself, partly due to it being his birthplace but mostly because of its tranquil environment, which will leave you more rejuvenated than when you entered.