If you’ve found Kathmandu laid-back then wait till you reach Pokhara, for the lake-city is to Nepal what beach areas are to countries with sea and ocean. The moment you enter Pokhara, you will find the environment relaxing and chilled with everyone in their holiday outfit, including the locals. The lakeside of Phewa lake is more happening with bars, hotels, and restaurants for every type of traveler. On the other hand, this small city is also home to caves, waterfalls and various hiking spots.

Pokhara in the recent times have garnered the reputation of being the adventure hub of Nepal. Besides being the gateway to most of the trekking routes that go West, like the famous ABC trekking, the city has also become a spot for paragliding, mountain biking, parahawking, ultra-flight and other adventure activities. There are many hilltops, like Sarangkot and Peace Stupa, from where you would get a breathtaking views of the mountains but if you’re lucky, you could get a magnificent view of Mt. Machhapuchchhre from the city itself. Home to various ethnic groups like Newars, Gurungs and Khas, Pokhara is also the winter home for many living high in the mountains. Hence the place is perfect for tourists, as it is blessed with the natural beauty as well as the cultural diversity.