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Are you searching for Line Production Service in Nepal? If yes, then you are in the right place. Thinking of filming in Nepal and want to shoot in various locations and do not have any idea to get permits and all, then Line producer in Nepal is there for you.

They are the heart of the film production team. Line Producer plans out the budget, manage locations, permits, crews, safety, and time. They have knowledge of film making, must have the capacity to understand forthcoming problems, tackle them, and always keeping all the expenses under the targeted budget.

Acquiring Line Production Service in Nepal

There are lots of line production company in Nepal. Some of the independent film companies are providing line production services in Nepal. But you must be careful, as the filming in Nepal is developing phase, lots of companies with less experience are also giving services. So, it is up to you whom shall you contact and want to work out with.

While hiring line producers in Nepal, always ask for the references of the clients they have worked with. You must examine their experiences, proper knowledge of the location, the network for getting permits, travel, accommodation, and a skilled film crew. The main thing while coming to Nepal for the shooting is to know whether you will get permits for shooting in your desired or not. Most of the beautiful locations in Nepal falls under the conversation areas, national parks, heritage sites, and restricted areas, so it’s kind of challenging to get a permit. If these things are not planned beforehand, things might get worse. You might waste your time, money and even dream of initiating new projects will be shattered.

Challenges of Acquiring Line Producer in Nepal

Due to the high demand for filming in Nepal, to establish the business in this area, lots of inexperienced and independent film production houses are giving line producer service at very low charges. Some of the filmmakers to think about the budgets will contact them for line production service. That’s why as they don’t have years of experience of handling unexpected happens, the network for permits and customs clearance, many filmmakers have to halt their project in the middle. This situation can befall on any filmmakers who fall under the low charges and compromise in the quality.

So, whenever you are acquiring line producer in Nepal, always go for the line production service provider having years of experience. Also, ask for the references of the client they have worked with.

Why Nepal Film Production (NFP) for line production service in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production (NFP) has more than decades of experience in filming in Nepal. Over the years, we have provided our service to various international and domestic production like film, documentary, broadcasting, commercial, reality, drama, everything related to film production.

Similarly, Nepal Film Production is also an ace in providing services for line production. By being in the office or in a set or location, we have been keeping track of the filming process and budget. We have been responsible for handling all the crew and contracts. Select any location for filming leave all the permits and paper works to NFP, they have a very good network in all areas of filming, will surely go the extra mile to get your permits for shooting. Besides that, they are also providing services like Custom Clearance, Filming Equipment, Logistic, Fixing services, and Technical Support.

Line Production Service of Nepal Film Production (NFP)

These are the services you get after hiring NFP as your line producer in Nepal.

Sufficient Knowledge of Law and Legal Approvals

We are located at the heart of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. We know how all the systems and legal provision of Kathmandu as well as Nepal, we can easily take care of personal legislation, legal approvals health, insurance, and safety.

Skilled Line Producers

All of you dedicated line producers as well as team members are highly skilled and have very good knowledge of the process of film making, and good networking. Similarly, they are best at organizing shooting schedules, budgets, plan a production schedule, time management, and accounts.

Travel and Accommodation

Don’t have an idea about staying while filming in Nepal? We have very good contacts at different from normal to luxury hotels in Nepal. Simply give us your requirements and we will provide you the best options for your travel and accommodation that comes under your resources.


We know food can be a big problem while visiting foreign countries. Sometimes, eating on foreign land also arises different health issues, as you need some time to adapt to our food and drinking habits. Don’t worry, our team will take care of that. Just let us know what you want to eat during your stay in Nepal, our caterers department will arrange it.

Proper Communication

All of our team members are good at English and some of them are also familiar with other foreign languages. Two-way communication with us will not be a problem. So, we can be clear about your requirements, expectations, and make sure to enable our members to understand what needs to happen and create a strong team that easily handle all the problems that may occur and come up with ideas even when under pressure while shooting.


Nepal is rich in beautiful locations and cultures. Mountains, forests, cascading rivers, countryside, valleys, are the major attraction of Nepal. Simply put your requirement in front of us, we will do the location research and find the best shooting location for your project.

Set Management

Some times studio facilities are needed to give a more realistic and relevant look and with our experienced team, we will give you exactly what your filming project asks for.

Film Crew

Coming with the whole film Crew members for filming can be very expensive. We will help you with that matter. We have a team of experienced film crews both senior and junior actors on board. If you need any native actors then we will manage that too.

Filming Equipment

Coming with the Filming equipment in Nepal for shooting means lots of hurdles at custom clearance. Even though Nepal Film Production will easily handle custom clearance and logistic area if you get all the filming equipment here in Nepal, why suffer from unnecessary hindrances when NFP has been providing renting services of filming equipment to all the filmmakers who have associated with NFP while filming. Give us the full information about your required equipment beforehand, even if we have to climb Mt. Everest to get it, we will do it.

Post Production

We have fully equipped in house studios, if you need our help then we also provide post-production services.

The Process to Contact NFP to Acquire High-quality Line Production Service

Here we’ve listed the process you can get up to us for line production services:

  • Simply email us or use the contact us option from our website.
  • One of the line producers will get back to you.
  • He will understand your requirements and plan out the budget and time for it.
  • He will send you that quotation and the turnaround time along with the deadline.
  • Once we get the green signal from your side, we will work on the visas, customs clearance, location research, and permits.



More than just a filming company, Nepal Film Production, after coming together in 2014, is a union of passionate professionals providing one stop solution in Nepal. The company has been catering all around the world, with a large network and clients, ranging from News Channels to Foreign TV Commercials. We have worked towards providing the full production service to the clients who come to Nepal wanting to promote locations that have never been filmed on before. Our company provides services in a cost effective method using globally implemented strategies that will surely make the journey an easy one.


There are lots of film companies in Nepal, but Nepal Film Production is the best film production house in Nepal having more than 13 years of experience.

Lack of proper communication skills, independent line producer, inexperienced line production service provider, are the challenges of Acquiring Line Producer in Nepal.

Yes, Nepal Film Production has fully equipped in house studios, if you need us to assist then we also provide post-production services.

Line Producer in Nepal will handle legal approvals, food, location research, recruiting talented film crews, food, post-production, travel and accommodation.