Nepal Film Production has also been very active at the time of the “Earthquake” with our filming activities and taking large risks and ignoring multiple safety procedures to provide and assist our clients. 

At the time of the Earthquake it was one of the hottest topics to be covered in Nepal with more than “300 International Productions” active at this specific time. Nepal Film Production coordinated with “Lions Club USA” and covered various profiles and topics of interest according to the activity of “Lions Club” in Nepal and the social projects that had been taking place. 

With only six days in hand, Nepal Film Production was able to acquire “National Filming Permits” in coordination with the “Ministry of Information & Communication” along with “Customer Clearance Permits” in collaboration with “Nepalese Film Development Board” and managing to clear customs for the filming equipment which our clients had brought with them. 

We also managed and arranged all logistics and provided filming crew members alongside our “Filming & Fixing Services”. Apart from that, we also supplied all requirements such a “Logistics & Transportation” for filming purposes.

Nepal Film Production had also supplied filming equipment such as “Sony FS7 & CP2 Lenses” with additional supporting kits and small assisting parts.

This project was filmed in Kathmandu & Gorkha and there were various challenges we faced during the time of filming but we managed to secure and initiate a smooth production making our clients extremely delighted.