Nepal Film Production had the chance to work with a production from the “United Kingdom” known as “Mike Beach Films” for a feature-length documentary where we had worked as a “Fixer & Local Producer” in Nepal. 

Generally, working with an accomplished filming crew gave us a good understanding of film-making for us as the requirements were quite grand in a limited time. 

Nepal Film Production was able to acquire “National Filming Permits” in coordination with the “Ministry of Information & Communication” and also acquired “Customer Clearance Permits” in collaboration the “Nepalese Film Development Board” and has managed all the clear customs for the filming equipment which our clients had brought along with them. 

We managed all “Transport Logistics” and took full responsibility for all “Pre-Production” services and also research in terms of content gathering which was one of the key parts in terms of building a story initiated by our excellent “Journalism & Research” team.

We also provided all necessary filming equipment as per our clients’ demand which included “Red Epic with Ultra Primes Lenses”, “Ronin Stabilizers” and “CP2 Lenses” which were extremely new and of high quality and performance.

Besides the technical support and logistics, our team became good friends with them and the most exciting part was the “Location Scouting” where we had to travel to numerous locations which were very tiring but extremely exciting.