Nepal Film Production had finally gotten its chance to work with an extremely well-known figure, or put into movie based characters, the real “Sherlock Holmes” who was “Professor David Wilson” from “United Kingdom” and a reputed “Talk Show Host” and a world-famous & renowned “Criminologist”. 

Nepal Film Production not only had to coordinate with the “Ministry of Information & Communication”, “Defense Ministry and Home Ministry” for the filming permit but had to deal with “Central Prison” located in “Sundhara, Kathmandu” and the “Department of Prison Management” as for we were filming a world-famous “Serial Killer” who has managed fled over 5 prisons in different countries around the world including “France, Thailand, etc.”.

This was a very challenging filming project for it being a very sensitive topic and was a matter of national pride for the people in Nepal. Nepal Film Production managed all necessary gear/equipment and also managed all logistics at the highest level in coordination with the “Director-General” of the “Department of Prison Management”, “Director” of “Sundhara Jail” and also with the help of the “General Secretary” of the “Home Ministry”. 

Our client was extremely happy with the results we were able to provide considering our “Political Connections” and how we were able to manage all aspects of filming such a sensitive topic in Nepal. 

We had faced great challenges in order to accomplish what was almost next to possible, but Nepal Film Production takes great pride in having accomplished such targets.