Nepal Film Production took great pride in working with After Hours Creative which was an “American Production” where we filmed and participated in the “Cardia Surgery Mission” in Nepal. 

Nepal Film Production was able to acquire “National Filming Permits” and “Customer Clearance Permits” in coordination with the “Ministry of Information & Communication” and “Nepalese Film Development Board” respectively and managed to clear customs for the filming equipment which our clients had brought with them. 

We had the chance to work with the top “Cardio Doctors” in Nepal and our filming locations were mostly hospitals in Kathmandu and Pokhara. 

We also had our “Sync Sound” specialist on the field working as a sound man and “Thomas” has over 30 years of experience being a sound man which the clients were very amazed to discover.

This filming project was exciting and challenging as filming locations and plans would often change as per the director’s requirements but our experienced and the successful team has managed to accomplish which most production/filming companies wouldn’t have been able to adapt at our speed.

Nepal Film Production managed extra’s and additional requirements to make sure that this production was successful because of the value it held to helping so many lives in Nepal.

It was also a great learning experience for our team in terms of being flexible and adaptive and our clients were extremely pleased with our service which was the great achievement for our team.