Filming Equipment’s & Location Scouting


Nepal has one of the finest terrains that could be amazing to captured on a camera. From the snow-covered mountains to the plain lands, it is one of the most diverse countries in geography, topography, wildlife, and culture. With our experience of traveling around the country and geography specified culture, We provide all necessary filming equipment and can order from foreign countries if necessary and we have equipment’s ranging from the most elite camera’s and lenses and all supporting equipment’s that will be needed for any filming purpose whether it be a television commercial or a documentary. We can provide best locations for the filming/fixing project while also suggest the right kind of cultural background for it. Not only production services but we can initiate surveys to see whether the locations are suitable or not for your filming/fixing project, we also get permission to shoot where required, and make sure of smooth movement of the crew to and from the locations in consideration on logistics to prevent and solve any problems that might arise, and even coordinate the parking areas for the crew during the shoot.

Unlike other companies, we provide the latest equipment available for renting upon inquiry. Have you forgotten the extra card for your camera or you realized you need a different lens when you get to the location, we can cover it all? Ranging from camera’s potential requirement to equipment regarding certain project, we can guide you to the best equipment available with us and beyond and promise to go the extra mile to get you what you will need. For filming equipment based inquiries do get in touch with us.