Filming Permits & Licenses


Nepal Film Production will provide guidance on the best and safest legal procedures for foreign-based production companies. We provide services on obtaining filming permits & licensing in coordination with the relevant ministry and government bodies, namely, Ministry of Information & Communication, Ministry of Defense, Home Ministry and Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation under which fall Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and Nepal Tourism Board.

While most production companies don’t know how to, we, on the other hand, are very confident in acquiring drone permits. We are also known to work very well with national parks and its permits as well as the Nepal Film Board. From the visa process to filming permits in certain locations, we have experience and thus would be able to guide each filming team or production team as per requirement on the steps and procedures of creating a great outcome.

Along with permits, we can also provide guidance to clear filming equipment at the airport customs when it comes to bringing and taking cameras and other filming equipment.

Explore the complete process and Info about film licensing and film permits in Nepal.