Nepal Film Production worked with an “American Filming Company” on filming one of the most sacred lost rituals of the tribes living in high altitudes which were located in “Lo Manthang” in “Upper-Mustang” which was known as “Sky Burials”. This ritual was known for cutting human corpses and feeding it to the vultures and also following and chanting many religious readings.

Nepal Film Production was able to acquire “National Filming Permits” in coordination with the “Ministry of Information & Communication” and also acquired “Customer Clearance Permits” in collaboration the “Nepalese Film Development Board” and managing to clear customs for the filming equipment which our clients had brought with them. 

Our team had also acquired “Aerial Permits” in coordination with the “Aviation Body” which was in charge of giving flight permissions for “Drone Operators”. 

We also had to acquire “ACAP Permit” also known as “Annapurna Conservation Area Permit” as for the filming locations altitude touch 3840 Meters. 

We also have to acquire special permits for this product known as “TIMS Permit” which in full form is “Tourist Information Management System” in coordination with the “Ministry of Tourism & Nepalese Tourism Board” as for this location is at a high location and also restricted area. 

We managed all “Transport Logistics” and took full responsibility for all “Pre-Production” services and also research in terms of content gathering which was one of the key parts in terms of building a story initiated by our excellent “Journalism & Research” team.

This production was very exciting for us as we had to go on a “Research & Recce” tour to meet the profiles in advance and create a project report in terms of gathering content for this filming project.

This filming project was 35 days in “Pre-production” including location scouting, research and travel logistical planning, and 22 days in production which was a very long time to be in high altitudes considering the existing environment.

Our team was the first one to ever film on this topic in the world and we were glad to have been involved with “Order Production” and we are glad that the end result was excellent and our clients were extremely pleased with our services.

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