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Nepal Film Production has access to the best translators and transcribers in the country that are fluent and have perfected all languages in Nepal. Most people in Nepal speak in Nepalese which is the official language of Nepal, but only few speak in English making it difficult to find translators and transcribers.

Our production company has in-house translators who will be able to aid with communication with the locals while filming for your project. We also have a great team of transcribers that will be able to translate all your footage’s content and organize a proper structure which could be very beneficial in the (Post-Production) phase.

Transcriptions are very important as for a foreign filmmaker or director may have multiple language misunderstanding due to obvious reasons, but Nepal Film Production will provide such services for a very reasonable cost.

Why Choose Us for Best Transcription Service in Nepal

Nepal Film Production has completed and provided transcription services for multinational organizations such as (National Geography, Discovery Channel, NBC Sports, Bloomberg etc.).

Nepal Film Production has also catered a huge number of social organizations such as (NGO’s & INGO’s) in terms of helping and providing transcription services into chosen formats (Visual & Audio) for a very reasonable cost.

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Why Choose Us for Best Translation Service in Nepal

When Nepal Film Production is there for you to figure out on your projects, relax, you don’t need to worry about anything in the least .

It has provided translation services for giant names like National Geography, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg, ITV, many independent documentaries, and tv commercials.

Translators that are employed with Nepal Film Production are better known to be very experienced within the filming sector with high production & filming knowledge and even have an honest idea of technical knowledge considering “mics & camera” knowledge which in our perspective interest a better extent.

Translation & Transcription's FAQ

Yes, a translator is necessary for filming purposes. Whether it be contribution for interviews or general production work, it’s always advantageous to have a translator.

A Translator would charge roughly (USD 60-120) per day according to the work that is involved and also depends on experience.

This varies according to the length of the film, but also following basic pay per hour rule for transcription services in Nepal. Nepal Film Production provides the best rates.

Please go to the “contact us” page of Nepal Film Production. Email us your requirements and details or directly contact us.

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