Line Production

Nepal Film Production has access of top line producer in Nepal who has experiences of almost more than 15 years in related field.

If you’re thinking of filming in Nepal and want to shoot in various locations, but do not have any idea how to acquire filming or aerial permits and all, Nepal Film Production is here for you.

A Line-Producer will handle all production level as a director and will be responsible for all matters including all logistics, crew management and overall, your filming experience in Nepal.

A line producer will plan out your production’s budget, manage locations, permits, crews, safety, and will oversee punctuality of the whole production team.

They must have knowledge and most importantly experience of film making, must have the capacity to understand forthcoming problems, tackling them, and always keeping all the expenses under the targeted budget.

Acquiring Line Production Service in Nepal

There aren’t many reliable line production companies in Nepal. Only some of the independent filming companies provide line production services in Nepal, but you must be cautious, as filming in Nepal is still in the developing phase, and there are tons of companies with limited experience providing these services. So, it is totally up to your company to contact and decide who you want to work out with.

While hiring line producers in Nepal, always ask for references of their previous clients and closely watch and monitor how much they actually know about film production.

The key qualities of a Line producer are their knowledge for the filming sector in terms of (Pre-Production & Production) alongside with crucial requirements such as government rules and regulations for the filming industry, location knowledge, expertise on travel logistics and managing a large production crew.

Nepal has areas which fall under national parks, heritage sites, and restricted areas, so it’s kind of challenging to get a permit if your potential line-producer doesn’t have ample experience. If these things are not planned beforehand, situations might worsen and you might waste your time, money and exponentially risk your filming project in Nepal.

Challenges of Acquiring Line Producer in Nepal

Due to the high demand for filming in Nepal, and many are establishing the business in this area, lots of inexperienced and independent film production houses are providing line producer service at very low charges. Many line producers will contact potential film makers and will offer good and competitive rates but don’t be fooled when those specific inexperienced film makers are handling your production they are very likely to create long term and catastrophic errors which may end your production and filming project in Nepal.

So, whenever you are hiring line producers in Nepal, always go for the line production service provider which has many years of experience. Make sure you speak to them and interview them one way or another.

Why Nepal Film Production (NFP) for line production service in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production (NFP) has more than decades of experience in filming in Nepal. Over the years, we have provided our service to various international productions and are currently collaborating with (Hollywood Feature Films) and have multiple experiences in overall productions varying from technical knowledge to logistical knowledge in consideration of all rules & regulations of the Ministry of Information & Communication.

Similarly, Nepal Film Production is also an ace in providing services for line production especially for international productions. By being in the office or on set, we have been keeping track of the filming process and budget. We have been responsible for handling the entire crew and projects.

Select any location for filming and leave the hassle of all the permits and paperwork to Nepal Film Production. With our good network in all areas of filming, will surely go the extra mile to get your basic and advanced requirements for filming purposes.

Line Production Service of Nepal Film Production (NFP)

Among various other benefits, these are the services you get after hiring NFP as your line producer in Nepal.

Sufficient Knowledge of Law and Legal Approvals

We are located at the heart of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. We know about all the systems and legal provisions of Kathmandu as the entirety of Nepal, and we can easily take care of personal legislation, legal approvals, health, insurance, and safety.

Skilled Line Producers

All of our dedicated line producers as well as team members are highly skilled and have very good knowledge of the process of film making, and good networking. Similarly, they are best at organizing shooting schedules, budgets, planning an international production schedule considering time management, and accounts.

Travel and Accommodation

Don’t have an idea about accommodation while filming in Nepal? We have excellent and diverse affiliations according to your requirements for accommodations. Simply let us know your requirements in advance and our full-time working team will manage everything according to your specific requirements using our resources.


We know food can be a big problem while visiting foreign countries. Sometimes, eating on foreign land also develops different health issues, as you need some time to adapt to your food and drinking habits. Don’t worry, our team will take care of that. Just let us know what you want to eat during your stay in Nepal, our special caterer’s department will arrange food matching international health and safety standards and will agree to decide on a cuisine which most fits the condition of your stomach.

Proper Communication

All our team members are fluent in English and some of them are also familiar with other foreign languages. Two-way communication with us will not be a problem at all, we can be clear about your requirements, expectations, and make sure to enable our members to understand what needs to happen and create a strong team that will easily handle all the problems that may occur and come up with ideas even when under pressure while shooting.


Nepal is rich in beautiful locations and cultures. Mountains, forests, cascading rivers, countryside, valleys are the major attractions of Nepal. Simply put your requirements in front of us, we will do the location research and find the best shooting locations for your project. We will also provide reasonable recommendations to your project according to your potential requirements.

Film Crew

Coming with the whole film crew members for filming purpose can be a very expensive and lengthy procedure. We will assist in terms of finding quality talented production crew members that are relatively cheaper considering the (Per Day Cost).

Filming Equipment

Arriving in Nepal with heavy equipment is a logistical nightmare for first-timers, so we recommend that major equipment be brought from your country and the rest hired in Nepal considering the weight and cost of renting which is relatively cheaper in Nepal. Nepal Film Production will easily handle custom clearance and logistics if we acquire all filming permits and licenses in advance. We have the best equipment available for renting purposes which can be discussed in advance to the production.

Line Production; FAQ

There are a lot of filming companies in Nepal, but Nepal Film Production has the best line-producers in Nepal with years of experience in the film production sector in Nepal.

A Line-Producer will handle all production matters related to filming logistics, filming crew, production budget, travel logistics, accommodation, filming crew hiring, etc.

A line-producer’s job is to be completely responsible for all requirements related to filming services in Nepal.

Line Producer in Nepal will handle legal approvals, food, location research, recruiting talented film crews, food, post-production, travel, and accommodation.

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