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If you want to film or produce in Nepal and require a reliable, dedicated and experienced fixer in Nepal, Nepal Film Production is what you are searching for!

A country known for majestic mountains, fast-flowing rivers, and cultural diversity, Nepal is a country of potential and stories behind them.

fixer in nepal

If you are planning to film in Nepal in 2020, this will be the best opportunity for you as you can tag along with the national tourism campaign: #VisitNepal2020 

The land of Gurkha, Nepal is raw and authentic for the experience of its varied terrains coupled with a growing system that requires experience to navigate easily.

A fixer in Nepal can help you do just that. 

There are a lot of fixers available in Nepal. However, not all of them live up to your expectations or their claims. Fluent English, Proper Communication and Sound knowledge of filming and production is the basic requirement you need to look for while working with a fixer in Nepal. 

Only a limited number of fixers in Nepal have real-time filming expertise which increases the friction in the production and filming process. 

We ease the process for you!

Nepal Film Production, a leading film production company in Nepal working as a top fixer in Kathmandu as well as the most experienced fixer in Nepal.

We have been delivering consistent and satisfactory services for location scouting, fixing, production management, travel & accommodation, custom clearance, airport clearance, filming permits, location permits, national park permits, casting, talent management, drone permits.

We handle all logistics and filming preparation beforehand, set up all the interviews and also helps in pre-production before the production/filming takes place in Nepal. 

We take care of acquiring all permits for the ministry of information and communication and also deal with all logistics and management beforehand. 

Don’t you worry; we are relatively easy on your pocket taking into consideration the normal rates of fixer in Nepal and the service we deliver towards our dedicated project.

Fixers affiliated with Nepal Film Production love what they do and they are always up and ready to facilitate you in the best way. 

Nepal Film Production as Fixer in Nepal

In our team, we have fixers that are experienced for more than 13 years and multilingual persons which add immediate value to your production. Add that with the experience and knowledge of local scenarios, Nepal Film Production is your best choice as fixers and production partner/ company in Nepal. 

Check out our service as a fixer in Nepal.

fixer in nepal

Our duty is to understand what your requirements are and we never fail to deliver with perfection.

We have worked on more than 131 productions in Nepal and plan to only take on projects which we believe have good potential. And once we are committed we give our full dedication to one production at a time. We strongly believe in providing the highest quality work and that’s why our production team is well-reputed for foreign production companies.

One of the advantages for any foreign moviemakers who are associated with Nepal Film Production is that we have good links and a good relationship with the Nepalese Tourism Board.

We can also help our clients apply for a minimal grant to move ahead with the match funding of the project. This is possible if the planned project meets the required standards and is in the interest of the Nepalese Tourism Board. This, however, requires a different application, which needs to be submitted at least 25 workdays in advance. 

Nepal Film Production has an excellent team of fixers and film based technicians that cater to the global demand in terms of quality for any film-related services in Nepal. We specialize in all technical, logistical and film, related knowledge with access and contact points in all the Ministries to speed up processes.

Also, don’t miss out exploring Why Nepal Film Production is a Leading and Well Known Film Production Company in Nepal.

Services of Nepal Film Production as Top Fixers in Nepal 

As a fixer in Nepal, we provide all possible services you will require in your filming/production process

Once we understand your requirements, we proceed further with how to complete them and fixing the dates. This allows us to move ahead with National filming permits and its application. 

“Our services start from the moment you decide to work with us”

— Nepal Film Production Team

Once we know what sort of project you are working on, we can help on location scouting to find the best places along with permits to shoot there. 

First of all, we process your visa and handle the immigration process, along with the customs for special equipment. 

Secondly, we can help you acquire licenses and permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication to film/produce at different locations.

Having worked in multiple productions, we are experienced in finding the right talent for any roles you require while casting.

Our crews of cinematographers, spot boy, casting agent and sound engineers are one of the most experienced in Nepal who can provide you with assistance in your project. But you can always ask us for more. Don’t forget to explore why we are a top film crew in Nepal.

We also provide any equipment for renting while in the filming or production process. 

All your travels and accommodations will be sorted by us through a network of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies

Besides these, we can also help you get proper insurance for the cast, crew, and equipment before the shooting commences, as per the local law. 

Nepal film productions make sure to manage all requirements in coordination with the production team where-ever they might be. 

“With your creative ideas and our experience as a film production company in Nepal, we believe a great final product is possible”

— Nepal Film Production Team

What Permits are Processed by Nepal Film Production?

There are numerous film permits in Nepal to acquire different kinds of projects. These are provided by different ministries and government authorities. 

We at Nepal film production specialize in taking any permits whether it be filming in durbar square or even filming in a national park from the concerned authorities without any hassle. 

We also take charge of fixing aerial permits, be it a drone, helicopters.

Explore complete information and process related to getting film licensing in Nepal.

Why Choose Nepal Film Production? 

What makes us stand apart from other fixers in Nepal is how we do our work and why we do it.

Quality work: Our work is our identity and we leave no stone unturned to achieve the best possible work. 

Experience: Being on the scene for more than 13 years and working with 131 productions, our experience is diverse and sustained. 

Multi-Faceted Talents: Our forte is our production & technical knowledge. We ensure whatever the requirements; we have it covered in consideration of fixing in Nepal, and production management even of technical knowledge and any other required filming or production-related services. 

Access to film technicians:  We are closely associated with film technicians, having international showreel and experience, and can link them  up with your project if required for filming and production 

Permits quality: With full legal knowledge and consideration of all the rules and regulations from the government of Nepal. We make sure you get all the permits required for your project

Location scouting: We help you find the best locations for filming as per the script and desire. Our location Scouters will offer you a list of locations for potential discussion to increase production and visual value for your filming project based in Nepal. Know all about location scouting in Nepal.

Location knowledge: Nepal Film Production not only provides the information or scout the location but also help research the feasibility of filming at particular locations.

Affordable rates: Our rates are justified. We are dedicated to providing the best services at an affordable cost. 

If you are looking for a fixer or production company or filming company in Nepal or filming in Nepal, look no further, Nepal Film Productions will serve you to your best needs.

We help you with your project, be it a documentary, TV Show, Commercial or a movie. 

Feel free to communicate with us by clicking the button below. We are available for you at any time for any kind of information.


  1. Do I need a fixer while filming in Nepal?

    Yes, you need a fixer or local co-ordinator to filming in Nepal. Or else, the authorities might not give you permission to shoot in Nepal.

  2. Does the fixer help me get a visa and permits for filming in Nepal?

    Yes, Fixers Like Nepal Film Production process your visa and handle the immigration process, along with the customs for special equipment. And, acquire licenses and permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication to film/produce at different locations.

  3. Whom shall I contact to hire a fixer in Nepal?

    Only a limited number of fixers in Nepal have real-time filming expertise which increases the friction in the production and filming process. Nepal Film Production, a leading film production company in Nepal working as a top fixer in Kathmandu as well as the most experienced fixer in Nepal.

  4. Does the fixer help me for my travel and accommodation while staying in Nepal?

    Not all,but NFP has a very good network of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. Even in the remote places of Nepal, they will manage your accommodation.

  5. What are the charges of Fixers in Nepal?

    It depends on your requirements. But Nepal Film Production is easy on your pocket, providing best and quality service at a very affordable rate.

  6. Does Fixer help me to find the location for filming in Nepal?

    Right before your arrival in Nepal for filming, fixer will find locations that are appropriate for you to film according to your requirement. They carry out surveys and handle processes to make sure you can film there without any hurdles.

  7. I am planning to hire extra crews for my filming, does the fixer can handle this for my project?

    If you require anyone to cast in your project from lead actors to stunt doubles, extras, Fixers will easily link them for you. At Nepal Film Production, they have a complete database of over 12500 artists from their previous work experience.