Fixer in Nepal : Everything You need to Know

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Are you planning to film in Nepal and are in need of a reliable, diligent, and dedicated fixer in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production is a recognized filming company in Nepal, with the best possible fixers at your service. Nepal Film Production is also a complete filming company in Nepal and could provide a numerous amount of additional services.

A country known for majestic mountains, fast-flowing rivers, and cultural diversity, Nepal is a country of potential and stories behind them.

There are a lot of production fixers available in Nepal

However, not all of them live up to your expectations or their claims.

Fluent communication, technical expertise, logistical expertise and full-fledged knowledge on filming conditions and requirements in filming and production is the basic requirement you need to look for while working with a fixer in Nepal. 

Challenges While Hiring Fixer in Nepal

As Nepal offers as much as an astonishing filming locations, hiring a fixer in Nepal is very challenging, due to the developing trend of filming in Nepal, there are some common scams to avoid in Nepal. Some difficulties that one might has to face:

1. Lack of Communication:

English is neither the first nor the second language of Nepal. In most cases, the fixer won’t have proper command and confidence in the English language which turns the whole interaction into a complete mess while initiating a filming project in Nepal.

Due to the lack of coordination, the project might not run as smoothly as one has expected, which will surely waste the time and budget of the client.

As a foreign filmmaker, having to trust their fixer in Nepal and also having to completely rely on them to make sure that their film/documentary project is successfully completed, making sure and working with fixers that have full knowledge and experts in their coordination and communication is very important. 

2. Filming Knowledge in Nepal:

Most fixers claim to have tons of international filming experience but can they back it up and actually fulfill your filming requirements in Nepal.

Filming in Nepal can be a tricky experience if not affiliated with the best fixers or filming company in Nepal.

Nepal Film Production has the most elite fixers on board which will not only be able to make sure your production is fully valued or executed but will make sure all tasks are completed with perfection.

3. Fixer Which Lacks in Filming Network:

Some of the inexperienced and independent fixers in Nepal do not have good networks with concerned authorities such as the (Ministry of Information & Communication, Home Ministry, Tourism Board, Defense Ministry, Aviation Board, Airports) for acquiring permissions and managing all aspects while handling international film productions.

Most fixers also lack the simplest of matters such as knowledge of acquiring permits, renting equipment, transportation services, and logistics matters, government protocols, and national rules and regulations.

While filming in Nepal there are various problems and issues which need to be managed in advance and also being in production and filming in Nepal in general. In order to manage all aspects and sort out all issues related to filming in Nepal a strong fixer must have a large network and should be well connected.

4. Cost of Service:

Most fixers in Nepal literally charge higher for small projects and charge less for bigger projects considering all aspects, there are fixers that are inconsistent when it comes to providing quality service for a set amount per day.

Filming in Nepal is complicated and random costs might arise but needs to be followed according to billing systems in order to prevent any scams. Most fixers in Nepal will always provide competitive rates but when the time comes will manage to increase your production cost one way or another.

Make sure you cross-check the quotation with other filming companies before moving ahead with a random fixer.

Nepal Film Production is very consistent in terms of providing rates for international filmmakers in Nepal. We have a set rate which doesn’t change or vary according to clientele and strongly believe in customer service. Our key target is to make sure that your production budget is kept to the bare minimum at all times while filming with Nepal Film Production in Nepal.

Top 5 Tips While Hiring Experienced Fixer in Nepal

  1. Check the Fixer’s International Portfolio: 
    There are lots of film production companies and independent film fixer service providers in Nepal. So, whenever hiring a fixer in Nepal, please ask for all the legal and necessary details and working experience in a particular field.

    Also make sure that you interview them in terms of knowledge in the filming sector considering all aspects such as location knowledge, technical knowledge, legal knowledge, rules & regulations, permit knowledge, logistical knowledge, and language expertise. Your fixer will be the eyes and ears for you in Nepal considering the pre-production phase, and at the research phase, it is crucial to know that your fixer can deliver and has full knowledge regarding your filming project in Nepal.
  2. Rules & Regulations: 
    After assessing your requirements, the fixer should immediately come up with the perfect plan of action for your filming project in Nepal.

    Not only that, but he/she should be fully equipped with relevant knowledge considering all aspects such as locations that are forbidden to film on to which permits are required for which locations. Similarly, they should know the land topography and should be expert managers for transportation services as well.

    Due to unmanaged road conditions, sometimes reaching the destinations with dozens of film crew members is challenging, and carrying bulky filming equipment is one hell of a hard job. So, it’s better to affiliate with an experienced fixer who has knowledge on all the legal parts of filming in Nepal considering (Rules & Regulations).
  3. Strong Network:
    Foreign filmmakers have to completely trust their local fixer for their filming project in Nepal in consideration of the (Pre-Production) stage. It is crucial that your fixer has a strong network in order to fulfill all your production requirements but that is solely based on how strong the fixers network is in terms of delivering fixer services to you in Nepal.

    Being connected and interlinked to relevant government officials and also having all matters sorted on production can be challenging for most under experienced fixers but if your fixer has a strong network then he/she will be very likely to solve any problem which comes in your way while filming in Nepal.

    Fixers should also have a very good network to visa offices, and relevant ministries in order to be prepared to provide services to foreign filmmakers. Likewise, he/she must have technical knowledge of filming equipment, location information logistics, hotels, flights, and local transportation according to your production requirements.
  4. References: 
    References are the key to having a successful filming production in Nepal, sounds basic but this is one of the most important factors you need to consider while filming in Nepal.

    Asking for references and conversing with the previous clientele of the fixer is very important considering being able to predict the type of service which will be provided by the fixer in Nepal.

    Nepal Film Production recommends that you ask the fixer’s reference on the overall experience of working with that particular fixer in order to know the quality of service and mostly the speed of work initiated by the fixer.

    The reason behind it is that most of the filming companies in Nepal that provide fixers, don’t actually have international filming experience in Nepal, and randomly add the client’s details, most recommendations and references aren’t legitimate.

    So, no matter how big or small, new or old the film production company is, always ask for the references. 

Who Is Nepal Film Production?

Nepal Film Production (NFP), a leading film production company in Nepal that is reputed for providing quality services for international film productions provides you with the most experienced fixers in Nepal.

Nepal Film Production has been delivering consistent and pleasing services to international filming projects for the past 10 years considering Location scouting, fixing, production management, travel & accommodation, custom clearance, airport clearance, filming permits, location permits, national park permits, casting, talent management, aerial & drone permits.

Nepal Film Production’s team will not only handle all logistics and filming preparation beforehand but will also set up all necessary interviews and will also assist and take full responsibility for pre-production before the production/filming takes place in Nepal. 

Nepal Film Production will take full responsibility for acquiring all filming permits in Nepal from relevant government bodies such as the (Ministry of Information & Communication, Home Ministry, Defense Ministry, Aviation Authority and Nepalese Tourism Board) and will also deal with all logistics and management prior to our client’s arrival.

Nepal Film Production not only has a great reputation in terms of providing an excellent filming related service in Nepal but we also take pride on how reasonable our costs are, at the end of the day it’s our biggest concern to adapt according to your productions budget and are flexible to change. Fixers that are affiliated with Nepal Film Production are extremely passionate and serious about their job and they are always up and ready to facilitate you and your filming team in the best way. 

Nepal Film Production as Fixer in Nepal

Nepal Film Production’s fixers are experienced for more than 13 years on average and multilingual experts which add immediate value to your production. Add that with the experience and knowledge of local scenarios, Nepal Film Production is your best choice to hire fixers from and collaborate with as your local production partner/company in Nepal. Also Explore Complete Info On: our services as a fixer in Nepal.

Our duty is to provide your production with the best possible fixers according to your requirements which again is categorized according to experience and knowledge of filming in Nepal, our objective is to deliver with perfection at any cost.

We have worked on more than 131 international film productions in Nepal and plan to only take on projects which we believe have good potential, and once we are committed to a project we give our full dedication to one production at a time considering me believe in quality of service.

We strongly believe in providing the highest quality of service and that’s why our production team is well-reputed amongst international production companies.

One of the major advantages for any foreign film-maker that is associated with Nepal Film Production is that we have good links and a good relationship with all the relevant ministries and government bodies which positively impact our speed of service in terms of acquiring anything your production might need.

Nepal Film Production will also help your production acquire a minimal grant for filming purposes in Nepal, but your filming project must have a certain guideline which should be fulfilled in terms of applying for a basic grant in Nepal. This can vary from anywhere between (USD 1000- USD 5000) according to match funding based opportunities. This, however, requires a different application, which needs to be submitted at least 25 working days in advance. 

Nepal Film Production has an excellent team of fixers and film based technicians that cater to the global demand in terms of quality for any film-related services in Nepal. We specialize in all technical, logistical and film, related knowledge with access and contact points in all the Ministries to speed up processes.

Overall Process to Hire A Fixer From NFP

  • You can email Nepal Film Production or contact us via our contact form displayed on the homepage.
  • Our particular team member will get back to you in a very short period of time
  • They will tell you to send all the detail information of your projects including your requirements 
  • Our professional experts will understand your requirements, plan out the location, budget, and time for it.
  • When you are good to go, he will send you that quotation which includes all the services you are getting while working through them.

Services of Nepal Film Production As a Fixer 

As a fixing company in Nepal, we provide all possible services you might need or will require in your film production considering the three stages (Pre-Production, Production & Post-Production).

Once we understand your requirements, we proceed further with how to complete them and manage all arrangements in advance. This allows us to move ahead in order to acquire the  (National Film Permit) and other relevant permits according to your production requirements. We strongly recommend you to explore everything about filming permits in Nepal.

“Our services start from the moment you decide to work with us”

— Nepal Film Production Team

Once we know what sort of project you are working on, and understand all your requirements then we start guiding you on terms of all the procedures and rules & regulations. We can also help with location scouting in Nepal to find the best locations along with acquiring permits to film at those specific places.

1. Helping in Visa Processing:

First of all, we process your visa and handle the immigration process, along with the customs clearance which is an additional permit if you wish to bring equipment from your country. 

2. Acquiring Filming License and Permits in Nepal

Secondly, we will acquire all necessary film licensing and permits from the (Ministry of Information & Communication) in order to film the locations which you desire.

3. Casting & Crew

Having worked in numerous amount of international productions in Nepal, we are experienced in finding the right talent for your filming project in Nepal considering our crew members which vary from cinematographers, filming technicians, sync sound, light team, production assistants, assistant directors, art directors and extras which are one of the most experienced film crew members in Nepal. 

4. Filming Equipment Renting Service

We also provide all kinds of film equipment for rental in Nepal, if you wish to hire any filming equipment in Nepal then do send us a quick inquiry and we will be sure to get back to you.

5. Travel and Accommodation:

All your travels and accommodations will be sorted by us through a network of hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies providing the best-discounted rates considering our affiliations.

6. Insurance Management:

Besides these, we can also help you get proper insurance for the cast, crew, and filming equipment before the shooting commences, as per the local law. 

Nepal film Productions always makes sure to manage all requirements in coordination with the production team where-ever they might be.

“With your creative ideas and our experience as a film production company in Nepal, we believe a great final product is possible”

— Nepal Film Production Team

Why Choose Nepal Film Production As Your Fixer? 

Nepal Film Production is uniquely known to stand apart from other companies that provide fixing services in Nepal which is depending on the quality of service, speed of work, strong communication, and overall filming experience and knowledge in Nepal.

Our work is our identity and we leave no stone unturned to achieve the best possible end result.

Our experience is being involved in the filming sector in Nepal for more than 13 years and working with 131 international film productions, our experience is diverse and sustained. 

Our forte is our production & technical knowledge. We ensure whatever the requirements are; we have it covered in consideration of fixing in Nepal, and production management, even of technical knowledge and any other required filming or production-related services. 

We are closely associated with film technicians, which have international show-reel and experience, and can link them up with your filming project in Nepal if required for your filming project.

With full legal knowledge and consideration of all the rules and regulations from the government of Nepal. We make sure you acquire all necessary permits required for your filming project in Nepal before your arrival.

We help you find the best locations for filming projects as per the provided script. Our location scouters will offer you a list of locations for potential discussion to increase the quality for your production and visual value for your filming project based in Nepal.

Nepal Film Production not only provides the information or scout the location but also assists in all aspects of research considering the feasibility of filming at particular locations.

Our rates are justified. We are dedicated to providing the best services at an affordable cost. If you are looking for a fixer or filming or production company in Nepal, look no further, Nepal Film Productions will serve you to your best needs.

We help you with your project, be it a documentary, TV Show, Travel Show, Commercial or a movie.

Feel free to communicate with us by clicking the button below. We are available for you at any time and feel free to mail us and ask us anything you wish to know.

 FAQ – Fixer in Nepal

1. Do I need a fixer while filming in Nepal?

Yes, you need a fixer or local co-ordinator to filming in Nepal. Or else, the authorities might not give you permission to shoot in Nepal.

2. Does the fixer help me get a visa and permits for filming in Nepal?

Yes, production Fixer Like Nepal Film Production process your visa and handle the immigration process, along with the customs for special equipment. And, acquire licenses and permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication to film/produce at different locations.

3. Whom shall I contact to hire a fixer in Nepal?

Only a limited number of fixers in Nepal have real-time filming expertise which increases the friction in the production and filming process. Nepal Film Production, a leading film production company in Nepal working as a top fixer in Kathmandu as well as the most experienced fixer in Nepal.

4. Does the fixer help me with my travel and accommodation while staying in Nepal?

Not all, but NFP has a very good network of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies. Even in the remote places of Nepal, they will manage your accommodation.

5. What are the charges of Fixers in Nepal?

It depends on your requirements. But Nepal Film Production is easy on your pocket, providing best and quality service at a very affordable rate.

6. Does Fixer help me to find the location for filming in Nepal?

Right before your arrival in Nepal for filming, the fixer will find locations that are appropriate for you to film according to your requirements. They carry out surveys and handle processes to make sure you can film there without any hurdles.

7. I am planning to hire extra crews for my filming, does the fixer can handle this for my project?

If you require anyone to cast in your project from lead actors to stunt doubles, and extras, Fixers will easily link them for you. At Nepal Film Production, they have a complete database of over 12500 artists from their previous work experience.

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