Nepal Film Production is a government-registered Nepal’s largest filming company. We have more than 35 team members with a cumulative work experience of more than 150 years. We have assisted with a wide variety of international films, commercials, documentaries, travel-based projects, and more in similar guidelines.

Nepal Film Production’s team specializes in all aspects in the filming sector varying from acquiring “Filming Permits, Aerial Permits, Custom Clearance Permits, Heritage Permits and ACAP Permits” but in terms of providing additional quality services, we specialize in “Fixing, Line Production, Technical Support, Travel Logistics, Casting, Extras, Supplying Equipment, Accommodation, Transportation and various similar requirements according to our client’s needs. Our team consists of the most proficient individuals that are the best “Fixers, Line-Producers, Production Managers, Journalists, Research Specialists, Cinematographers, Actors & Actresses, Sound Technicians, Drone Operators and Film-Makers in Nepal.

We don’t just work to the highest standard in terms of providing “Pre-Production” services with research and inputs using contacts and many other complicated strategies, but Nepal Film Production and its team provide the best possible outcome for your “Production” phase considering years of combined experience among our team and contribution to the international film-making society in terms of providing excellent production services.

Nepal Film Production provides free consultation for your filming project in Nepal.

We, as a team, understand the internal problems that a production company may have while filming in Nepal and we make sure that we take all matters into considerations including “Finances, Productivity and Quality Assurance” and always come up with the best possible solution in regards to our customers.

We have a large range of high-quality filming equipment and gears that are available for your filming projects in Nepal ranging from “High-End & Mid Ranged Cameras, Sound Recording Gear, Lighting & Grip Equipment’s” obtainable upon inquiry. In case of unavailability of your requested equipment, we will go the extra mile to get it at any cost. We offer the most recent technology according to its requirements on a global scale and with the high functioning team and expertise in the filming sector in Nepal, Nepal Film Production has always maintained an international reputation for being the most trustworthy “Filming Company in Nepal” and will always maintain and grow in terms of creating a global stature.

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