Fixer in Nepal

Nepal Film Production has an excellent team of Local Producers & Fixer in Nepal that are highly experienced and have over 80 years of combined experience in the filming sector in Nepal. Our fixers have provided services to over “130 International Productions” and collaborated with clients from all around the world mostly from “United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China, Canada, Belgium”.

Nepal Film Production takes pride in the experience that our “Fixers & Local Producers” have accomplished which ranges from coordination for all necessary filming permits ranging from “National Filming Permits, Aerial Permits, TIMS Permit, ACAP Permits, Heritage Special Permits, Location Permits, National Park Permits and Custom Clearance Permits”.

Nepal Film Production has the best fixer in Nepal, and we guarantee it considering our experience and level of filming and production knowledge. We also have a large database of reliable in-house technicians including “Directors, Line Producers, Sound Engineers, Light Technicians, Production Assistants, Cinematographers, Casting Agents, Art Directors”.

Why should you hire Fixers in Nepal from Nepal Film Production?

  1. Experience with International Filming Projects
  2. Knowledge in (Pre-Production) including research and profile research.
  3. Quick on feet and hard-working, being result-oriented.
  4. Experts in acquiring Filming Permits of all types according to your requirements
  5. Multi-lingual
  6. Reasonable Fixing Fees
  7. Years of Experience in the filming sector in Nepal
  8. Location Knowledge and expert legal advisors

Services as Fixer

  1. Acquiring (National Film Permits) in coordination with “Ministry of Information & Communication”
  2. Coordination with Liaison Officer from “Ministry of Information & Communication”
  3. Acquiring (Aerial Permits, National Park Permits, Heritage Permits, ACAP Permits, TIMS Permits and Location Permits) if and when necessary.
  4. Profile Research & Pre-Production Services (Including research)
  5. Hiring relevant (Filming Crew & Technicians)
  6. Custom Clearance Permits and Client & Equipment pick up from airport.
  7. Production Planning with Clients.
  8. Travel & Accommodation Management
  9. Coordination with (Filming Crew)
  10. Insurance Management

FAQ'S on Hire Fixer in Nepal

A Fixer is very crucial for your film production in Nepal in order to acquire all relevant “Filming Permits”, “Pre-Production Services” and experiencing smooth “Production” in Nepal, especially considering all the problems and coordination with the “Ministry of Information & Communication” & “Liaison Officer”. If a “Fixer” isn’t appointed, then acquiring a “Filming Permit” isn’t possible in Nepal.

A Fixer will handle and coordinate with all your “Accommodation” requirements as a part of his/her job. The Fixer will also assist you in all matters of “Travel Logistics” once you have stepped foot in Nepal.

While hiring a Fixer in Nepal, you must make sure that the Fixer has experience working with (International Production & Filming Projects). Contacting (Nepal Film Production) and sending an inquiry and contacting us would be the best option in terms of checking qualifications and experience of the designated Fixer. Nepal Film Production would be glad to help any (Film-Maker) that wishes to come to Nepal.

Fixers are excellent with communication and speaking multiple languages, most importantly your Fixer should be fluent in “English & Nepali” and without these traits you might risk your filming projects safety. A Fixer should have great relationship with the necessary “Ministries” and should be quick on his/her feet.

A Fixer will be completely responsible and will have to guarantee that the filming permits are acquired, Fixers that film without permits are functioning illegally. A Fixer will not only obtain “National Filming Permit” but will also acquire “Custom Clearance Permit” and will coordinate with the “Liaison Officer” and will guide you completely in terms of (VISA Processes) for Nepal.

A Fixer’s job consists of handling the overall production and a Fixer will direct you or recommend experienced filming crews and technicians if required. It is very important to ask your Fixer for advice.

Fixing Fees vary in Nepal according to experience, if the Fixer has (International Experience) then he/she would charge anywhere from ($150-$250) per day. This again depends on your production requirements.

A Fixer is responsible for location scouting for your production, and a professional Fixer will generally charge his (Half Day Fee) for (Pre-Production Services).

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