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We provide the best Film Fixer for film production

  • Hire a highly experienced filming crew and technicians
  • Easily acquire all necessary film permits in Nepal for your filming project in Nepal in coordination with the relevant Ministries
  • Easily pass your filming equipment through Custom Clearance at the airport 
  • Have a pleasant experience while filming in Nepal
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Local Producer

Local producers are in charge of overseeing and directing a project’s development in a particular area. Our experienced team members can take on tasks such as hiring crew members, coordinating schedules, securing locations, and more.

Permit acquisition

We assist you on acquiring  legal permission and authorization that required to film and produce a project in a specific time and location. For example: government agencies, permission from private property owners.

Production Management

 Our experienced team guides you in all kinds of overseeing and coordinating production processes. Similarly, they also manage the time and budget for the project. For example, hiring and supervising crew members, coordinating, and others

Live production

Live production is the process of creating and showing a project that happens in real time. For example, concerts, news programs, and other events Our team also handles this kind of live production amazingly and has created remarkable records on it.

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What makes us different?

Fixer in Nepal that assists with everything you need in Film Production

Nepal Film Production guarantees to provide the best filming fixer in Nepal as our production crew has years of international experience in the filming sector in Nepal. It also provides highly experienced film fixers who arrange interviews, location permits, transport, accommodation, and location scouting.


Post Production & Animation

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