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Proper guidance and easy Acquisition of all the needed Filming Permits

Nepal Film Production provides you with proper guidance and support to easily acquire the National filming permits. Moreover, it also helps to obtain special permits such as aerial permits, heritage area permits, national parks filming permits, and high altitude permits as needed.

Ministry of Information and Communication

We coordinate with government departments to make sure that all filming permits and audio-visual productions in Nepal are obtained.

Home Ministry

Our team obtains the permit from the Home Ministry on behalf of our client because the government is critical in providing security clearance, controlling traffic while filming in public areas, and issuing permits for restricted areas.

Defense Ministry

The Defense Ministry is in charge of developing and implementing defense policies and strategies, and we can assist you in gathering all of the documents required to obtain permission from the Defense Ministry.

Civil Aviation Authority

Enforce strict safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety and security of air travel in Nepal. Nepal Film Production assists you in obtaining the permit quickly and easily.

Nepal Film Development Board

The Nepal Film Development Board is in charge of developing the Nepali film industry and promoting Nepali filming locations to production crews. Here, our team works with proper coordination so that our filming work doesn’t violate any rules of the Nepal Film Development Board.

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