Filming Permits

Nepal Film Production will be responsible for acquiring all relevant film permits in Nepal for your filming project in Nepal in coordination with the relevant Ministries.

There are various types of Filming Permits while filming in Nepal. If you wish to film in Nepal, it is necessary for you to acquire the “National Filming Permit” which is your general permission to film on non-private or non-special locations. The Ministry of Information & Communication will also appoint a “Liaison Officer” who will act as a supervisor on behalf of the “Ministry of Information & Communication” supervising all your approved locations while applying for a filming permit in Nepal.

If you are bringing your own equipment from your country, then a “Custom Clearance Permit” is also necessary to bring your equipment into Nepal. This is done in coordination with the “Nepalese Film Development Board” where your filming company will be liable to make sure the equipment is sent back from where it came from to prevent any (Tax Issues).

If you require an (Aerial Permit), you would have to coordinate with three additional ministries being the following listed below and each ministry appoints a “Liaison Officer” on their behalf:

  1. Home Ministry
  2. Defense Ministry
  3. Aviation Body

(Aerial Permits) are more complicated than the average and normal filming permit, the reason it’s a sensitive matter in Nepal due to past negative experiences which careless production companies have done and have been banned from. But depending on location and the purpose of “Aerial Filming” in Nepal, the ministry allows and gives permission upon coordination.

If you wish to film on a higher altitude then two additional permits are required, (ACAP Permit) also known as (Annapurna Conversation Area Permit) and (TIMS Permit) also known as (Tourist Information Management System). These are special permits for filming in higher locations according to your production’s necessities.

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Filming Permits FAQ

In Nepal filming permits are extremely necessary and in fact, film production draws a lot of attention from the government and local police and there are strict procedures for checking any production with any filming equipment & crew in local areas. Nepal Film Production can guide you in terms of acquiring your filming permits.

While applying for a filming permit, you would have to submit your script, passports of filming crew, letter of appointment for your production partner, production budget, equipment list, itinerary, filming locations and arrival/finish dates.

Generally, it will take roughly 15 working days, but Nepal Film Production can acquire “National Filming Permits” within 5 working days on average due to our credibility and working portfolio.

Yes, a liaison officer is in-charge of making sure that no illegal footage is filmed, and the liaison officer will be responsible for dealing with any local authorities is disturbed.

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