Who We Are

Many people admire the beauty of  Nepal with its snow covered peaks, lush green jungles, and beautiful floras and faunas along with  mystical culture, ancient traditions and the humble nature of people. Because of this, many artists all around the world, have made Nepal their muse and brought out their classics. And filmmakers aren’t any exception; for they get to enjoy the country’s beautiful landscapes and cultural diversity for their projects. Helping these filmmakers, whether in navigating the regulations or managing the logistics, is what Nepal Film Production is all about.

More than just a filming company, Nepal Film Production, after coming together in 2014, is a union of passionate professionals providing one stop solution in Nepal. The company has been catering all around the world, with a large network and clients, ranging from News Channels to Foreign TV Commercials. We have worked towards providing the full production service to the clients who come to Nepal wanting to promote locations that have never been filmed on before. Our company provides services in a cost effective method using globally implemented strategies that will surely make the journey an easy one.

We are also a huge fan of sharing experiences. Having worked in the filming sector since the last 11 years, the company provides services for the foreign based filmmakers. Knowing what our clients need and understanding the working patterns have given us the confidence to work in Nepal, with an excellent knowledge base and a large team. Thus, we invite international filmmakers to come to Nepal, and film and work with us. Being a reliable filming company, we can definitely promise them the best experience ever as we run only one project at a time.

Why Us

Most of the production company work with travel based companies, yet failing to understand the government’s rules and regulation when it comes to acquiring permits and other procedures. Permits are very crucial and strict while working in Nepal. Since Nepal Film Productions’ vision is the safety of the clients, our main focus have been getting the proper permits and following the rules ensuring a smooth run for the client.
One of our major strengths is having many years of experiences as individual professionals and as a team. From location scouting to direction, our expertise spread in technical, fixing, line producing, creative and logistics aspects of filmmaking. We have a full team with over a decade of experiences in working with film/documentaries/commercials productions, with a great understanding of locations, services, equipment, and technicalities. Our team operates in a large scale but we are also open to provide specific services required by the clients. We are here to support any filming activity based in Nepal in any way we, as a team, can help with.

Although Nepal doesn’t offer any subsidy through government for filming projects, one of the main perks of working with us is being able to complete the project in a cost effective way. We work towards making it easier for you, providing you the services in the cost price and matching any quotation you provide us with as long as it’s feasible.