Film Equipment Rental

We have a large database of filming equipment in Nepal, which can be easily hired upon your inquiry and listing specific requirements. We recommend that your major cameras are brought from your country but supporting equipment and kits can be provided solely by Nepal Film Production.

Our technical director has over 30 years of experience dealing with up-to date filming equipment, kits and gears and we can match any rates according to your requirements. Renting filming equipment in Nepal is a very easy procedure but there can be complications in terms of performance and quality as for domestic equipment rentals do not maintain their equipment which won’t be suitable for international film productions.

Filming equipment in general have a very large impact of the project, because the quality of the major equipment and supporting kits can make a big difference between an excellent shot and average shot.

Nepal Film Production will provide assistance to your production and guarantee the safety of your film production by providing the latest and high-tech equipment which will not only increase the quality of your production but most importantly guarantee the success of your production considering the technical part of production.

Why is NFP the Best Solution for Film Equipment Rental in Nepal:

  1. Cost Efficient: Do you wish to hire advanced filming equipment which might be a little on the higher side of your rental budget. Nepal Film Production provides reasonable rates which will be financially efficient.
  2. Advance Booking System: Filming equipment are often booked before arrival, but might lack quality assurance of the equipment being supplied to you, therefore Nepal Film Production’s team evaluates and tests the equipment prior to your arrival. If not, we promise to go the extra mile to provide what you’ll need. We would like you to inquire about the kinds of kit that you are checking out and we can offer a 10-30% discount counting on the quantity of kit for renting purposes.
  3. Latest and High-Quality Equipment: We don’t want to compromise on our services, i.e. our clients should not suffer the consequence of renting low quality filming equipment. From high definition cameras, lenses to other supporting equipment like Audio, camera grip, lights, we have full stock of all the newest equipment. In addition, we have access to thousands of equipment varying from cameras to varied details. You name it, we got it all.
  4. No Maintenance Cost: Yes, you heard it right. Putting money on expensive production equipment obviously means costly maintenance expenses. Truly saying, it can really cost a lot. But Nepal Film Production won’t allow you to roll in the hay. We don’t want you to take a position in something that you simply won’t hold forever, rather than spending your capital on necessary expenses, we would like you to take a position the cash for better equipment according to your wishes.
  5. Equipment in your Doorstep: Regardless of where you are, just call or message Nepal Film Production and we are going to deliver the equipment right to your doorstep. For further flexibility, delivering filming equipment to your filming location with advance notice, we cover deliveries all over Nepal.

Film Equipment Rental's FAQ

Contact your film production company, send the list of required equipment and have the rates provided to you for your filming project in Nepal.

The filming equipment renting charges depend upon the volume and the types of equipment that you have demanded for. Nepal Film Production can give you a 10%-30% discount depending on the quantity of equipment renting in their advance booking facility.

Hiring filming equipment in Nepal can make it easier for you to guarantee easier travel and furthermore it would be the production company’s responsibility for equipment safety.

You can rent the latest filming equipment in Nepal and most equipment are available in Nepal. Nepal Film Production has the latest equipment’s available for rent.

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