6 Reasons to Choose Nepal Film production as your Fixer in Nepal.

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  • Jul 10, 2022

1. We have the most experienced Fixers in Nepal

Working with inexperienced Fixers can create multiple problems for yourself. Working with the fixer in Nepal that has international production experience is very necessary for the safety of your production.

Nepal Film Production consists of crew members and fixers, especially that have experience for more than 14 years and on-field. We have worked with over a hundred and 35 international productions, renowned filmmakers, and TV productions from all over the world.

Nepal film productions have the most professional team members that could help you run your filming project, documentary, television commercial, or even a travel blog with all the necessary permits, experienced fixers, travel logistics for a very reasonable price, and over the experienced crew with the most reasonable rates.

2. Communication and Language

While filming in Nepal it’s very important to have a filming crew or production team that knows how to communicate with you in terms of guaranteeing a safe shoot in Nepal.  This means that you have to hire experienced crew members or fixers that would be able to communicate with you according to your preferred language.

Things can get a little bit crazy if communication is done improperly while filming a project in Nepal.

Nepal film productions team has fixers that are fluent according to your chosen language.

3. Knowledge Regarding the Legal Aspects of Filming

Nepal film production team is very confident in terms of acquiring permits in very limited time and we work very fast. But acquiring permits is not enough, you need to have an experienced crew member or especially an experienced fixer that knows how to get everything done and which locations to film and the rules and regulations of a particular place. 

NFP team has full knowledge of all the legal aspects of filming in Nepal in coronation with the ministry of information and communication, defense Ministry, Home ministry, and Aviation body. 

It’s very important to have knowledge about your film project or your locations as well because if you don’t have the correct information it could lead to a lot of trouble or you have your equipment or your film confiscated or reported.  That’s why experience matters and goes very far away, our production company can guarantee the safety of your production beforehand and we are ready to back it up.

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4. Reasonable Production Costs

We guarantee the financial safety of our clients and we do not overcharge, we would be more than happy to match any offer that comes our way.

We give the most experienced crewmembers and fixers for a very reasonable day charge alongside all travel and logistics.

We work fast and guarantee that there are no added days and that the work is done and completed at the earliest. 

Our fixer and team will always guarantee the negotiations on your behalf, and we see ourselves as a team in order to be the most cost-effective as we could.

This is one of the major reasons why you should work with Nepal from a production stop.

5. We Work Around the Clock for 24 Hours

We understand that filming needs a lot of time and energy in general and also commitment. So our team is very flexible in terms of timing and we will be there for you whenever necessary.

We have been very understanding and responsible team fixers that will do whatever it takes to get the job done with perfection.

We understand that you might need to take those early-morning shots for your introduction and ending shots as well on an emergency basis and much more, but we are committed enough to make sure that that all happens for the betterment of your filming project in Nepal.

6. Understanding of Research and Profile Gathering ( Journalism)

While filming in Nepal with a Nepal film production we make sure that audio location scouting, profile research, and the story research alongside your requirements and needs will be fulfilled to the fullest with perfection.

We guarantee as a team having the best fixers that everything is prepared in advance for the smooth running of your film production.

The Boston production has access to a large database which allows us to access almost every location and profile in Nepal, but not only that we can manage to accomplish much more if we have prior notice and details regarding the shoot which can be done by our accomplished research team and also our media contacts in order to get what you want for your film production in Nepal.

It is very important to have an experienced team that can gather content or information according to your film productions’ requirements.  Nepal film production can guarantee anything but you’re required in terms of gathering content and overall research.

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