From Temples to Mountains: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Filming Locations in Nepal

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  • Apr 3, 2023

Filming locations in Nepal

Nepal is a small South Asian country with stunning natural beauty. Nepal is a filming paradise, with its majestic Himalayan peaks and lush green valleys that surround the lakes.

Nepal has a diverse range of stunning locations, including Mount Everest, historical places, and Chitwan National Park. This makes it a perfect destination for filmmakers of any genre. Filmmakers can use Nepal’s unique cultural heritage and architecture to add authenticity and depth to their films, allowing them to convey captivating stories. Nepal has so many culturally rich and visually stunning things to offer.

Here, we’ll guide you in finding the perfect filming locations in Nepal.

Filming in Nepal

Have you been to Nepal before or are you considering it as a location for your film project?

Nepal is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage and the potential for great filmmaking. Many filmmakers have long desired in finding the perfect filming locations in Nepal. Thanks to its diverse wildlife population and rich culture, Nepal has become increasingly popular with international filmmakers. In Nepal, production teams have access to a variety of visual and storytelling resources for their various projects such as documentaries or feature films.

Filming in Nepal can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. The country has stunning mountain landscapes, ancient temples, and bustling cities so, location scouting is essential to finding the perfect spot for your vision. 

Here’s a guide that gives you an insider’s view of location scouting in Nepal!

Factors to Consider when Finding Filming Locations in Nepal

If you’re planning to film a movie in Nepal, it’s important to choose the perfect filming locations in Nepal. After all, how the location looks and feels on-screen has a major influence on its success. Finding the perfect filming locations in Nepal for your film project can be challenging at times. Well, here are some essential considerations when scouting locations in Nepal:

Visual Appeal:

A location’s visual appeal can make or break a cinematic setting, complementing both story and the characters. When selecting filming locations, it’s essential to take into account factors like architecture, landscape, and lighting. For instance, horror movie directors might look for an abandoned building with dark and eerie vibes; romantic comedies may prefer lovely settings with vibrant colors and scenery.

What visual appeal would you seek when searching for filming locations in Nepal?


When scouting locations for filming in Nepal, it’s essential to consider its accessibility for cast and crew members. When researching locations, take into account distance from the production base, parking availability, and any potential transportation issues. Furthermore, make sure basic necessities like electricity, water, and restrooms are present.

Have you ever visited a movie set? How was the accessibility?


When selecting filming locations in Nepal, it is important to consider the costs involved and any fees or permits required. In addition, you should also plan for transportation, lodging, and equipment expenses.

Have you ever had to work within a tight budget for a film project? How did you prioritize your expenses?


Safety should always be the top priority when selecting a filming location for a film project. When scouting for locations in Nepal, it’s crucial to recognize and address any potential risks or hazards to ensure a safe filming environment. To ensure safety, production teams can take a variety of measures, including securing the area and employing a safety officer. 

Have you ever worked on a project where safety was an important concern? How did you address those worries?


Location is key when it comes to a sound recording – sound can make or break a film. When scouting filming locations in Nepal, be sure to take into account background noise levels and any potential disruptions, like traffic or construction projects.

Have you ever been on a set where sound quality was an issue? How did you address those concerns?


Securing permission to film at a location is an essential step in the scouting process. It’s essential to identify any necessary filming permits in Nepal and secure them before the shooting begins. In Nepal, permits may include clearance from local governments, property owners, or law enforcement officers.

Have you ever encountered permitting difficulties on a film project? How were those resolved?


When searching for filming locations in Nepal, the logistics of a location should be taken into account. This includes things like transportation, parking, and equipment setup. Furthermore, when selecting locations it’s essential that the crew and cast find it easy to move around and work efficiently.

Have you ever been on a set where logistics were an issue? How did you resolve them?

By considering these aspects during location scouting, filmmakers can find the perfect locations for their film projects.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Filming Locations in Nepal

Nepal can be a difficult place to plan a film project, but with careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect filming location in Nepal.

Here are some tips to help you locate the perfect filming locations in Nepal:

Research Potential Locations:

Start by researching potential filming locations in Nepal. Consider factors such as the location’s suitability for the project, accessibility, permits required, and safety concerns. Use online resources such as tourism websites, social media, and location scouting to get a better idea of what the location looks like.

Hire a Location Scout:

Consider hiring a location scout who can assist in finding the ideal filming locations in Nepal. They possess the expertise and know-how to identify unique, undiscovered areas that you might not have noticed otherwise. Moreover, they assist with obtaining filming permits as well as understanding local laws and customs.

Visit Potential Filming Locations in Person:

Once you identify potential filming locations in Nepal, visit them personally to take note of lighting, sound, and other elements. his will help you to better understand local culture and connect with the Nepalese people. Be sure to visit the locations at different times of the day to get a more accurate sense of how light changes.

Evaluate Locations:

After visiting potential filming locations in Nepal, evaluate them according to your film project needs. Take into account factors like aesthetic appeal, accessibility, and safety concerns when making your choice. Choose the location that best meets your film project’s needs. Consider any potential obstacles or hazards that could affect production and plan accordingly.

Obtain Filming Permits:

If you require permits for filming in your chosen location, get them as quickly as possible. Failure to secure permits could lead to legal problems and delays during production. This process can be assisted by your location scout who will ensure all necessary permissions are obtained.

Prepare for Filming:

Once you’ve selected your filming locations in Nepal, begin prepping by scouting the area for potential hazards or obstacles. Make sure all necessary equipment and personnel are present so the shoot can be completed safely and efficiently. Working with local professionals and crew will also help guarantee a successful shoot.

By following these tips, you can locate the perfect filming locations in Nepal and make your project a success. Whether you’re shooting a documentary, music video, or feature film, Nepal offers a wealth of stunning locations to choose from. So get out there, explore, and find the perfect location for your film project! 

Are you planning to shoot a film in Nepal and looking for the ideal shooting locations? Look no further than our blog on the top 8 filming locations in Nepal for further inspiration!


  1. What are the most common filming locations in Nepal?

Nepal is a country with many beautiful filming locations. The most popular filming locations in Nepal are:

• Kathmandu

• Pokhara

• Everest Base Camp

• Chitwan National Park

• Mustang

• Bhaktapur

• Lumbini

2. Why is Everest the best filming location in Nepal?

    Everest is the best filming location in Nepal due to its position as the highest mountain in the world, and its varied landscape including lush forests, rocky terrain, and icy glaciers. Because they have unique perspectives and cultural richness, the Sherpa community can be a valuable asset for any film project. Filming at such high altitudes can be a challenging and dangerous experience, but it can also add excitement and adventure to any project.

    3. List of top 5 filming locations in Nepal.

      The top 5 filming locations in Nepal are:

      • Everest Region
      • Annapurna Region
      • Kathmandu Valley
      • Pokhara
      • Chitwan National Park

      4. Which company provides the best service for location scouting in Nepal?

        Nepal Film Production is a well-established production company in Nepal that can help you find the perfect filming locations in Nepal. Our experienced team can help you with all your filming needs.

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