Best 5 Tips While Hiring Filming Crew in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Are you planning to shoot a film in Nepal? Then you are in the right place. With the help of our different informative articles, you can have all the ideas before you filming production in Nepal.

Also, we recommend you explore the detailed information on the film crew in Nepal for in-depth analysis.

  • Filming Crew with experience go a long way

In general, Filming companies can provide technicians varying from “Cinematographers, Sound Team, Lights and overall Production Management, but the trick question is to make sure that the filming
the crew you wish to work with would have to have experience in terms of language and technical knowledge which will generally increase the quality of your production or filming project in one way or another.

Making sure that you properly acquire relevant information about your potential “Filming Crew” will add immense value to your project considering your experience whilst filming in Nepal.

  • Filming crew should have knowledge in the most updated equipment’s “Technical Interview”

Filming crew in Nepal vary from multiple ranges in general, considering the level of knowledge in technical equipment or even logistics in general.

Make sure your logistical team actually have full knowledge on “Location Information”, “Logistics”, and “Punctuality” which is a major issue and also
majorly focusing on “Filming Permits” considering legal impacts and potential risks.

If it’s a matter of hiring “Filming Technicians” then Nepal Film Production would recommend that you run a short online interview and ask them details and recommendations to equipment and general questions so that it is proved that they have understanding. The reason being is that there
are a lot of “Film Technicians” but generally lack knowledge on multiple technical matters which would conclude in not finishing or performing as promised at the time of hiring.

  • The language “English”

Generally, for Nepalese people English isn’t their first language so considering how important communication, in general, is while filming a documentary, TVC or feature film, it is super important and brutal that communication should be clear.

Make sure you speak to all the major filming crew members and especially persons revolved around logistics in general.

By making sure that they are confident in English as a language in general, your production would be more or less assured in one way or another. How would you initiate such matters in a non-awkward way without being rude?

You could either ask your production partner/company to make sure that all persons can speak well enough to coordinate or you could have a group meeting on “Skype”, “WhatsApp”, “Viber” or any other chosen social medium which would let you speak in in groups.

  • Contact their “References” which is listed on their CV

As basic as it might sound it would be very necessary for you to contact your filming crews “Reference” and also ask about him/her and their filming experience in general in terms of filming and ask a couple of questions.

The reason being is that most people in Nepal would generally add-on a random contact detail of a person and make sure they speak well about the person who can potentially get hired for your production, but at the same time, it is crucial for you to understand which professional perspective
considering “Filming in Nepal” and asking work-related questions in general.

Nepal Film Production would definitely recommend this process as it will prove how genuine your production/filming team would be on the field whilst filming your project in Nepal.

  • Look for IMDB listing

Filming crews have worked on multiple projects but varying from domestic to international projects.

But considering how over-all the Nepalese filming industry isn’t at its peak in terms of creating high-quality content, but generally, if you are to consider a filming crew does focus on their international portfolio and international projects they have been affiliated with.

By doing this you would have had accomplished assurance in terms of having quality Filming Crew members in general. This step is highly recommended by our production house Nepal Film Production.

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