Challenges of Making Movies in Nepal: A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles

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  • Apr 3, 2023

Challenges of Making movies in Nepal

Making Movies in Nepal can be challenging, fun, and at times, an exhausting adventure. It requires the assistance of many people with different skills and talents. When we watch a movie in theaters, we are unaware of how the movie came into action. These actions involve various involvement of people behind the scene from pre production to production to post production.

You need to heavily face a set of challenges and obstacles  during the movie making process in Nepal. Being prepared to overcome a variety of challenges is necessary for movie makers working in Nepal.

5 stages of Making Movies in Nepal

Do you ever question why some movies require years of shooting before they release in theaters? Then this article answers the  different stages of the movie making process.

1. Development 

The initial stages of filmmaking where concepts and ideas are being developed from developing the story concept to planning the project’s financial details. The story ideas are in the process of development focusing on attracting the viewers and helping the movie to reach out to a competitive audience.

2. Pre-production

In this stage, planning for a movie shoot begins which involves completing the shooting scripts, location scouting, and calculating the production budget, shooting schedule as well as the equipment required in the film set.

3. Production

The production stage where filming begins which makes sure everything is on track? From Script consistency to costume departments to camera and sound operation are working fine.During this process, final footage for the movie is ready for distribution.

4. Post-production

In this stage,  Post-production includes music creation, special effects, and editing the raw footage. The team uses visual effects, music, and sound design to polish the raw footage into a final product. These components come together to form the multisensory experience we refer to as a movie.

5. Distribution

The final stage of movie making in which movies are being finalized for screening includes promoting movies, finding a market to stream movies. In the Distribution stage, finding a distributor is also a crucial task to carry out.

Challenges of Making Movies In Nepal

Your work isn’t always under budget, on time, or easy!  A filmmaker still encounters challenges when shooting movies. Here, you can get the Complete Information on Challenges of Making Movies In Nepal.

1. Language barriers

Nepal is a multilingual country but few people speak English. An International film maker may suffer from language barrier while staying in Nepal. An International Film Maker may need to hire a guide or translator to communicate his/her mother tongue language.

2. Cultural differences

Nepal is a multicultural, multiethnic country which has unique culture, values and traditions. International filmmakers need to consider the cultural differences while making movies in Nepal. It is important to create a strong relationship between locals and their culture to live, visit, work and invest in.

3. Acquiring Permits

Multiple sorts of filming permits are available in Nepal. If you want to shoot in national parks or public spaces, you must get a “Nepal Filming Permit,” among other licenses. 

The Home Ministry, Defense Ministry, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, and Ministry of Tourism in Nepal are the places where you can obtain these permits.

4. Budget constraints 

Making movies in Nepal can be expensive, and keeping up with budget can be a more of a challenge. Filmmakers may need to bring in their own funding, equipment, and crew  which can be a challenge.

5. Infrastructure

Nepal lacks the infrastructure and equipment needed to support a film industry which makes film making difficult. Nepal lacks proper access to hilly areas due to its unmanaged roads and  poor Infrastructure facilities. 

6. Technical issues

Filmmakers must have knowledge in the use of cameras, lighting, sound, and editing software. Nepal Technical lines are not as strong as they should be due to which these challenges may extend production times or degrade the quality images of a shot.

7. Creative differences

Conflicts over making decisions can emerge while making a movie. Delays, budget overruns, and other issues may result from behavior conflict in a set.

8. Weather conditions

Weather in Nepal can be unpredictable due to the country’s diverse climate condition. Filmmakers must prepare for unexpected weather changes and climate change. They  should schedule their shoot according to the location of the shoot.

9. Security concerns

Nepal has political instability so, there are security concerns in some areas of the country. Politics in Nepal have become incredibly unpredictable. Governmental changes have a variety of impacts . International filmmakers need to take precautions to ensure the safety of their crew and equipment.

Despite these challenges, the movie making industry has persisted in expanding and flourishing. Filmmakers are able to create a range of excellent movies that are cherish by fans both locally and internationally. filmmakers who are preparing to accept the difficulties. They can produce compelling movies that capture the beauty and variety of Nepal.

To Overcome Challenges of Making Movies in Nepal

Making Movies in Nepal can be challenging due to various factors such as  language barriers, cultural differences, and the mountainous terrain. If you are planning to make a movie in Nepal , You should come up with proper planning, study, and preparation to overcome these challenges. Here are some strategies to overcome the challenges of Movie making in Nepal.

1. Hire Local Fixers

Hire local guides who are familiar with the region’s geography, language, and culture. They can assist you in obtaining permits, finding suitable locations . While filming in Nepal, navigating bureaucratic procedures, and negotiating with local officials.

2. Get Necessary Permits

Making Movies in Nepal needs getting permits. Before beginning the shoot, it is important to do some homework and secure the required permits. For filming in Nepal, filmmakers should get a permit  from the Ministry of Information and Communications.

3. Extreme Weather

Since Nepal has extreme weather conditions. Film Makers must prepare accordingly. It is better to pack weather- and terrain-appropriate clothing, gear, supplies and equipment.

4. Respect Local Culture 

Nepal has a strong belief in their culture and its diversity. While filming movies, Everyone must respect the local customs and traditions. And tell them to seek permission from the local authorities and the community before filming in a certain location.

5. Hire Experienced Crew

While making movies in Nepal it is advisable to hire an experienced and skilled crew member for a shoot in a location eg. mountainous terrain who have experience working in that region.

6. Plan Logistics Carefully

Film makers should be careful while planning infrastructure. It is because of the challenging hills and the lack of infrastructure. Must that you correctly plan the arrangements and make early reservations for travel, lodging, and meals.

7. Be Flexible

Making Movies in Nepal can be unpredictable.  It is necessary to be flexible and adapt to any environment so that there won’t be any difficulty while filming. It is wise to prepare for delay or interruptions by setting emergency preparations in place.

With proper planning, preparation, and a positive attitude.The Challenges of Making movies in Nepal can be overcome, and the rewards can be significant. 


1. How much does it cost to make a movie in Nepal?

In comparison to many other countries, Nepal is recognized for its comparatively low production costs, which might make it a popular location for filmmakers who are on a budget.

2. Where is the best place to study filmmaking in Nepal?

Some of the best places for filmmaking in Nepal are:

  • Oscar International College.
  • Nepal Film Academy
  • Kathmandu University School of Arts
  • Nepal Institute of Film and Television 

3. What degree do you need for filmmaking in Nepal?

Some of the degree that you need for filmmaking in Nepal are as follow:

  • Bachelor of Arts(BA)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking
  • Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in Film Technology

It’s important to remember that while having a degree might give you useful information and abilities, it’s not always necessary to work in the film industry. On the other hand, a degree can help establish a strong foundation and open a door to opportunities for future learning and professional progression.

4. Who is the first actor of nepali movie industry?

Shiva Shankar Manandhar , Bhuwan Chand, Chaitya Devi and Basundhara Bhusal are regarded as the first actors in Nepali film industry.

5. Which is the first movie in Nepal?

Aama was the first film produced in Nepal and was released on 7 October 1964.

6. Which is the No 1 movie in Nepal?

The highest-grossing film in Nepal is Prem Geet 3 as of 2022.

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