Hiring a Line Producer in Nepal with Nepal Film Production

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Before we discuss in-depth let’s first know little about what is a line producer and how can a line producer help add value to your production?

Hiring a line producer in Nepal can generally be a very tricky question because there are a couple of factors that matter in terms of hiring a line producer which is a different situation in Nepal.

While hiring a Line Producer in Nepal he/she must have a lot of experience in all filming aspects considering logistics, technical equipment, legal rules & regulations, and especially a large network of a film crew in all sectors of the filming industries. 

A line producer will be able to negotiate on your behalf and also manage all risks in terms of logistics for your film production without a doubt.

Filming in Nepal can rather be a tricky matter due to the political instability and rules changing on a regular basis.

Another quality to look for in your next line producer would be how influential he/she is, in general, should have a high level of influence in government bodies in general and also a vast amount of experience in for filming and handling high pressure for dealing with a large film production while filming in Nepal.

How will a Line Producer handle all matters for your film production in Nepal?

Line Producers will generally handle all logistics and can make sure that your production will minimize its production cost considering all aspects and will also assure that your production is very time efficient and saves whatever he/she can while being involved in the film production.

Dealing with a large number of filming crews can be a logistical nightmare in Nepal especially dealing with a large crew, making sure you’re that everyone is well-coordinated is also very crucial.

The Line will also look after government based rules and regulations and will know all matters of what to do and what not to do while filming in Nepal.

How should you choose a Line Producer in Nepal?

While hiring a Line Producer in Nepal you have to consider the international experience in general and the scale of the filming crew the potential line producer has handled.

Your line producer should have worked with at least 20 international productions, and should be an excellent spokesperson for your production while dealing with eh government, therefore, ask certain questions such as “How long would it take for the line producer to acquire filming & aerial permits for your production” & “Technical questions regarding equipment’s and logistics”.

Ask for advice in terms of logistics and interview the line producer so that he/she would be able to give you advice in order to guarantee the smoothness of your film production in Nepal.

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