Impact of Coronavirus in Fliming in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

The coronavirus is not only taking the lives of thousands of people but also has turned the world’s economy upside down.

The virus which was the first outbreak in December 2019, Wuhan, China, so far now has spread throughout the world, mostly affecting the USA, ITALY, and SPAIN.

To rampant chain of this pandemic, several countries have strictly locked down their countries and borders and ordered its people to stay at home.

Corona is also affecting non-health related problems.

Economic conditions of business, stock markets, and companies are declining and government action is not enough to take action against the impact.

Similarly, the travel industry is among the hardest hit, various national and international flights are banned and several tourists have canceled their vacation and business trips.

Government officials have proposed restrictions to try to stabilize the coronavirus outbreak. Likewise, Nepal has also restricted travel, on arrival visas, international flights because of fear of spreading coronavirus. Since 24 March, the Government of Nepal has lock downed the country very strictly.

Due to the lockdown and travel restrictions, one cannot come to Nepal which made the tourism board to halt the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

To date (April 5, 2020), there are 5 positive cases of coronavirus in Nepal, and 1 among them has already recovered.

In addition to that, the present condition has also caused a huge impact on the filming sector in Nepal.

Annually, thousands of foreign filmmakers come to Nepal to film their documentary, vlog, TV shows, movies, interviews, and so on. Now, film production has completely stopped, many schedules were canceled, until further notice. So generally everything has stopped.

Since when the filming services are impacted by coronavirus?

Ever since the COVID-19 has been announced generally and considering all restrictions and travel has been stopped.

Filming services as of now have been stopped completely.

For now, one cannot say anything on this matter. This is a global pandemic that has caused many deaths and since the moment of contact, the virus has stopped.

How is the situation of Film production companies in Nepal after the coronavirus outbreak?

The film production companies throughout the world have stopped. Film shooting has been canceled due to fear of coronavirus transmission and big blockbuster movies releasing dates are postponed. In Nepal, due to the current market and issues, film production, in general, has stopped. Also considering that there will be a curfew, which has already started which will lead its way all the way up to April 30th until further notice.

From which country, Filmmakers Come to Shoot in Nepal?

Generally, for filming in Nepal, mostly European and American production houses, marketing companies, and independent filmmakers are active.

The numbers of Indian filmmakers are also coming to Nepal for filming.  Movies like Doctor Strange, Everest, Seven Years in Tibet, Baby, Hare Rama Hare Krishna are filmed in Nepal.

What are the Filmmaking Related Services that Foreign Filmmakers Majorly Chooses in Nepal?

As Nepal, its rule and regulations for filming are completely unknown for international film production houses.

So, basically, foreign filmmakers choose all types of services that they get from the film production houses based in Nepal.

The first and foremost thing they wanted from production companies is to get the film permit, permission, and visa process.

Likewise, they also take services like location scouting, local coordinator, fixer, translators, renting filming equipment, Line-Producers, Production Managers, Sound, Light Technician, Arial permits (drones), Film logistics and casting talents.

What are the major consequences of this pandemic in  world’s economy?

The world is at a risk and battling with the pandemic.

Even it’s hard for the top scientists and researchers to tell for how long this virus will last for.

The graphical representation of the coronavirus outbreak shows that cases are increasing day by day.

First, Wuhan, China was the epicenter, now Italy, Spain and New York have become the epicenter of the outbreak.

From this point, probably most of us have already analyzed that, not only put the whole world at risk, every economy and individual are at risk of a global case.

It is predicted that millions of people will lose their jobs and businesses will go bankrupt.

Large corporations like hotels, resorts, retail sectors are the one that is severely affected by this pandemic, which made them cut out the job of the large numbers of workers.

If this pandemic continues for more than 3 months, it will be very hard for the country to provide unemployment benefits to its citizens. Making things worse, many people don’t have enough savings and sufficient expenses to sustain 3 months without any source of income coming in.

Eventually, in my prediction, death due to hunger, another psycho, and socio-economic conditions will be greater than the death caused by a coronavirus.

What is the support the Government of Nepal is providing to citizens?

Domestically, sad to say, but we haven’t received much support in terms of medical assistance but government officials have ordered to go on LOCKDOWN considering our safety and mainly to break the chain of coronavirus transmission.

But there have been measures taken by the government to initiate and provide electricity at lowered costs, 25% off in ISP services, bonus offer in top-up, and also decreasing the cost of Induction cooking equipment.

What will be the future impacts of this pandemic?

According to my personal prediction according to experience and economy projects will come through in a very strong ratio, but until further notice, we as a team estimate that it will take until at least Late September to recover.

How much budget Country Nepal is losing due to the corona outbreak?

The Nepalese Government isn’t so active in terms of providing subsidies or impressed with the concept of funding films in Nepal due to access restrictions.

But the market is very big in terms of foreign productions because of the beauty of Nepal, stunning locations, and special profiles that are of immense value to foreign filmmakers.

Nothing accurate can be stated in terms of finances, which varies from 100 million to 500 million annually.

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