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  • Jul 10, 2022

Are you looking for transcription services from Nepal? If yes, then you are in the right place. We can provide assistance with all necessary transcription services for your short films, documentaries, commercial films, NGO projects, etc.

Are you unaware of what really transcription Services are about?

Transcription Service means when a company or service provider in given audio/visual content that needs to be transcribed into visually written or printed versions in order to the reader or viewer to understand the content, such as filming, documentaries, feature-length films or short films but there can be so many interlinked services that might need “transcription services” in general such as reports for “Social Sectors” and & “NGO’s”.

Scenario – Transcription Services in Nepal?

In Nepal, transcription services are becoming popular day by day considering the global demand in multiple languages and international audiences. There are many companies and freelancers who are providing transcription services to their clients globally but still lack fluency in their chosen language. 

As Nepal has become one of the popular destinations for filming documentaries, films, TVC’s and travel related blogs; the amount of quality service providers has become limited.

Similarly, not only native (Nepali), due to the high demand, transcribers are also learning foreign languages (German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and so on) and writing transcriptions for every language and for every community around the world considering films, documentaries, commercials, etc.

Challenges While Selecting Transcriber in Nepal

While selecting transcription services from your potential provider, do make sure their team has international experience in dealing with providing transcribed content. 

One needs to be very careful, as most amateur transcribers will use “Google Translate” in order to provide their services for your transcription related project. This is to be avoided at any cost, considering the quality of content will not only be inaccurate but will have multiple issues.

Here is the list of some challenges that one has to face while hiring a transcriptionist. 

1. Language, Accent, and Dialects

Though transcriptionists are taking courses in different international languages, they must be capable of understanding the native accent and dialects. 

Here in Nepal, if you go to the different regions, our national language has different accents and dialects, even if the transcriptionist is native of Nepal, it will be hard for him/her to understand due to different methods of speaking and different cultures and societies.

Therefore, it is always more reliable and extremely beneficial to work with transcribers that have years of experience of directly dealing with a company like Nepal Film Production.

2. High Charges 

There are some companies and freelancers that are charging a handsome amount of money for the transcription services which actually isn’t fair considering the cost of labor in Nepal is relatively cheaper in comparison to most European and American countries.

We strongly understand the fact that providing transcription services is a lot of work and there are multiple hours invested by people in order to make sure the end result is perfect but one also needs to pay full attention while converting speech to text. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it should increase the per-hour charge in general.

As most of the transcription services in Nepal are used by foreigners, they take it as the best opportunity to earn a good income from the particular service. So, they excessively increase the rate for the service. 

Nepal Film Production is known and reputed for providing services for a fair amount which is according to the work given, and our team provides extremely reasonable and fair prices to our clients.

Professional Transcription Services in Nepal 

Nepal Film Production has completed and provided transcription services for multiple big channels such as (National Geography, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg, ITV), and also hundreds of independent documentaries and television commercials. 

The key point is to provide quality content in only a simple matter format which again would make it easier (knowing the two chosen languages fully) and following a format to make sure that content and timings are in sync resulting the viewer/reader to understand and follow according to the requirements whether it be in the filming sector or generally for the chosen purpose on transcribing. 

Nepal Film Production has also catered a vast number of Social Groups, NGO’s & INGOs in terms of helping with transcription which required our team to transcribe visual & audio content into their chosen formats and also subtitling for visual content they have created in terms of a visual report or progress reporting for related projects initiated by the social sector on its own. 

Nepal Film Production also provides transcription services to any sector and our team perfects in more than eight languages in total which gives our clients a reliable solution with a trustworthy companion.

All Available Transcription Services in Nepal Film Production

1. Video Transcription
  • Interview Video
  • Focus Group Video
  • Podcast Video
  • Market Research
  • Media 
  • Legal
2. Audio Transcription
  • MP3
  • Business Audio
  • Interview Audio
  • Podcast
  • Sermon Audio
  • Online Audio
3. Business Transcription
  • Market
  • Research
  • Insurance
  • Interview 
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Focus Group
  • Dictation
4. Legal Transcription
  • Court Tapes
  • Wire Tapes
  • Trails
  • Verbatim
  • Depositions
  • Memorandum
5. Conference Transcription
  • Trade Show
  • Minutes
  • Conference Call
  • Lectures
  • Webinar
  • Board Meeting
6. Academic Transcription
  • Presentation
  • Seminars
  • Interviews
  • Research Works
  • Group Discussion
  • Lectures
7. Medical Transcription
  • Patient Chart
  • Lab Report
  • Medical History
  • Clinical Summary
  • Discharge Summary
  • Operative Report

Why is Nepal Film Production?


The team consists of multilingual subtitle specialists who have a very good understanding of more than 8 foreign languages in total. We have got all-in services like video translations, transcriptions, audio transcriptions, voice-over, and subtitles. 

Thus, delivering service to our clients from all around the world. 

On-Time and Budget Friendly

Customer Satisfaction is what Nepal Film Production focuses on, our key objective is to make sure that we satisfy our customer, if not we will keep re-doing the job until the client is completely satisfied.

Whenever working with Nepal Film Production, we collaborate with our clients very closely and try to understand their perspective, ensuring to complete the work on the given deadline and budget. 

Nepal Film Production strongly believes in punctuality and will go out of our way to make sure that all services provided with us are completed with perfection.

High-Quality Service

Nepal Film Production doesn’t compromise on the services which are offered to our clients. 

We use high-quality track records while delivering transcriptions to our clients. 

We also transcribe speech to text keeping professionalism in mind, and use any formats like MOV, WAV, MP3, MP4. CDs, DVDs, and any other file size and type our clients would be comfortable.

No Automated Service

All of the transcriptions are done by people working with us on a daily basis. We don’t use any type of software or bots to provide automated service in any way. All the tasks are completed manually without negatively impacting the content. Nepal Film Production takes pride in providing genuine content that comes from hard work and hours of work put in by the individual language specialist.

The Process to Acquire Transcription Services from Nepal Film Production

  1. You can email us or use the contact us option displayed on the home page. 
  2. Our dedicated team member will get back to you shortly. 
  3. Our experts will understand your requirements and plan out the budget and time for it. 
  4. We will send you a reasonable quotation and the turnaround time along with the deadline. 
  5. Once we get the green signal from your side, we will forward the documents to our experts/transcription members. 
  6. An expert will listen to your audio file and convert it into a written format. 
  7. After proofread will be done to make sure, everything is proper and well managed. 
  8. The quality team further checks your documents before handing them to the client.

FAQ – Transcription Services in Nepal

  1. What are a Transcription Services?Simply saying Transcription means a conversion of speech file of audio, video or other media into written, printed or typed copy of words.
  2. What kind of Transcription do you transcribe in Nepal?In Nepal, Transcription Service provider like Nepal Film Production does all kinds of transcription work, such as interviews, audio, video, conference, business meetings, legal deposition, medical transcription, video shows, panel discussions, seminars, meetings and so on.
  3. Are real human Transcribe my audio or video files?Yes, different bots and automated voice recognition software don’t provide high-quality transcripts. So, real human manually transcribe your file, without hurting the feeling and meaning of the presented file
  4. Which format will my transcription be provided?All the transcribed documents are delivered in Rich Text Format through email.
  5. Where shall I get the best transcription service in Nepal?In Nepal, there companies like Nepal Film Production House and freelancers are providing transcription services. It’s better you go with the companies or the service provider which has more than 2-3 experience in this field.

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