Translation Service in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Are you wondering where to get the best translation Services in Nepal?

You want your documents or video to be translated in your preferred language and want a local correspondence to have two-way communication with the locals?

Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We can help you with communication between cast, profiles, or logistics in general which guarantees a smoother production in general.

Scenario – Translation Service in Nepal?

Talking about the translation service in Nepal, it is very good.

It is getting popular day by day as the demand for the translation service is very high.

The service is not limited to foreign filmmakers, local people are using this service for translating official documents for various international works.

So, it implies that one can easily get the translation service in Nepal but you need to select the one who has lots of experience in this field.

Challenges – While Hiring Translator in Nepal

Being a translator is a rather different scenario, considering multiple matters and requirements which might vary in general!

There might be the general translator which means that explaining between 2 languages in general, but the way it initiated can differ, considering filming services a translator plays a major role in terms of general communication between the cast, profiles, or logistics in general which guarantee a smoother production in general.

But the things might go worse if the translator if not good enough to handle the situation that may befall on while projecting the movie. So, filmmakers should be very sensitive about this matter and only trust the ones who have years of experience in this field.

Language, Accent, and Dialects

The translation is all about the language, accent, and dialects.

Having a knowledge of the foreign language is not enough, they must be familiar with the accent and dialects. These two things can play a big role to express the feelings of the words.

Similarly, in the remote part of Nepal, even the Nepali language becomes hard for the native of Nepal. Make sure the companies or the independent translator that you are going to work with have good command in English and also ask for references.

Best Translation Service in Nepal

When Nepal Film Production is there for you to work on your projects, relax, you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

It has provided translation services for big names like National Geography, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg, ITV, hundreds of independent documentaries, and television commercials.

Translators that work with Nepal Film Production are better known to be very experienced in the filming sector with high production & filming knowledge and also have a good idea of technical knowledge considering “mics & camera” knowledge which in our perspective matter to a higher extent.

Why is Nepal Film Production?

1. Versatility

Nepal Film Production consists of a team of multilingual translators who have a very good rapport in over 8 foreign languages.

We have got all-in services like video translations, transcriptions, voice-over, and subtitles.

Translators can also be a very handy asset for social organizations in terms of getting to know and interact with on-ground and fieldwork in general.

For matters of knowing on-field and project development, Nepal Film Production provides all translators at a very feasible and affordable price with the most highly educated and talented translators that will add
value in almost every possible way!

2. Professional Translation

Quality is our main priority. We look for the long tram benefits that’s why we haven’t compromised anything in terms of services and its quality. All the translation of your project will be done by the professional translators, and make sure you properly point out your requirements to them. No matter what size of your translation is, we do all with our dedicated translators.

3. Budget-friendly

Customer Satisfaction is the main motto of our business. Whenever working with us, we collaborate with our clients very closely and try to understand their requirements and perspective, ensure to complete the work on the given deadline and budget.

All Available Translation Services in Nepal Film Production

Business Letters/CommunicationBusiness Translation
Certified TranslationDirect Mailers (DMs)
Video (Subtitle) TranslationDocumentaries Translation
Documents TranslationMobile Phone Software
Email TranslationGame Localization
Legal TranslationPersonal Translation
Software LocalizationScripts Translation
Talkbase Connect Website LocalizationTattoo Translation
Technical TranslationMedical Translation
Translation in Unicode fontsWebsite Translation

The Process to Acquire Translation Services from Nepal Film Production

  • Simply email us or use the contact us option from our website.
  • One of the dedicated team members will get back to you.
  • Our experts will understand your requirements and plan out the budget and time for it.
  • He will send you that quotation and the turnaround time along with the deadline.
  • Once we get the green signal from your side, we will forward the documents to our experts/translators.
  • An expert will go through your file and translate it into the language you have asked for.
  • After that, proofread will be done to make sure, everything is good.
  • The quality team further check your documents before handing them to the client.

FAQS – Translation Service in Nepal

What kind of Translation service do I get in Nepal?

In Nepal, Translation Service provider like Nepal Film Production does all provides translation service in all kinds of a field like video translation, documentary translation, business translation, certified translation, legal translation, script translation and much more.

Do they use software to translate my project in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production has professional translators who will manually translate your documents, without hurting feelings and expression of the given file.

Do the translators help me to add subtitle in my native language?

Yes, they do add subtitles in your native language in documentaries and video files. Just tell them your requirements.

Which is the best transcription service provider in Nepal?

There are many companies like Nepal Film Production House and freelancers are providing translation services in Nepal. Just make sure they have professional translators who have 2-3 years of experience.

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