Wings Over Everest

  • by Admin
  • Jul 10, 2022

Nepal Film Production was the only production company & partner in Nepal to work with Chinese megastars who were here to film a story about crashing into “Mount Everest”.

This was the biggest production to ever film in Nepal.

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“Nepal Film Production” has handled everything with perfection considering there were a total of “120 Film Crew” members for this production just from China.

Official Trailer of Wings OVer Everest

Nepal Film Production took charge in major roles for this production, considering we had to manage permits for all locations which varied from “Special Locations, Airports, Road Permits & Heritage Locations” which was very challenging as all these permits were to be arranged within a total of “5 days” as per the client’s requirements, which we successfully managed to accomplish.

We were also in charge of logistics where we had to deal with multiple buses and minivans in terms of general coordination but we mostly enjoyed the “Casting” in general which concluded to having more than 200 crew members in total.

We were responsible to cast major Nepalese actors/actresses but also handling a large quantity of “extra’s” was getting over our heads considering the constant movements and placement on set.

We also had to look after multiple locations while scouting which was very well organized and completed in advance but as for confirmation and for permit purposes which resulted in a lot of traveling.

We also provided equipment such as portable generators for filming purposes and overall managed to make many friends in our filming journey which was a total of eight days.

We also got great recommendations as it was very exciting to work with such an amazing, swift and organized filming team that was incredibly large.

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