Witnessing the Burial

  • by Admin
  • Jul 10, 2022

Shooting in Nepal itself is a challenging job. From gaining permits to managing transportation, one needs to be alert while dealing with people, for these jobs. And when you’re trying to shoot burial, a process regarded as very sacred in almost all the religions in the world, you have to be extra careful not to offend anyone during the rituals, especially the bereaved family. And now add, doing this after a long journey to the altitude of 3840m in a region that needs special permits of any foreigners to enter. That’s what this project was all about.

The 15-day production work with Order Productions to shoot a burial process at Lo Manthang as a producer with our main line-producer was an amazing experience, where we as a team, feel that we’ve crossed another level of our journey. The pre-production period was spent in researching and developing the content on sky burial, a sacred ritual that happens only in the specific location of Lo Manthang. We also worked towards obtaining the special permits required by Non-Nepalis to enter this region, gain drone permits by coordinating with the Home Ministry, Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and managed the logistics of location scouting, transport and accommodation for the project.

This project is definitely one of our favorite projects to reminisce about.

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