7 Best Reasons to choose Nepal Film Production as your Film Production Company in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

There are several Film Production Company in Nepal that are providing the best quality services.

As Nepal is becoming a popular destination for filming, film production companies in Nepal that provide quality service to the clients.

But a lot of film production houses are financially oriented thus charging very high rates for service, permits, and logistics, making the clients spend unnecessarily.

Whereas Nepal Film Production (NFP) is the top film production company in Nepal which is providing each and every service need for filming and production.

Similarly, they very keen on lowering budgets for clients while still achieving the requirements and needs of the client for complete satisfaction. 

Also, explore the detailed information on the Film Production Company in Nepal.

7 Reasons to choose Nepal Film Production as your Film Production Company in Nepal

Below are some reasons that make Nepal Film Production is the best among the rest of film production company in Nepal.

  • Acquiring Filming Permits & Aerial Permits Fast

Nepal Film Production has extremely experienced team members that can help in acquiring National Filming Permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication, Defense Ministry, Home Ministry and Aviation Body in little at 5 days depending on the size of the production.

We also easily acquire “National Park Permission”, “ACAP-Annapurna Conservation Area Permits” and “Heritage Sites” according to your production requirements.

Our team members are very knowledgeable considering legal structures, rules, and regulations as well.

Apart from that, we as a team would be able to advise you in every step-in terms of delivering your productions/projects requirement and accomplishing such tasks is what makes us happy in terms of filming.

  • Experienced Crew Members

Experienced crew members are basically what overvalues the production in terms of adding value and considering we believe in customer service to its highest value, our experienced and knowledgeable team members will not only guarantee a smooth and excellent production but also become very good friends of yours in the filming period.

  • Best Line-Producers, Fixers & Production Managers

The key to becoming a successful Line-Producer, Fixer or Production Manager would only come from filming experience, Education and communication.

We, Nepal Film Production strongly value experienced crew members that can deliver your production requirements and demands.

Our core belief is that experienced crew members guarantee a strong production and filming in Nepal.

Due to frequently changing “Rules & Regulations”, “Public Relations” is completely necessary while filming in Nepal which is also the strength of our Line-Producers, Fixers and Production Managers.

  • Communication

All our crew members, filming technician, and logistical heads are fluent in English, which makes it way easier in terms of communication and dealing with requirements which may just rise while filming.

Without any compromises and considerations, the Nepal Film Production’s team will easily accept many additional requirements might come while being on production.

Our members are flexible in general and will deliver what you might require.

  • 24 Hour Service

We understand that you might need to get a “Sunrise Shot” or many other matters; So, we are there for your production whenever it is necessary.

We would also like to plan everything in advance and are also understanding if we are required to be flexible.

Our top priority would be to make sure we get as much quality footage to make your project worthy, no matter which measure we have to reach. Because Nepal Film Production believes highly in customer satisfaction.

  • Cost-Effective and Fair Rates

Most Production houses or Filming Companies have a tendency to over-charging their customers but Nepal Film Production will match any quotation which makes it feasible.

It is not only confident but will deliver accordingly which we believe is one of our strong traits as a film production company in Nepal and we generally are very enthusiastic regarding all filming projects.

  • International Experience for Film/Documentary/TVC Productions

Nepal Film Production has worked with over a hundred International productions ranging from Television commercials, Documentaries, Travel Pieces, Commercial Films varying from a two-man team all the way up to a production team with more than 120 international crew members.

We take pride in the filming knowledge we have acquired from filming in Nepal, in terms of having an international production house and very big names and reputed production companies collaborating with Nepal Film Production.

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