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Nepal has always been one of the top destinations for filming, taking into consideration the Himalayan Range, Mount Everest, and naturally beautiful places coupled with the diverse cultures and geological factors that make for an excellent filming shot in visual and cultural basis.

Explore Complete Details On Filming in Everest

film shooting by top film production company in Nepal

Mustang, Everest, Pokhara, Annapurna, etc have always been a very attractive location to film for many filmmakers.

However, in recent times the culture, people and history have also gathered international attention. 

There has always been an interest in the forests and jungles of Nepal which consists of multiple animal and species, vegetation and lifeforms which make up for a wide scope of filming materials.

Understanding the potential of Nepal as a major filming location, there are several film production companies in Nepal that provide quality service to the clients. 

However, having a film production company in Nepal is very difficult, if a perfect service was to be provided to the international clients, as the expectations are high and quality cannot be compromised.

A lot of production companies in Nepal are financially oriented and overcharge on permits and logistics and make the clients spend unnecessarily, but Nepal Film Production (NFP) as a top film production company in Nepal is very keen on lowering budgets for clients while still achieving the requirements and needs of the client for complete satisfaction. 

It is essential to have a film production company, who can handle all dealings with local authorities, understands the context of filming and production at an international level and has expertise and individuals who can deliver to the highest quality. 

Nepal Film Production recognizes the needs of the foreign production company and therefore is providing an excellent service to make sure that multiple international film/documentary productions take place in Nepal. 

History of Nepal Film Productions – A Leading Film Production Company in Nepal

Nepal Film Production (NFP) is an international media production company in Nepal with the best production managers, line producers and filming technicians alongside with equipment of international standards.

About NFP

Nepal Film Production has an experienced team that has up to 13 or more years in the production sector in Nepal and we acquire all permits, clear all customs, manage all logistics alongside equipment, film technicians and perfect research and location scouting in Nepal.

We are a service-based company that provides logistics and film-based services and is the ultimate one-stop solution to having a film production or documentary production in Nepal.

Services of Nepal Film Productions

As a film production company in Nepal, we have been providing the all type of film-related services as mentioned below to help you with filming and production process: 


Whatever your requirements during filming or producing in Nepal, we handle it for you.

As an experienced fixer in Nepal, we are experts to take care of all the logistics and research in the pre-production and production phase.

Our local coordinators collaborate with your team to meet your requirements.

Fixers affiliated with Nepal Film Production have more than 13 years of experience, which means we deliver to the highest quality.


Line Producers at Nepal Film Productions are diverse in their knowledge and connections, who can work closely with the director and producer to remove any friction in the production process.

Our line producing service is planned and prepared in advance for the smooth flow of activities.


At Nepal Film Productions, we have a complete inventory of equipment of the international standard required for filming, production and pre-production stage. We also provide services like film equipment rental in Nepal.

Be it a Red Epic or Red Dragon’s camera or supporting equipment lie cine lens, ultra-prime lens.

We also facilitate to obtain and acquire the equipment as per your requirement, from India.


Nepal has a diverse terrain and diverse background providing a wide range of visuals and filming shots.

We help you find the best locations as per your storyboard, research the possibilities of filming and finalize it before the actual film shooting is done. We recommend exploring the detailed process of location scouting in Nepal by our team.

We work with the directors and producers from the foreign film production company and navigate through different possible locations.


We actively prepare and research processes to meet potential contributors, assess locations and research stories. Our team takes into consideration the budget and timing to fit the requirements to plan your script and filming schedule.


At Nepal Film Production, we specialize in acquiring film permits in Nepal without hassle.

Our years of experience have helped us make contacts at different government authorities such as Ministry of Information and Communications as well as being versed with the process, we help you get Nepal filming permit, National Park Filming permits, Heritage sites filming permits, private and public property filming property.

Explore the different types of film permits in Nepal.


Not every film production company in Nepal can help you get aerial permits. But we specialize in acquiring and handling aerial permits and drone permits in Nepal. 


Be it to get the exquisite shots over the Himalayas and varied terrains or to reach to your destination, we at NFP provide helicopter services while filming or producing in Nepal.  


If you require a large number of people for your filming as extras or as any lead then we help you find them.

With over a database of 5000 artists, we also help you prepare them accordingly understanding the filming visual concept as well as the dress code. 


Nepal Film Production is associated with a lot of talented film technicians in Nepal who have been working at the highest level and have international recognition.

We help you link with Cinematographers, SoundMen, Directors, Producers, etc. as per your need. We ensure they will live up to the expectations. 


Every high-end equipment you bring upon arrival at Kathmandu Airport for filming and production is liable for customs duty.

With equipment prices in the range of millions of dollars, it is necessary to do it in a legal way.

Our experience as a production company in Nepal helps us do it easily.


We also represent local artists for collaboration with your production team for projects.

Why NFP Stands Out as the Leading Film Production Company in Nepal? 

crew member of nepal's best film production company in nepal

More than just a filming company, Nepal Film Production, after coming together in 2014, is a union of passionate, experienced & professionals film crew in Nepal providing a one-stop solution in Nepal to the foreign-based filmmakers.

  • The strength of Nepal film production is our dedication to every project we undertake. 
  • We understand your requirements and deliver it on the deadline with no room for errors. 
  • Our team has gathered experience of over 13 years and 131 productions with collaboration all around the globe in diverse projects. 
  • We understand filming and its dimensions, specializing in technical knowledge and production-related services. 
  • We are research-based and believe in advance preparations. 
  • Rates at Nepal Film Productions are low compared to the local rates while still delivering dedicated and quality services. 
  • We love what we do and are passionate to give our best in every production we work with our clients.

If you are looking for a film production company in Nepal that will live up to your expectations, then contact us today.

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FAQ – Film Production Company in Nepal

What are the services that we get from the Film Production Company in Nepal?

Services like filming permits, clear all customs, manage all logistics, location scouting, location research, equipment rental, and film technician are the services provided by Film Production Company in Nepal.

Does Film production company in Nepal meet the needs of international clients and filming quality?

Yes, Filming companies like Nepal Film Production have more than 13 years of experience, providing perfect service to international clients without compromising the quality.

Does the Film Production Company In Nepal help me to find the location for filming?

Yes, Nepal Film Production will help you to find out the location for your projects. First, they will understand your requirements and research the location that perfectly matches your project.

What are the rates of Film Production Companies in Nepal?

It depends upon the film companies. There are some film production companies in Nepal that are financially oriented and overcharge on permits, logistics and make the clients spend unnecessarily. But Nepal film production is very budget-friendly and provides the best services.

Why NFP stands out as the best film production company in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production is the best film production company in Nepal, which is keen on lowering budgets for clients, keeping all the requirements and needs of the client in the mind for complete satisfaction.

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