Film Equipment Rental in Nepal


Ever since Nepal has become the number one spot for filming destinations, the demand for a film equipment rental in Nepal is growing aggressively. These services are catered by companies and freelancers alike. 

film equipment rental in nepal - the red came

Having a filming history of over 100 years, Nepali videographers are also constantly upgrading their equipment with time. Not only cinemas and music videos, short videos, and vlogging trends are on the rise. And the impact of such videos is high on the audience. These trends have completely changed the scale of film production throughout the world. The emerging use of technologies for filming has led the cinematographers to seek for various high-end equipment.

How is the Situation of Hiring or Rental of Film Equipment in Nepal?

The upscaling trend of filming in Nepal leads the videographer to use various high-end cameras, lenses, drones, and other lighting equipment. Thus, in order to meet the demand for such devices, various shops and videographers are providing high-quality equipment in Nepal. You can easily order all the necessary equipment and even order from foreign countries whenever you may feel necessary for your film making. You can get expensive and elite cameras and lenses along with other supporting equipment for your filming purposes. Better to contact a trusted film production house or freelancer for hiring film equipment in Nepal.

Process – Film Equipment Rental in Nepal

There is a very feasible process to hire film equipment is basically on duration basics or over the course of filming. You can rent filming equipment independently (via freelancer) or with the help of some reputed companies with Nepal Film Production. It is better to go with the filming companies as they do have all the necessary latest equipment and also guide you to the best ones. Such a company will take full responsibility for your whole filming duration and go to extra mile to get you what you need. Even though the process of renting film equipment is very simple, we suggest you carry out certain inquiries about the availability of equipment before landing in Nepal.

Our Available Filming Equipment
Cine Arri III 35mm camera package
Arri BL Super 16 camera package
Aaton XTR Super 16 camera package 
Aatonn LTR Super 16 camera package
Digital High
Definition Cameras
RED Epic X, Scarlet, and One MX
Silican Imaging SI 2k 
Sony PMW-F3
HDSLR Cameras: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D
and EOS 6D
ENG High Definition Cameras: Panasonic HD Varicam AJ-HDC 27HE, AG-HDX900 DVC Pro HD, AG-HPX302 DVC Pro P2 HD
Sony PMW EX350, PMW EX3
HDV Cameras Sony HVR S270P, HVR Z1P, HVR Z7P, and HVR V1P
Audio EquipmentNagra, various microphones and wireless sets from Sennheiser, Azden, Lectrosonics, Countryman / Isomax, and Tram
Mixers from PSC, Sound Device and Azden

Various sizes of carbon fiber boom poles and XLR cables with Neutrik Connectors 
Grip Equipment Manual Cranes
Mini cranes / Jib arms of various sizes
Jony Jibs
Round and Straight Trolleys
Lighting EquipmentKino Flo – Diva 400 Kit
1′ X 1′ LED Panel
Lowel DP 3 Light Kit
LED Fresnel Light
150 w, 500 w, 650 w, 800 w focusable tungsten 3 light kits
C Stand
1k and 2k open face tungsten lights
650 w, 1.2k, 2.5k, 4k, and 6k HMIs

Challenges One May Face while film equipment rental in Nepal?

So far now, the filmmakers don’t have to face any challenges while renting film equipment in Nepal. It can be easily accessed. All you need it to contact Nepal Film Production (NFP) about the availability of the products. After that, the NFP team will match any rate and will ensure that you will the highest quality equipment at the very best price. Similarly, the team will also run a testing period for our clients in a couple of days in advance to assure everything is functioning properly. They also provide the latest equipment available for renting upon inquiry.

Nepal Film Production- A One Stop Solution for Film Equipment Hiring in Nepal 

A movie or video is not just about narrating a story, it is all about voicing out your brand. If you have good at music, script or documentaries, making professional videos and ensuring to create a fan base is surely one’s dreams. To fulfill that dream, you can get the best film equipment rental in Nepal without any hurdle. Nepal Film Production has been doing this business for the past few years and has always successfully fulfilled all the demands of the filmmakers. From the latest equipment to other filming services like scouting, fixer hiring, selecting the destinations, NFP has always become ace in this field.

So let’s check out why NFP is one best solution for film equipment renting.

  • Budget-Friendly: Are you eyeing one something expensive equipment and wish to use it for your next filming project? Then yes, now you can. Just feel free to use our facilities from the list of our latest production equipment without paying much. Considering all the expenses one has to carry out in mind, we have made our renting service very cost-effective. We do care about clients as well.
  • Advance Booking System: Filming equipment can be booked in advance or upon arrival, but there needs to the check if the equipment is available or not. If not, we promise to go the extra mile to get you what you will need. We want you to inquire about the types of equipment that you searching for and get a 10%-30% discount depending on the volume of equipment renting.
  • Latest and High-Quality Equipment: We don’t want to comprise on our services means surely clients do not want to compromise on the video quality of their films either. From high definition cameras, lenses to other supporting equipment like Audio, camera grip, lights, we have a full stock of all the latest equipment. And also, we have access to thousands of equipment’s varying from cameras to various details as well. You name it, we got it all.
  • No Maintenance Cost: Yes, you heard it right. Spending money on expensive production equipment obviously means costly maintenance expenses. Truly saying, it can really cost you arm and legs. But NFP won’t let you do it. We don’t want you to invest in something that you won’t hold forever. Instead of spending your capital on unnecessary expenses, you want you to invest the money for better equipment and needs.
  • Equipment is your Doorstep: No matter where you are, just give us a call or message will be enough to deliver your equipment right at your doorstep. For further flexibility, deliver filming equipment to your filming location one day in advance, or as per the client’s requirement. From east to west and north to south, we can cover it all.

FAQs of Film Equipment Rental in Nepal

  1. Do we get all the latest filming equipment for rental in Nepal?

    Yes, you can get all the latest filming equipment in Nepal. Top Film production companies in Nepal like Nepal Film Production is providing all the latest equipment for renting upon client’s inquiry.

  2. What is the price of renting filming equipment in Nepal?

    The renting charges depend upon the volume and the types of equipment that you have demanded for. NFP is giving a 10%-30% discount depending on the quantity of equipment renting in their advance booking facility.

  3. Should I have to pay extra for maintenance costs while hiring film equipment in Nepal?

    If you hire filming equipment through NFP, you don’t have to pay a penny for maintenance costs. And, there is no hidden cost included as well. We don’t want you to pay for the gadgets that you don’t hold forever.

  4. Can I get my filming equipment delivered at my doorstep in Nepal?

    Some of the film production companies are providing this kind of service. With NFP, as they are providing highly localized services, you can get your things delivered right at your doorstep.