Location Scouting in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Nepal has many places that make up for good visual capture for your film and we can help you with location scouting in Nepal. 

Considering different requirements of location for different types of films we initiate location scouting in a systematic order right from the research to the production of scenes to be used in the movies. 

At Nepal Film Production, we help you find locations to film in Nepal and help in production through the following processes :

  • Understanding Your Requirement : 

First, we understand your requirements by assessing your script or layout. Once we know what is it that you want we search accordingly. Are you looking for specific places to film in Nepal? Or do you want film-specific cultures or communities of Nepal? Or are you not sure where you want to film but have an idea about how you want to film it? Well, whatever your requirement is we find ways to match them with our years of experience working in film production in Nepal.

  • Location Research: 

Once we know what you require then we actually go and find the places appropriate for you to film. This is done on different levels.

Do the story and the location coincide? 

How is transportation?

Will the locals allow to film? 

Is there legal permission to film in the area? 

We can provide the best locations for the filming/fixing project while also suggest the right kind of cultural background for it

  • Permits and Processes: 

Once you finalize the location for shooting in Nepal, we can further help you by acquiring all required permits, dealing with the local authorities as well as integrating your production team with the local community. We are well versed in the procedures and processes required to acquire film permits in Nepal as well as film licensing.

  • Filming and Fixing 

Once you have decided on the filming location in Nepal, you will have to travel with a team for filming. We can help you navigate the entire production and filming in Nepal as you fixer or local coordinator. 

Be it finding the right filming crews or talents or managing the operations and logistics, all will have to be dealt with within the context of Nepal and our prior experience and the diverse team make us your choice as the best fixer in Nepal.

Conclusion :

Location Scouting in Nepal is challenging considering the difficult topography, diverse languages, unique culture, and unclear policies.

But we are adept at what we do and have been doing this for years, with enthusiasm to continue it on a consistent basis. Nepal Film Production is your choice to be up and ready for the challenge. 

Not only production services but we can initiate surveys to see whether the locations are suitable or not for your filming/fixing project, we also get permission to shoot where required, and make sure of smooth movement of the crew to and from the locations in consideration on logistics to prevent and solve any problems that might arise, and even coordinate the parking areas for the crew during the shoot.

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FAQ – Location Scouting in Nepal

What are the challenges of Location Scouting in Nepal?

Difficult topography, diverse languages, unique culture, and unclear policies are the challenges of Location Scouting in Nepal.

Who will help me with Location Scouting while filming in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production is doing this business for more than 13 years and carrying out all the location research right after understanding your requirements.

Do I need a permit to shoot in a particular location for filming in Nepal?

Yes, you need to have a permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication. If the location falls under National Parks, Conservation Area, and Heritage Sites, you need to ask for a special permit as well.

Does my fixer in Nepal help me to search for a suitable location for my projects?

It depends upon the film production houses and their services. But Nepal Film Production surveys to see whether the locations are suitable or not for your filming/fixing project, we also get permission to shoot where required.

What are the best locations to film in Nepal?

First tell your requirements and the concept of your project to Nepal Film Production. Then they will research the best location that matches the demands of your projects. Locations like Annapurna Region, Mustang, Everest Region, Durbar Square and so on are the popular ones.

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