Film Crew in Nepal


Nepal as a filming destination also caters to every requirement for producing and filming in Nepal including the hiring of a film crew in Nepal.

These services are delivered by companies and freelancers alike. 

Having a cinema history of over 100 years, Nepal also has experienced and talented film crew that has international exposure. The film crew consists of stunt doubles to experienced directors or line producers. Any talent you need you can find in Nepal. 

And having a film crew from Nepal is always a plus point for your production as they are better adapted to working in Nepal. 

The general process is to be hired for a duration basis or over the course of the filming. You can hire a film crew in Nepal independently or through a film production company like Nepal Film Production

Along with our many services in the filming industry, we are also associated with top film crews in Nepal as well as a professional fixer in Nepal

From managing the logistics and equipment to finding the right person at the right time to meet your needs, NFP is your choice for the top and professional film crew in Nepal.

Who is Nepal Film Production?

Nepal Film Production is an international film production company in Nepal with the best production managers, line producers and filming technicians alongside with equipment of international standards. 

Nepal Film Production has an experienced team that has up to 13 or more years in the production sector in Nepal and we acquire all permits, clear all customs, manage all logistics alongside equipment, film technicians and perfect research and location scouting.

We are a service-based company that provides logistics and film-based services and is the ultimate one-stop solution to having a film production or documentary production in Nepal. Before you go, do know detail about us.

Filming Crews of Nepal Film Production

The filming crew of Nepal Film Production specializes in the production process. Our team includes members of production, direction, camera as well as catering and transportation.


At Nepal Film Production, we have a unit production manager, line producer, and production manager that helps you plan, manage and supervise the movie’s budget from daily costs to unique expenses as well as coordinate technical requirements from the equipment, team coordination to location searching.


We have different directors and assistant directors that have worked in multiple international film projects and on diverse storylines. We focus on creativity as movies are a form of expression which intrigues our team. 


We understand your story, script as well as the visual requirements. Our team of cinematographers, the camera operator is adept at choosing the right tools and techniques to ensure the visual look of the film conforms to the vision of the director. 


Be it filming in any location in Nepal, we can help coordinate all the logistics as well as for the transportation and accommodation process through our network of hotels, restaurants, and related service providers.  Our team can also coordinate to rent vehicles in Nepal for transportation as well as shooting. 

Similarly, we also help provide catering services to the entire film crew while in the production process. We know how to move! 


We also have talented artists that have been providing quality services for style, dressing, make-up, and hair. Our team can provide the aesthetics to align with the visual needs of your film production. 


We are affiliated with talents that can fit into any roles from lead actor to supporting actors as well as have a complete database of extras and other talented actors who can fit into your required content and demographics. 

Why NFP Stands Out as the Film Production Company with Best Film Crew in Nepal? 

The film crew of Nepal Film Production is diverse and experienced throughout 100s of the project in the last 13 years. 

A combination of young enthusiasts and experienced professionals has helped us stand out as the best film crew in Nepal. 

We are passionate about capturing stories and ideas in movies and documentaries. We love the process from ideation to the final product. Our openness to diverse projects also makes us open for creativity. 

And, on top of all, we put quality as our main priority. With proper techniques, team, and tools we maintain the highest possible quality throughout the entire project. 

Complete Services of Nepal Film Productions


At Nepal Film Production, we are experienced in acquiring every film permits in Nepal from concerned authorities without hassle.


We are one of the few companies in Nepal that specialize in acquiring all sorts of aerial permits and drone permits in Nepal. 


As a fixer in Nepal, we handle logistics and research throughout the production


Line Producers at Nepal Film Productions are diverse in their knowledge and connections, who can work closely with the director and producer to remove any friction in the production process.


At Nepal Film Productions, we have a complete inventory of equipment of the international standard required for filming, production and pre-production stage.  


We also have expertise in location scouting in Nepal to help you find the best locations as per your storyboard, research the possibilities of filming and finalize it before the actual film shooting is done.


We actively prepare and research processes to meet potential contributors, assess locations and research stories.


Be it to get the exquisite shots over the Himalayas and varied terrains or to reach to your destination, we at NFP provide helicopter services while filming or producing in Nepal.


With over a database of 5000 artists, we help you find people and help you prepare them accordingly understanding the filming visual concept as well as the dress code.


Nepal Film Production is associated with a lot of talented film technicians in Nepal who have been working at the highest level and have international recognition.


We also help with the clearance of all equipment that you bring for the filming process.


We also represent local artists for collaboration with your production team for projects. Nepal has a lot of talents that we are affiliated with and act as their agent.

Check out our complete service of Nepal Film Production as Film Production Company in Nepal