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Nepal Film Production has access to various locations in hand and Nepal as a potential filming destination for international film productions. Nepal Film Production also caters to every requirement for producing and filming in Nepal including the hiring of a film crew in Nepal which is one of our key services as a leading filming company in Nepal.

top film crew in nepal filming in mustang
Filming in Mustang Area

Nepal has a cinema history of over 100 years, Nepal also has experienced and talented film crew members that have international production/filming experience. The film crew ranges from talented technicians to experienced directors & line producers. 

Most productions need to realize that having a film crew from Nepal is always a plus point for your production considering multiple reasons which also consists of filming ancient infrastructure and nature in general. One of the major reasons would also be the daily cost of filming technicians that are extremely creative and talented.

The general process to hire for a duration basis or over the course of the filming. You can hire a film crew in Nepal independently or through a reliable film production company like Nepal Film Production

Nepal Film production specializes in many diverse services in the filming industry, we are also associated with top filming crews and technicians in Nepal as well as having a large database of professional fixers in Nepal

From managing all relevant and filming related logistics to supplying filming equipment to finding the right person at the right time to meet your production requirements, Nepal Film Production must be your choice for the most experienced and professional film crew in Nepal.

Filming Crews of Nepal Film Production

The filming crew of Nepal Film Production specializes in the production process. Our team includes members of the production, direction, equipment as well as transportation, and handling all film-related logistics.


At Nepal Film Production, we have experienced unit production managers, line producers, production managers and fixers that helps you acquire all relevant permits and will confidently manage and supervise your film productions budget varying from daily costs to props purchase and many more, as well as coordinate and solicit all technical requirements, team coordination to location management and research.


Working in Nepal can be a bit confusing for the light and sound team because most international (Sound & Light) teams aren’t experienced filming in Nepal due to the lack of knowledge of the environment, infrastructure, and weather. Nepal Film Production’s (Sound & Light) team are extremely experienced working with international productions and also know the (Do’s & Don’ts) while filming in Nepal considering all technical aspects as well.


We have different directors and assistant directors that have worked in multiple international film projects and on diverse storylines. Nepal Film Production strongly understands that within the filming sector in Nepal there are multiple genres which vary from art based films to action or even comedy. For each category within the filming sector, different directors and assistant directors experience is what is needed to add value to your film production. Therefore, Nepal Film Production provides and gets the relevant talent connected to your film production as per your special requirements because we also ensure successful strategies to your filming project in Nepal.


Nepal Film Production also will understand what requirements you have in terms of your films/documentary/TVC script as well as the visual requirements for your filming project in Nepal. Nepal Film Production’s team of cinematographers and drone operators will not only perform to excellence but will also coordinate with your production director in terms of acquiring the best possible outcome considering filming visual content here in Nepal. Cinematographer affiliated with Nepal Film Production will also guide your film production in terms of where potential locations are most suitable for your film production according to the script.


Be it filming in any location in Nepal, we can help coordinate all the logistics as well as handle transportation and accommodation processes through our network of hotels, restaurants, and related service providers.  Our team can also coordinate to rent vehicles in Nepal for transportation as well as shooting. Transportation in general is a rather confusing topic, Nepal Film Production will consider your filming location and will simultaneously manage vehicles that fit the purpose of travelling according to your filming project’s location and also handle all related logistics.


Similarly, we also help provide catering services to the entire film crew while in the production process considering having an experienced film caterer which is adaptable considering timings and also can set-up even in the harshest locations. Nepal Film Production will make sure to discuss healthy and safe options in terms of how to manage maximum productiveness while filming in Nepal.


Considering talent management and extra crew management, Nepal Film Production is the best possible option you can collaborate with considering punctuality, logistical preparation, and also cost-efficient talents & extras for your filming project in Nepal. Nepal Film Production has worked with the largest film production that has ever filmed in Nepal, which was a Chinese production with over (120) crew members, and Nepal Film Production also took charge of handling all talents and extras which resulted in hundreds of people. We also have a large database of potential talent members that you might need which we are willing to share with your production for discovering possibilities.

Who is Nepal Film Production?

Nepal Film Production is an international film production company in Nepal with the best production managers, line producers, directors, assistant producers, cinematographers, light team, sync sound specialists, and other filming technicians alongside equipment of international standards that are available for renting bases purposes.

Nepal Film Production has experienced team members that have up to 13 or more years in the production sector in Nepal working with international productions and we acquire all film permits, customs clearances, insurance management and manage all logistics alongside film equipment, film technicians and research and location scouting in the (Pre-Production) phase.

We are a service-based company that provides logistics and film-based services which is the ultimate one-stop solution to having a film production or documentary production in Nepal. Before you go, do know details about us.

Why NFP Stands Out as the Film Production Company With Best Film Crew in Nepal? 

The film crew involved and affiliated Nepal Film Production is diverse and experienced throughout with over hundred international productions considering experience which has been active since the past 13 years in the filming sector in Nepal.

A combination of young enthusiasts and experienced professionals has helped us stand out as the best film crew provider in Nepal. 

We are passionate about capturing stories and ideas for film productions and we strongly admire the process from idea to the final product. Our openness to diverse projects also makes us open for creativity. 

Our job and a filming company is to make sure all matters related to logistics, technical assistance, logistical management and all relevant permits are in place before your arrival, and we have never disappointed any of our clients till date.

And, on top of all, we put quality as our main priority. With proper techniques, team, and tools we maintain the highest possible quality throughout the entire project. 

Complete Services of Nepal Film Productions


At Nepal Film Production, we are experienced in acquiring every type of filming permits in Nepal from concerned authorities without hassle. Nepal Film Production specializes in acquiring (National Filming Permits, Custom Clearance Permits, Aerial Permits, Location Permits, National Park Permits, ACAP Permits, TIMS Permits, Heritage Permits, and Road Permits. This can all be acquired through collaborating with Nepal Film Production within a duration of (15 working days).


Nepal Film Production is one of the few companies in Nepal that specializes in acquiring all sorts of aerial permits and drone permits in Nepal. The locations might be difficult but considering all the (Rules & Regulations) of the central government, Nepal Film Production would be glad to guide your international production in terms how to move ahead and acquire the necessary permit and allow you to film on special locations.


Nepal Film Production has a large team considering providing qualified fixers in Nepal for your filming project in Nepal. The assigned fixer will have full and complete knowledge of filming in Nepal and will handle all filming related logistics and research for your production in advance. Our fixer will also assist in all matters and all preparations will have been completed in the (Pre-Production) phase before your arrival in terms of advance preparations.


Line Producers at Nepal Film Productions are diverse in their knowledge and connections, who can work closely with the director and producer to remove any friction in the production process. Line producers will handle even the budgeting and financial management for your production and will guide your directors and producers to save your film production budget in terms of not over spending. The line-producers will handle all Nepalese crew members and film crew members and deal with all matters in hand and upfront to prevent any confusion and will be responsible for all matters.


At Nepal Film Productions, we have a large and complete inventory of the latest  filming equipment to the international standard which might be required for filming projects in Nepal. Ranging from (Red Epic, Alexa, Red Dragon, CP2 Lens, Ronin Stabilizers, Canon Camera, Sony FS7, Anamorphic lens, 36 wheel trolleys, Jimmy Jib, Sliders, Sound Gear, Light Gear, Tripods, Drones and many more) which are all available for reasonable prices in comparison to any other filming company in Nepal.


We also have experience for executing location scouting in Nepal for your international filming project in Nepal. Nepal Film Production will provide your production with a large database of locations to consider, and will also provide you with a travel analysis considering filming logistics and latest updated pictures for location knowledge. A complete report will be provided in advance in the (Pre-Production) phase and will make sure all matters are arranged to the highest precision for all filming purposes and this will ensure a smooth film production.

Nepal Film Production will also research and create a detailed report for all profiles you wish to interview and will take full responsibility of content gathering and research for the betterment of your script to provide your production with a clearer view.


Nepal Film Production has worked with multiple (Heli-Services) that specialize and have experience dealing with international film productions. (Heli-Services) will save a huge time considering travelling and start anywhere from (USD 600 – USD 1200) per hour depending on the location. Helicopter mounts can also be set-up on the helicopter for film related purposes but all relevant permits should be acquired in advance before moving forward as for all rules should be followed while acquiring an aerial permit. 


Nepal Film Production has a database of over 5000 artists, we can help you find correct talent or extra as per your productions requirement. All you have to do is provide a requirement list to us and we will take it from there. We provide you all details for talents including experience, show-reel, personal details, picture alongside with the efficient rates as well. All briefing needed to be done, will be initiated by Nepal Film Production and will have all instructions followed in advance to your arrival. 


Nepal Film Production is associated with a lot of talented film technicians and crew that will be making a better film for your production in Nepal. Our film technicians have over 100 years in combined experience for working with international productions in Nepal. The technicians Nepal Film Production provides are extremely talented, hardworking and cost efficient as well. 


We also take full responsibility for acquiring (Custom Clearance Permits) to make sure all the equipment brought in smoothly passes the airport. In this process, we have to coordinate with the (Ministry of Information & Communication & National Film Development Board & Custom Clearance Department) and one the national filming permit is available, it would take one working day to acquire the (Custom Clearance Permit)

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FAQ – Film Crew in Nepal

  1. How can I hire a Film Crew In Nepal?
    You can easily hire Film Crew in Nepal independently or also through a film production company like Nepal Film Production.
  2. What is the process to hire a Film Crew in Nepal?
    You can hire a Film crew on a duration basis or over the course of the filming. Whatever your requirements are, please mention them beforehand.
  3. I am planning to hire a film crew in Nepal, are they professional in the field?
    Yes, Nepal Film Production has been working in this sector for more than 13 years and has good networking or a team of a professional film crew in Nepal. All you need is to place your requirements.
  4. Can I hire actors and actresses and other filming crews in Nepal?
    Not only actors and actresses, but you can also hire production managers, different directors, assistant directors, cinematographers, makeup artists, stylists, food and transportation handlers and even stunt doubles.

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