Film Licensing in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Film Licensing in Nepal in general covers wide arrays of permissions and licenses for filming in Nepal or filming in different setup while in Nepal.

Like every country, Nepal also has different processes and authorities to acquire film licenses in Nepal. However, anyone without prior experience can be easily confused. This requires foreign filmmakers to hire a professional fixer in Nepal or a specialized film production company in Nepal.

Common Problems Faced While Obtaining Film License In Nepal

Here as an expert we’ve mentioned the common problems one may face while obtaining any kind of film licensing in Nepal

  1. Not knowing which documents are required
  2. Not hiring a local coordinator of fixer 
  3. Not knowing the language 
  4. Not knowing which permits are required 
  5. Not knowing where to apply for the permits
  6. Not knowing to navigate through complex government processes 
  7. Incompatible Storyboard or Concepts
  8. Trying to film or produce in a protected location
  9. Not clarifying all the team members or equipment 

Things to know while getting a film license in Nepal 

  1. The Ministry of Information and Communication Office gives the film permits in Nepal
  2. You will need to fill a complete application with your project concept and details for obtaining a film license or permit in Nepal
  3. A liaison officer will be assigned by the Ministry, who will monitor the progress throughout the project. No filming activities can happen without the supervision of the appointed officer. 
  4. The General Film license allows you permission to shoot in Nepal. However, there are different types of film permits in Nepal that allows you to film in different locations or setups. 
  5. You can also film in National Parks and Heritage Sites with permission from the concerned authorities
  6. You will be required to hire a fixer in Nepal as your local representative or coordinator, who will handle your logistics and contact with the concerned authorities 
  7. You require a complete schedule of the filming activities and location for shooting, beforehand.
  8. Private Film Permits in Nepal can be obtained by direct contact with the property owner. 
  9. Every film making equipment needs to be listed and cleared from the custom. 

Documents Required Obtaining Film License in Nepal 

  1. A letter made by the assigned local coordinator, informing the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the purpose of applying for shooting permits.
  2. An assignment letter made by the foreign filmmaker, showing they have chosen and hired a local coordinator.
  3. An Application Form as prescribed by the rules affixing Nepali postal stamp
  4. Supporting documents needed for permit consideration: (i) Synopsis of the filming story. Storyboard for TV Commercials, treatment for documentaries. (ii) Theme (concept) and Lyrics for music videos. (iii) Details of content and objectives of program presentation for TV programs. (Know the all the documents you required for acquiring film permits in Nepal)
  5. Name-list, passport numbers, positions, and arrival date of the foreign film crew with biodata.
  6. A schedule of filming in Nepal specifying exact dates and locations (for all types of productions)
  7. Equipment list with values for custom clearance.
  8. Consent letters of concerned organizations:
  9. Consent Letter of Department of Archaeology if filming in archaeological places
  10. Authorization letter to the Travel Agency/Local Domestic Film Production Company, as a local coordinator by the producer.

How do we Help in Getting Film Licensing in Nepal?

Nepal Film Production is an international production company based in Nepal. We have been delivering consistent and quality services as a fixer, a production house, and also help facilitate foreign filmmakers for filming in Nepal. 

Read: Complete Info While Planning to Film Shoot in Nepal (Recommended to all Foreign Filmmakers)

Our 13 years of experience working in the film sector in Nepal has helped us navigate through the ecosystem which means we know our way through different processes and authorities required for movie licensing in Nepal.

Some of the different film license and permits in Nepal that Nepal Film Production can help to acquire are:

● Nepal Filming Permit (mandatory): 

Nepal Film Production acquires a general filming permit in Nepal for any foreign film producer. 

● National Parks Filming Permit:

We can help you film in national parks and conservation areas of Nepal, which provide excellent background but this requires a separate filming permit, with charges levied for the location. 

● Heritage Areas Filming Permit: 

We help you acquire permits for filming in different heritage sites in Nepal. These heritages are considered sensitive so this requires special permissions that Nepal Film Production specializes in obtaining. 

● Public Area Filming Permit:

We make sure you have permission to film in public areas of Nepal. We coordinate with the ministry, local police as well as local people for smooth flow of the filming without disturbing the public activities. 

● Private Property Filming Permit:

We have beautiful villas, restaurants, halls, that we can acquire permission for filming in Nepal 

● Drone and Air Permits:

We coordinate with the Ministry of Information & Communication, Home Ministry, Ministry of Defence and National Aviation Authority to obtain permissions for drone and air permits. 

These are the basic and common details on film licensing in Nepal. If there are any special requirements for your filming in Nepal, we ensure you have the required permits to film it. 

If you have any kind of questions related to film licensing in Nepal or any film-related topics, please feel free to contact us.

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