Top 3 Pieces of Advice While Filming in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Are you planning to shoot a film in Nepal? Then you are in the right place. With the help of our different informative articles, you can have all the ideas before you filming production in Nepal.

We recommend you to explore the article on filming in Nepal for in-depth analysis before film shooting in Nepal.

  1. Apply for National Filming Permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication

Most independent or unverified Production Companies, Line-Producers or fixers will always try to prevent coordinating with the Ministry of Information & Communication and other relevant government bodies.

The reasons are varying from lack of “Legal Registration” all the way over to “Not being applicable to apply for National Filming Permits” due to lack of credits and experience.

“Most Local Producers” will always have to “Okay with anything attitude” which will generally cause more problems while the production is on set.

If there are any independent companies or individuals that approach your production and are suggesting that “National Filming Permits” aren’t necessary then please make sure it’s a big “NO” from you because not having a “National Filming Permit” and a “Liaison Officer” on set can have major downsides such as the following points listed below:

  • Filming Equipment being ceased by police
  • All footage being taken
  • Being black-listed and reported

Having all matters sorted legally will make sure you have your production completed smoothly, and safety goes a very long way.

2National Filming Permits only cost $150 in total, but there are additional costs for Liaison Officers

Most production companies or fixers will over-charge productions and filming crews that don’t have any idea of filming permits and costs.

This is where the budget actually increases and when they have no clue how expensive it can be if the duration of your production is set for more than “10-15 days” in total.

National Filming Permits can be acquired for exactly “NRS 15,000” which is equivalent to “USD 150” (check today rate of USD to NRS) including basic documentation charges but the real expense comes to production value when you have a “Liaison Officer” on set, which is compulsory and charges anywhere from “USD 100-150” per day so make sure your production partner are strong negotiators which will go a long way in terms of having a trustworthy partner in Nepal and also most importantly lowering your production costs.

3. Filming Permits can be acquired in 5 working days, which only Nepal Film Production can accomplish

Nepal Film Production, a top film production company in Nepal are extremely knowledgeable in terms of acquiring National Filming Permits & Aerial Permits.

Get Detailed Information Regarding Acquiring All Kinds of Filming Permits in Nepal

Generally, most Filming Companies, Fixers, Local Producers and Production Companies take at least “15 Days” to acquire filming permits but “Nepal Film Production & Team” will not only acquire permits in “5 Working Days” but will make sure to maintain the costs mentioned on this article and will cross-quote any production or filming company considering financial value.

Nepal Film Production – Your Film Fixer in Nepal

Nepal Film Production has amazing contacts and good history with over 132 productions in total.

We will guarantee the security of your production and make sure we are the most cost-effective production partner you will have for your filming project in Nepal.

If you seeking any kind of information or advice while filming in Nepal, please feel free to contact us.

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