Chasing the mission

  • by Admin
  • Jul 10, 2022

One of the most challenging projects that we’ve undertaken to date, working with After Hours Creative has been a blessing in disguise. The project was to film a cardiac surgery medical mission here in Nepal and there was some last minute change of plan. Because of this, we had to manage last-minute flights and accommodation to Pokhara while also gain permits from various government agencies including Nepal Film Development Boards.

Our client was very appreciative of our work and of our amazing crew, mostly the fixer. Russ Hann, the director for After Hours Creative personally has expressed his gratitude toward Ashish and Suresh, our crew members and shared that even the medical team they were working with commented positively on our team along with his clients who were impressed with the professionalism and reliability.

For this project, besides gaining permits and managing flights, transport and accommodation, we also worked towards clearing customs for their equipment. We ended the project being very satisfied with our job since the whole project ran smoothly and without any obstructions despite several challenges.

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