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Looking for a professional Documentary Coordinator in Nepal? If yes, then you are in the right place.

A documentary coordinator is the one who finds the profiles and interacts with them, do all the preparation beforehand, like managing locations, and permits to film in that particular place or organization for documentary filming.

The job responsibilities of a documentary coordinator involve researching locations, managing schedules, equipment rental, transportation, budget, catering, transporter, and interaction with film crew and location.

Challenges of hiring Documentary Coordinator in Nepal

There are lots of film production companies and independent documentary coordinator in Nepal. Some of them are doing excellency in their job whereas due to lack of knowledge, experience, and good networking, many documentary related projects have been halted or rejected. So, always ask for the reference and see the years of experiences prior to coordinate with a film production company or independent ones.

In order to shoot a documentary in Nepal, you need to gain some of the filming permits of Nepal from the Ministry of Information and Communication. You have to showcase your script and other documents that must have fulfilled the criteria to get the permit for filming a documentary in Nepal. In case you are not able to, your proposal might be rejected. Generally, to film in most of the locations of Nepal, special permit along with the permits from the Ministry of Information and Communication is required.

For instance, if your documentary is about the Everest region then you need to permit National Park as well as it lies in the Sagarmatha National Park area. It is better to take help from the experienced film production house or fixer in Nepal to smoothly run your filming projects.

Additionally, legal provisions are also necessary to shoot a documentary in Nepal. But it depends on what type of documentary you want to film in Nepal. For instance, child marriage, domestic violence, child labor, child prostitution, and so on. In this kind of documentary, lots of legal documents and security is needed. If you wish to do it independently, you may face obstacles. This can only be done with the help of experienced documentary coordinators.

Why Choose Nepal Film Production (NFP) as your documentary Coordinator?

Nepal Film Production (NFP) is one of the best film production company in Nepal, having more than decades of experience in this platform. NFP is providing all types of film-related services like a fixer, documentary coordinator, hiring equipment, permits for filming, location searching, translation, transcription, line production, and so on.

NFP has an excellent team of crew members who have worked with over a hundred and 35 international productions, renowned filmmakers, and TV productions from all over the world that could help you run your documentary filming project with all the necessary permits, experienced fixers, travel logistics for a very reasonable price, and over the experienced crew with the most reasonable rates.

Our roles and responsibilities as an experienced documentary coordinator in Nepal

As a documentary cocordinator in Nepal, we follow the below role and responsibities to smoothly run your filming in Nepal.

1. Researching Location/Organization

One of the team members of documentary coordinators will find the locations in Nepal or organizations and make sure it is easily accessible, safe, and very reasonable for filming. Once we finalize the location, we will discuss with the location owners for official permissions that may be needed for filming a documentary and work out costs. We are fully aware of the law, rule, and regulations of locations, fully respect the culture, public liability, health, and safety legislation.

2. Visa Process:

Once your location is fixed out, we will start working on your visa process. You have to submit your script and other documents to the related ministry in order to get a visa for filming a documentary in Nepal. Not only that you must be accompanied by the local coordinator or production fixer in Nepal to get the visa. Don’t worry as Nepal Film Production will be working for you as a documentary coordinator based in Nepal, we will handle all the things for your convenience.

3. Permits for Filming Documentary in Nepal

You can not come here to Nepal and start filming a documentary in your desired location. You must have a permit from the Ministry of Information and Communication in Nepal. NFP will easily handle this task as we have experienced team member who has knowledge of the required documents to be submitted in order to get a permit from the Ministry of Nepal.

In addition to that, special permits are also necessary if your location falls under National Park, Heritage Sites, Conservation Areas, or any other organizations that are working the most delicate cases like child marriage, child prostitution, child labor, and so on. Due to the good channel of NFP with these kinds of locations, we can assure you that we will provide a permit at any cost.

4. Security and Safety

Your safety is our main concern. You provide security and take all the safety measures to keep our international filmmakers safe from any issues that may arise in a foreign land.

If your documentary projects are all about showcasing different social issues of Nepal, in this case, we need to highly ensure your safety first and then only let you shoot in a specific area. As these social issues of Nepal are very delicate any problematic situation may arise while filming in those areas.

For instance, even though child marriage in Nepal is illegal, still in some parts of Nepal, it is still happening. If you are planning to shoot a documentary in that area, you must be highly protected by the security first and only allowed to visit the ceremony. It’s not sure whether you can capture it or not, as it is illegal, the families won’t allow you to shoot it as is considered a crime if they are caught. If they got caught because of you, any situation may befall, local won’t think twice to take against you. So, for full preparation and for your safety, we coordinate with officers and keep you safe at any cost.

FAQ Documentary Coordinator in Nepal

Where can I hire a Documentary Coordinator in Nepal?

There are lots of film production companies like Nepal Film Production is proving all the services related to documentary coordinator in Nepal. The company has years of experience and has worked with hundreds of international filmmakers.

What is the role of the documentary coordinator of Nepal?

As a Documentary Coordinator, Nepal Film Production is handling all the services that belong to documentary filming like location research, permits, visa, communications, safety, logistics, and so on.

What are the challenges of hiring Documentary Coordinator in Nepal?

While hiring documentary coordinator in Nepal, you may face challenges like working with an inexperienced documentary coordinator, rejection of visa, and permit for filming, lack knowledge of locations, bad networking to name a few.

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