Film Permits in Nepal You Should Acquire While Filming In Nepal

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Nepal Film Production has a full logistical team that specializes in acquiring film permits in Nepal, but we strongly recommend you to read the step-by-step guide to acquire film permits in Nepal.

In order to acquire “Filming Permits in Nepal” or any type of similar permits which are listed below, according to your location or production requirements. It is your production partner’s responsibility from Nepal to make sure you as a client are well briefed regarding the “Rules & Regulations” and also in the loop regarding government based procedures to acquire the film permits as well.

Film Permits in Nepal can generally be categorized into two broad categories.

Firstly, a one-time filming permit which is a legal document that gives you authority to film in Nepal, which again has its limitations and solely depends on the location and the purpose of filming. This is issued by the Ministry of information and costs you around NRS 15,000 which is equivalent to (USD 150) according to the exchange rate.

Secondly, there are additional special filming permits in Nepal that come under different government authorities such as (Home Ministry, Defense Ministry, Aviation Body, Heritage Body, Ministry of Tourism, Nepalese Tourism Board, National Park Authority & Nepal Mountaineering Association).

The filming permits and the costs of different locations are based according to your film production requirements, also such factors as locations, higher altitudes, and many additional factors will determine the cost of your production.

The Special Film Permits in Nepal

1. National Parks Filming Permit:

If you wish for your production to film in any national park and conservation areas of Nepal to capture the essence of wildlife then you will require a national park film permit of Nepal approved by the Ministry of Information & communication along with National Park Authority which has certain and additional criteria. Such as a ranger will be appointed to you for filming in “National Parks” and also an additional “Liaison Officer” on behalf of both ministries as a government bases protocol. 

The cost of acquiring the National Park permit would be (USD 1500) on a government level and has a standard fee according to your production requirement, but additional fees such as paying the “Liaison Officer” on a daily basis is an additional cost which again can be negotiated.

2. Heritage Areas Filming Permit:

While filming in sensitive heritage areas like Pashupatinath, Durbar Square, Swayambhunath etc. you can acquire heritage areas filming permissions of Nepal under the close supervision of the municipality district office and “Ministry of Heritage and Maintenance” but often such locations have their own “Board Members” and would require additional permissions from their approval as well. Generally in such locations filming permissions often last anywhere from 5 hours – 10 hours according to the location, and can be acquired in a short span of time if your production partner is connected or has previous working experience in such locations. While filming in such locations, make sure your production partner has knowledge regarding the “Do’s & Don’ts, as these types of locations have strong unions. It is very important to make sure no union is provoked in terms of respecting cultures and union members while imitating filming projects at such locations. The cost of acquiring ($US 1000) per day and a deposit of ($US 1200) in the ministry will be given back before your departure.

3. Public Area Filming Permit:

Filming in public areas which are in the jurisdiction of the “Ministry of Information & Communication” will give you rights and access to run filming activities without public interference, but this would have to be approved in National Filming Permit of Nepal in advance before any filming activities are to be started.

In case of needing to block roads for filming with a large crew, then this would need consolidation with the “Local Administration” and the “Police” in advance.

It is very important to know all the locations where you plan to film in advance as following the “Rules & Regulations” is necessary which needs coordination with relevant ministries. 

The cost of acquiring a public area permit would be (USD 1500) for filming purposes but coordination is very important for public area filming permits in Nepal.

4. Private Property Filming Permit:

If you wish to film on private properties such as hotels, cafes, villas, or other similar types of properties then a local fixer or production house in Nepal can coordinate with the owner of the property and inform the “Ministry of Information & Communication” in advance while acquiring general permits. Rates may differ according to the property owner’s quotation, which Nepal Film Production would be glad to handle for our clientele. The location has to also respect all government bodies and any actions of filming government buildings can result in many government-based issues.

5. Drone and Air Filming Permits:

Nepal Film Production specializes in acquiring aerial filming permits of Nepal considering all aspects from relevant ministries, government protocol, and rules and regulations. In order to acquire aerial permits which is a very sensitive matter in Nepal, four major ministries need to provide approval considering locations which are the Ministry of Information & Communication, Home Ministry, Defense Ministry, and Aviation Body.

Aerial permits, in general, were not that hard to acquire in the past but the reason why it is so difficult at current times is that there was a lot of illegal filming at the time of the earthquake which took place in April 2015. Since then the Nepalese government has been very strict in terms of aerial permits in Nepal. 

It would take an average of 10-14 working days in order to acquire aerial permits with all approvals from the four ministries listed above.

In terms of costing of acquiring aerial permits it would be (USD 600) but can vary according to location; for example aerial filming in Kathmandu would be way cheaper in comparison to aerial filming in Everest or Mustang.

According to government rules & regulations, each ministry appoints a liaison officer from each ministry, and each liaison officer has a daily wage ranging from (USD 80-USD 200) per day, which with the help of Nepal Film Production good network, it can help to negotiate with on your productions behalf.

Different Authorities and Approval for Different Types of Film Permits in Nepal

  1. Consent Letter of Department of Archaeology- if filming in archaeological places like Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Changunarayan, Durbar Squares, Boudhanath, Lumbini, Swayambhunath, etc. For filming in these areas, the Department of Archaeology will appoint one liaison officer who should be paid every day as allowance.
  2. Consent Letter of Pashupati Development Fund Office, Gaushala, Kathmandu- if filming in the Pashupatinath temple area. 
  3. Consent letter of Sanctuary Fund- if filming in Annapurna Conservation Areas.
  4.  Consent letter of Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation- if filming is to be done in upper Mustang and upper Dolpo. The fees are the US $5000.00 per each place. 
  5. Consent letter of Department of Wildlife Conservation, Babarmahal, Kathmandu- if filming in conservation areas.
  6. Consent letter of Lumbini Development Fund- if filming in Kapilvastu (Lumbini), the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. 

There are various locations in Nepal that will increase your production value in terms of your filming project in Nepal. Nepal Film Production will also take full responsibility and assistance for location scouting in Nepal as for your requirements and Nepal Film Production will take full responsibility for coordination with all matters and full briefing at the beginning of the production.

How NFP Helps in Acquiring Filming Permits in Nepal

Nepal Film Production has a team of the experienced production crew that specifically specialize in getting all film permits in Nepal as well as clearing customs at the airport if you wish to bring in any filming equipment from your starting destination.

Having worked directly with 131 international film productions, we know our way through the tedious paper works and complexities in the filming and production process for Nepal.

Similarly, working for a film in Nepal has its own complications, considering the topography, culture, and many more similar issues and Nepal Film Production is the one-stop solution for all filming/production-related matters in Nepal.

Crew individuals of Nepal Film Production are adept at coping with all production topics, which allows us to rehearse in advance and prepare for all production matters for your filming project in Nepal. 

Our skilled team members will fulfill all your filming permits requirements at the phase of being in the pre-production stage. Most significantly our team will always prioritize delivering to the highest quality of service possible in Nepal. Nepal Film Production’s team solely believes in customer service and especially skilled work and punctuality which we always honor as a filming company in Nepal.

Nepal Film Production and its crew participants consider in advance preparations, and that means the entirety of planning and groundwork will be completed and prioritized in advance.

As a passionate fixing and production company in Nepal, any project we undertake is something we want to excel at. We ensure that we will live up to the expectation of your filming project in Nepal.

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FAQ – Film Permits in Nepal Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I acquire Filming permits for my filming project in Nepal?
    In order to acquire “National Filming Permits” in Nepal, you have to collaborate with a registered filming company in Nepal. Then your assigned fixing/filming company will coordinate with the relevant ministries according to your production requirements. According to the government (Rules & Regulations) your filming company will have to be liable for all actions for your international production in Nepal, so therefore according to the government you must have a fixing/filming company on board. 
  • How much does a “National Filming Permit” cost from the “Ministry of Information & Communication”?
    While acquiring a basic filming permit in Nepal for filming in non-special locations in general, a “National Filming Permit” from the “Ministry of Information & Communication” should suffice. This would cost roughly (USD 150) and also a “Liaison Officer” will be appointed to your production who will have a daily wage which varies from (USD 80-USD 200) per day, which Nepal Film Production would be able to negotiate on your behalf.
  • What documentations do I have to provide in order to acquire a “National Filming Permit” in coordination with the “Ministry of Information & Communication”?
    In order to acquire a “National Filming Permit” in Nepal you would have to provide a couple of documentations which are passport details, synopsis, production script, letter of authorization, filming itinerary, companies documentation filming locations and a list of your filming equipment with serial numbers. It would take 5 working days for Nepal Film Production but it would take 15 working days for most production companies in Nepal.
  • How do I acquire Aerial Permits in Nepal? 
    In order to acquire aerial permits in Nepal, coordination with the (Ministry of Information & Communication, Home Ministry, Defense Ministry and Aviation Authority of Nepal. All documentation from a basic application should suffice and additional letters requesting permission will suffice in order to acquire aerial permits for your filming project in Nepal. Acquiring aerial permits would take on average 12 working days for Nepal Film Production including coordination and additional documentation which will be necessary.
  • How do I acquire National Park Permits in Nepal? 
    In order to acquire National Park filming permits in Nepal, your production partner based in Nepal would have to acquire a “National Filming Permit” from the “Ministry of Information & Communication” but coordination with the National Park Authority & Department of Wildlife Conservation in Nepal. The National Park Authority will appoint a “Liaison Officer” that will supervise your film production in Nepal and also the “Liaison Officer” will also have a daily wage which varies from (USD 80-USD 200) per day. Nepal Film Production can negotiate on your productions behalf. National Park permits can be acquired within 3 working days by Nepal Film Production.
  • How do I acquire Heritage Locations permits in Nepal? 
    Nepal Film Production can acquire filming permits for your chosen (National Park) by coordinating with (Department of Archeology) which won’t allocate a liaison officer but has basic fees which averages (USD 1000) depending on which national park you wish to film at. It would take an average of (15 working days) depending on your chosen national park and Nepal Film Production can assist with all matters.
  • How can Nepal Film Production help you acquire all the film permits in Nepal? 
    Nepal Film Production is the one stop solution for acquiring all relevant filming permits for your international production in Nepal. Nepal Film Productions has been acquiring filming permits for more than a decade. Our experienced team can fulfill any requirement according to your production requirements and all you have to do is to tell us which locations and share your production’s plan and Nepal Film Production will do everything for you.

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