Things You Should Be Aware Of While Filming In Nepal

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  • Jul 7, 2022

Generally, Filming in Nepal can create multiple issues if the production company you have collaborated with, doesn’t have full knowledge about logistics, traveling, and rules and regulations about filming in Nepal. 

1. Film Permits of Nepal

Nepal is a very safe country but requires permits for filming in Nepal like “National Filming Permits”, “Annapurna Conservation Area Permits” and coordination with other relevant ministries is crucial as well depending on the schedule and filming locations for an international production company. 

Nepal is extremely famous for “Mount Everest” and other popular destinations like Annapurna Region, Mustang Region, Kanchenjunga Area, old monasteries, and excellent trekking routes which make it a country to go to for filming purposes. 

2. Security and Safety

There might be many questions that come to a “Foreign Film-Makers” mind if wanting to film in Nepal, concerning a matter of security and safety. But once any person arrives in Nepal they will be shocked by the kind hospitality an average tourist receives and the kindness they face.

3. Altitude Sickness

Filming and traveling to high altitude locations need a lot of precaution,  mostly in terms of safety because there are multiple risks of altitude sickness.

Acclimatization is not considered or even having a medic on your filming crew with experience can go a far way.

While filming in such high altitude, the film-maker should have a rescue plan and back-up oxygen in stock in order to prevent themselves from getting altitude sickness as it can be life-threatening if not treated properly. 

4. Film Production Company

Nepal Film Production specializes in safety and travel logistics and has over 130 happy customers while filming in Nepal and working with reputed international production companies/agencies.

Due to our good networking with the person we have worked with, we have full access to helicopters, travel routes, medics, doctors, hospitals, and many more in terms of reacting on an emergency basis.

While filming in Nepal and traveling to filming locations either for filming purposes or location scouting, language can be a very big issue alongside with road conditions and traffic which needs to be carefully planned in advance which can only be managed by an experienced filming company in Nepal can do just like “Nepal Film Production”.

We not only have an excellent team to supervise logistics in house, but over 150 years of experience combined in the filming sector in Nepal.

Traveling in such rough roads needs extra attention to your filming equipment and how to travel with preparation in advance in order to assure the safety of your filming equipment would be our job.

Being an international production company in Nepal and providing our service to clients from all around the world while working in high altitudes, Nepal Film Production and its team have managed to acquire a lot of knowledge and especially experience in such sectors and in fact, we take pride in our experience and how we have managed to work with the biggest clients from around the world and have left with a good impression and have given us excellent recommendations in general.

So with our knowledge the major things you should be aware of while filming in Nepal

  1. The production company you have collaborated with
  2. Filming Permits of Nepal
  3. Language Barrier
  4. Concerning a matter of security and safety
  5. Altitude Sickness & Precaution
  6. Preparation

If you have any question regarding filming in Nepal, then please let Us know. Click on the button below and get free consultation from our experts.

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