3 Reasons to Choose Nepal Film Production for Acquiring Filming Permits in Nepal.

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  • Jul 10, 2022

Since 2014, Nepal film Production (NFP) is a leading and professional Kathmandu based Film Production Company in Nepal providing any kind of film-related services. NFP is a union of passionate professionals and experts providing one-stop filming related solutions in Nepal.

Nepal Film Production for Acquiring Film permits in Nepal

Here we’ve listed the top 3 reasons to choose Nepal Film Production for acquiring filming permits in Nepal.

We Can Acquire Your Filming Permit in Little as Five Days:

Because of our excellent networking, we can acquire all kinds of filming permits of Nepal very fast in a matter of a couple of days 5 days on average depending on the size of the production in general.

As per our experiences, we saw that most directors, producers, and filming projects are always in a rush to get their permits sorted out as fast as possible. And this often happens in the last minutes due to the lack of general awareness of filming processes and procedures of Nepal’s filming scenario.

Nepal film Production (NFP) can be that one-stop solution and your filming companion that will guide you in all ways necessary for guaranteeing the success of your filming project and production in Nepal.

Filming permits, in general, can be very confusing because of how the rules and regulations are so random in Nepal. So does the paper works and documents. It must be well presented in order to get permits for filming or else, your filming permission might be rejected.

The Nepal Film Production has experienced crew members that have many years of experience in acquiring filming permits in Nepal. Our key goal is to guarantee the safety of you’re film production in all legal aspects considering Government matters in situations.

We Know Other Legal Rules and Regulations In Order to Have a Successful Filming Project Initiated in Nepal Following the Government’s Procedures:

Generally speaking, due to the rules almost change every week, working on a film project and production can be very confusing in Nepal for foreign filmmakers. Therefore you would require a legally registered company to act as a guarantor for your film production in Nepal.

Likewise, different locations need different types of permits according to altitude, Heritage sites, Government bodies and buildings, and special locations.

Nepal film production can be to guide in terms of figuring out the obstacles as a team and working with your production to guarantee the safety of you are visual content that you generally acquire while filming in Nepal.

Without acquiring a filming permit, filming in Nepal can have many negative side effects, for instance, the film content can be confiscated and that there can be legal charges. Not having permission from the essential or necessary ministry or administration also cause film-makers to stay in jail and the duration might belong which can be a very big problem.

We Can Negotiate With the Liaison Officers in Terms of Daily Rates For Your Film in Production in Nepal:

To be honest, there is no actual general day rate for having a liaison officer on board. Nepal film production can negotiate on your behalf in order to lower the day rate of a liaison officer for your film production and project in Nepal. Generally, the liaison officer is a supervisor on behalf of the relevant ministry you wish to or have to work with according to your film productions content.

Nepal film production takes pride in having a being well-connected with the relevant ministries for acquiring your future productions filming permits in Nepal.

Similarly, we are well connected with the ministry of information and communication, Home ministry, defense Ministry and the aviation body.

We can acquire all kinds of filming permits in Nepal such as National filming permits, aerial permits, special locations permits, ACAP  permits, and heritage sites with verified filming permits.

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