Documents Required To Acquire Film Permits in Nepal

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  • Jul 10, 2022

The shooting permit for the types of film productions like feature films, docu-dramas, TV dramas and mini-series should be submitted at the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Explore complete information about film permits in Nepal.

Basic Documents Required for Acquiring Filming Permits and License in Nepal 

  • Application for Shooting to Audio-Visual Section, Ministry of Information and Communications of the purpose of applying for the shooting permit. It is to be done by the local coordinator or fixer in Nepal 
  • An assignment letter appointing the local coordinator. It is to be done by  the foreign filmmaker 
  • An application form.
  • Supporting documents needed for permit consideration
  • The concept in the form of a storyboard, treatment, presentations, etc. 
  • Theme (concept) and Lyrics for music videos
  • Details of content and objectives of the program
  • Time and Space details in form of a schedule of filming in Nepal including dates and locations
  • Name-list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.
  • Equipment Details Letters

Authorities Concerned While Obtaining Filming Permits in Nepal: 

  • Ministry of Information and Communications 
  • Customs Office Airport 
  • National Park Authorities 
  • District Administration Office 
  • Ministry of Culture and Heritage 
  • Local Police Authority 
  • General public at shooting locations 

How Nepal Film Production Helps in getting Permits in Nepal

Nepal film Production  has a experienced film crew specializing in acquiring permits and clearing customs at the airport. Having worked in 131 productions already, we have navigated our manner through the tedious device and paper works.

Our frequent projects have helped us make contacts with the concerned authorities. We relieve you of the technical worries. 

Many times you’ll have to deal with the area people and concerned bodies, whose agreement is likewise essential. We help you deal with them smoothly. Our crew members are adept and coping with all filming and production topics, to be able to be rehearsed and prepared for at the pre-manufacturing degree.

We are skilled in terms of acquiring permits and most importantly prioritize delivering to the best excellent. We make certain to punctually honor our mutual settlement between us and our customers. 

We leave no room for error and in our past experience; we have constantly had satisfied clients and feature continually completed our production initiatives smoothly.

Nepal Film Production and its crew individuals believe earlier arrangements, and which means the entirety can be achieved in advance. Before you go please discover our complete offerings.

We help you in whole production process as well as acquiring film permits in Nepal.

Please feel free to talk with us about the filming and filming process in Nepal. We make sure you get the best services at an affordable rate.

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