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Production Fixer of Nepal Film Production are one of the most experienced fixer in Nepal considering hundreds of productions that have been successfully completed from our full-fledged team (and even as individuals). We have the best possible technicians in-house including Directors, Fixers, Line Producers, Cinematographers, Casting Agent, and Sound Engineers among many who are not only experienced but also are experts in their field and readily available whenever required.

Why Nepal Film Production As Your Fixer in Nepal

  1. Nepal Film Production has the most experienced Fixers in Nepal
  2. Understanding of Research and Profile Gathering (Journalism)
  3. Communication and Language
  4. Knowledge Regarding the Legal Aspects of Filming
  5. Reasonable Production Costs
  6. Availability
  7. Multi-Faceted Talents
  8. Location knowledge
  9. Quality Performance

Services As Fixer

  1. Getting Filming License and Permits in Nepal
  2. Location Scouting
  3. Casting
  4. Providing Filming Crew
  5. Equipment Rental
  6. Travel & Accommodation Management
  7. Insurance Management


Film With Us Now, For Perfection With Production

More than just a filming company, Nepal Film Production, after coming together in 2014, is a union of passionate professionals providing one stop solution in Nepal. The company has been catering all around the world, with a large network and clients, ranging from News Channels to Foreign TV Commercials. We have worked towards providing the full production service to the clients who come to Nepal wanting to promote locations that have never been filmed on before. Our company provides services in a cost effective method using globally implemented strategies that will surely make the journey an easy one.


FAQ - Fixer in Nepal

You need a fixer or local co-ordinator to filming in Nepal in order to get permission for filming in Nepal. If you do not hire a local fixer here in Nepal, the concerned authorities might not give you permit to shoot in Nepal.


Very few numbers of fixers in Nepal have real-time filming expertise which increases the friction in the production and filming process. One of them is Nepal Film Production, one of the best film production companies in Nepal working as a top fixer and most experienced fixer in Kathmandu with their different services.


Yes, fixers in Nepal like Nepal Film Production will handle your visa and immigration process, along with the customs for special equipment right after getting a green signal from your side. Not only that, but they help you to get licenses and permits from the Ministry of Information & Communication to film your project in different locations of Nepal.


The charges of hiring a fixer in Nepal is fully based on your requirements. But Nepal Film Production is giving all film-related services at a very reasonable price you have never imagined.


Not all the fixers will provide you this facility, but Nepal Film Production has a very good channel with hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies of Nepal. They have capability to manage your accommodations even in the remote places of Nepal. 

Struggling with the language, fixer having less networking with the concerned authorities, charge, and lack of decision-making capacity.

Yes, you ask for the cast for your project, your fixer will surely provide the one. Nepal Film Production has experienced and top-class actors to stunt doubles. Not only that NFP has a good link with 2500 artists from their previous work experience.

Yes, all you need is to give the detailed information and requirements of your project to them beforehand. They carry out the research of a location that meets the need of your project and also create an environment to shoot in there with facing any problems.

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