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  • Jul 10, 2022

Fixer in Nepal are experienced in providing any services you require while filming in Nepal. This includes the process before you arrive like Visa, Permits to the logistics and management during your filming process. 

You would require a fixer in Nepal to smoothly operate while filming in Nepal.

Some of the constraints a filmmaker or producer filming in Nepal may face are: 

  • Difficult topography of Nepal with selective settlements
  • Transportation and Accommodation are limited and needs to be planned early
  • Different languages, cultures and diverse ethnic groups spread across Nepal
  • Mandatory requirement of a local coordinator for acquiring filming permits 
  • Complicated and tedious official paper works

The General Services By Top Fixer in Nepal to Foreign Film Producers Are:

1. Acquiring Filming License and Permits in Nepal

Acquiring Filming License and Permits in Nepal for every requirement in coordination with the government authorities in a legal way. 

2. Location Scouting:

Right from surveys to the actual filming through varied terrains and diverse cultures throughout Nepal.

3. Casting

The casting of talents with a dedicated database and previous collaboration experience.

4. Crew:

Full-fledged experience filming crew to completely handle your project or fill parts in it. 

5. Equipment :

From Filming and Camera Equipment to Cameras itself.

6. Travel & Accommodation:

Travel & Accommodation in the filming process and for the filming purpose. 

7. Insurance Management:

Insurance Management for the entire film crew as well as the equipment.

Identity of NFP as a Top Fixer in Nepal

Nepal film Production is a film production company in Nepal that provides services as a fixer and filming company in Nepal. We also collaborate with foreign film production companies for filming in Nepal. 

But more to that, we are a team of people that loves creating, documenting, and publishing untold stories and perspectives in a way that speaks to the audience. 

1. Understanding Your Requirements:

First, we assess what you want, how you want, and model it into the context of Nepal.

2. Preparing Your Documents:

We handle Visa required for your team crew as well as documents for the permits and your requirements and progress throughout the project. 

3. Clearing the Customs :

When entering Nepal we make sure to clear custom charges from. The airport in a legal and safe way. Explore in-depth about custom clearance and insurance management.

4. Finding the places to shoot in Nepal:

Before you come to Nepal, we find places appropriate for you to film according to your requirement. We carry out surveys and handle the process to make sure you can film there. 

5. Acquiring Permits:

Any permits required for filming in Nepal from general filming permit to specialized ones, we can acquire any kind of filming permits of Nepal for you. 

6. Finding the crew and talents:

If you require anyone to cast in your project from lead actors to stunt doubles, extras, we can link them for you. At Nepal Film Production, We have a complete database of over 12500 artists from our previous work experience. 

7. Accommodation and Transportation :

We make sure you and your production team will have the best rooms, food and travel while you stay in Nepal for the filming project. 

8. Filming at Locations :

From location scouting to actual filming at the location adapting to the context, our team is adept at it. 

9. Production and Post Production:

After the filming process, if you require help with any production process, just ask for it., we are a complete production house based in Nepal.

We love our work and any project we undertake we make sure to deliver it with dedication and quality. 

Our experience in the film production industry in Nepal as well as working as a fixer in Nepal over the course of 13 years and 150 productions, we have had to adapt to a wide variety of working scenarios according to changing requirements of the project. 

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